Monday, July 18, 2011

Blender, oh how I've missed you

Back in the day I used to whip up a mean smoothie.  Then I went off to college and somehow my blender didn't make it past Freshman year in the dorms.  Poor thing. 

Since then I've been blender-less and I didn't realize how much I missed having one until I bought one on Friday at Target.  I actually went to Target to buy this, which I will tell you about later this week. It's going to change your life!

Once I scooped up the above item, I was making my usual rounds to the beauty aisles before checking out when I stumbled across this little display:

Not just any blender.  It was pink and on sale for $17.99.  Need I say more?  This little lady made her way into my cart and I put her to use this weekend by making Strawberry Banana Smoothies for the nephew and I on Sunday while babysitting.

But before smoothies, Aunt Lindsey whipped up a Cafe Mocha and Reese had waffles.  All right ... I might have had a waffle too. 
 The smoothie was perfect for a hot summer Sunday.

1 cup ice cubes, crushed
10 oz fresh strawberries, stems removed
2 bananas
1 to 2 tbsp of honey or a splash of OJ for added sweetness
3/4 cup milk

Crush the ice in the blender first then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth.  Ta-da!  Fresh fruit smoothie for a low cal and refreshing treat. 

If you too are blender-less, go get yo'self a pink blender at Target!  It'll be the best $18 you'll ever spend.  What's your favorite thing to make in the blender?  Is there anything I must try?  I'm going to make Crystal Light Margs next.
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  1. i have 2 blenders and i don't use either. maybe i should start.

    but since you have a nice new pink one. i'd like a frozen margarita handmade by you on august 12th.

  2. Besides some yummy toddies, I like a good homemade milkshake. Yumm!

  3. I am in need of a blender...Target here I come! Thanks :)

  4. first, love the new blog design! it came out so so awesome! :-)

    i believe that anything pink has to be amazing. pink blender/iron/popcorn maker..why didnt you buy all three!

    ive bought a few things ONLY because of the color, which has bitten me in the butt when it later broke or something haha

    i wish i liked smoothies. i need to learn to love them!


  5. Pink Blander = awesome. :-) I'm glad you got it, and smoothies are my favorite. I need to go make one.

    <3 you

  6. Ohh I havent made a smoothie in forever.. I have banannas and strawberries.. may try it today! Thanks girl.

    Ps- what are you thinking about BB ? Its kind of a boring season so far !! But boy- I could hit Rachel over the head with a bat any minute now. She is awful!

  7. LOVE the new blog design! LIKE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I love all the pink appliances! I want!

    The smoothie looks delishhhhhh! YUMMMMMMM!

    I love the font too! Super cute! Is it on picnik?

  8. Loving the new blog look and I'm so glad you got the blender, and put it to use already. Go you! Totally worth the purchase. :)

  9. first of all your blog looks great! love the new design.

    second, i HAVE whats in your first picture and on our latest roadtrip I dont think I could have lived without it! one of my best purchases ever!

    third, loving the pink blender. wish the hubs would let me have a pink blender :( i guess Ill settle for a grey one .....

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  10. target is the best!
    and now with school going back in they have all those cute cooking things in cute colors;
    i looooooove it =]

    love the blog design also =]

  11. Every time I pass that dang pink kitchen section I that I have a man in the household (aka my husband) pink kitchen accessories don't fly. Boo.

  12. during our move i through out our white blender and yay now i can go pick up a pink one! :) i also need a new iron and yes that pink one will be it.

    great post & the smoothie looks unreal!!!

  13. I want a waffle and a smoothie!

  14. Smoothies are my favorite no matter the time of year! While looking at the picture of the beautiful display I was thinking, "Good thing they don't have all of these in turquoise b/c I'd have to get them all." Then, I looked to the right-side of the picture. Sigh! I already have a blender... but it's not turquoise (my favorite color!)

  15. You must try a green smoothie! Its exactly the ingredients you used except a cup or two of spinach! It comes out green but you absolutely cannot taste the spinach. It tastes like a fruit smoothie but you are getting your daily dose of greens, all in a delicious strawberry tasting smoothie :) I have one each and every day as soon as I wake up

  16. Blog is lookin' good! And I love blenders, but I hate cleaning them lol.

  17. Pink Blender = Amazing.

    Time to buy a pink toaster, coffee pot, and pots and pans now ;)

  18. yum! i made a strawberry smoothie for breakfast today! love them!

  19. p.s. pina coladas are a must in the blender!

  20. You can add fresh spinach for sweetness too ... it doesn't taste like spinach, but it turns out green. Delish and gooood for you.

  21. I promise you cant taste it. Check these posts out that I wrote about green smoothies:


  22. Love the pink blender! :)
    I pretty much use mine just for fruit smoothies.

  23. A pink blender??? Say no more! I'm loving your new blog layout by the way! It's so cute : )

  24. you totally should have found this pink blender 2 weeks i could have brought one to norway! who knows if they even have a black blender here, let alone a fun pink one. blah.

    and i loveeee smoothies! so i look forward to recipes from you haha (just in case i ever get a blender of course!)

  25. ummmm.. going to target tomorrow to get all of those pink things.
    my boyfriend will hate me forever.

    happy teen mom day!!

  26. Those pink appliance are so adorable! lol That pink blender is just so fitting :) Love the new blog design!