Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Socially maxed out. Woe is me.

You know those people that are always on the go?  The type that can't stand to be at home by their lonely? I'm the complete opposite of that person.  There is nothing I look forward to more than zoning out on my couch watching shows like Flipping Out (Jeff Lewis = my hero) and painting my nails. 

Ironically enough, watching reality TV is my escape from reality.  It's my chance to indulge in mindless entertainment and not be bothered by anyone or anything.  Having nothing to do is THE best, and when my down time gets threatened, I get major anxiety.  That's exactly what's happening for the next 9 months of my life.  I get stressed out just thinking about it. 

Apparently most of my friends decided to get married, knocked up or were born at the same time because for the next 9 months, I'm booked.  For instance, here's this month:  

Granted, things like Wine Wednesday and Happy Hours aren't techincally "required", but whatevs.  My social calendar is only picking up after July.  Just when am I supposed to squeeze in Teen Mom, Big Brother, Toddlers & Tiaras, 20/20, Dateline, etc.?
August: Beth in Dallas, Megan's Baby Showers
Sept: Vegas for Kristina's Bachelorette Party
Oct: Courtney Bridal Shower, New Orleans with this girl
November: Las Vegas for Courtney's Bachelorette Party, Courtney Couple Shower
January: Court Wedding Dallas
February: Kristina Wedding Las Vegas

It probably seems like it, but I'm really not complaining.  It just freaks me out to have this many things coming up.  I'm not normal, but we already knew this.

There are definitely perks to going to Vegas 3 times in 6 months aside from the fact I get to go to my favorite city ever.  I get an excuse to shop, and since anything goes in Vegas, I can finally wear this dress that's been hanging in my closet FOREVER:

I really think it will accentuate my stomach rolls. 

Obviously I'm JOKING.  This is something a lady of the night would wear.  For serious now, don't you think these would be cute?
LuLus: $63 [via]

LuLu's: $36 [via]

LuLu's: $30 [via]
My body is in absolutely no codition for that third dress (or really any dress for that matter), so I guess in what little free time I have, I better start stepping up my gym game.  I go to the gym so often, they all know me by name.  Lieing.

There are clearly a lot worse things in life to be worried about.  Trust me, I know this.  I just thought I'd share some of my stressors with you lovely readers.  It's theraputic.  Try not to call me shallow because I swear I'm not.
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  1. you are not shallow. and even though i love to have weekend plans...i love when i don't and i know i can just stay in my pj's all weekend and watch tv and never see the light of day or the water from a shower. i'm hoping that will be me this weekend.

    i think any 3 of those dresses would looks HOT on you! wish i could go to vegas. guess i need to learn to be a bargainista like you.

    and i'm really happy that i made your social calendar TWICE! :)

  2. Blondie is a social butterfly!
    Vegas 3 times in 6 months? Super jealous! I live 3 hours way, & I will go once a year, & its pretty much a family vacation, I know, I know...
    I can't picture your sweet self in that cut out black dress, so not Blondie, but its Vegas, so why not? But the The 1st pink one, & the black/white one, so Blondie!
    Can I go to Vegas with you, & Nola?
    Really, really wanna go to Nola! I am just sayin'.

    xo $ARMIN

  3. you, my dear, are hilarious. and i LOVE thank first pink Lulus dress.

  4. bahahaha I say lady of the night all the time. Love it.

  5. I totally stress out when my calendar gets full like that!! I love having a weekend with nothing to do.

    I love the first pink dress! So cute.

  6. ahh so jealous I wish I could go to vegassss! those lulu's dresses are fab!

  7. Les, I am SO a homebody. I love nothing more than coming home to an empty house, pouring myself some wine and watching all my crap tv. exactly like you. I love it even MORE now because I never get to do it! My mom takes my kids for the day and tells me to do whatever I want, a day off, and I ALWAYS just go straight home and veg.

    LOVING that black dress and hate you for going to Vegas three times.

    oh wait, you were joking about the black dress. I think it's cute! ha!

    ok, I guess the other three dresses look more like you :)

  8. me loves the vegas...i used to live there! i consider it home. let me know if you need any good ideas or tips! just promise me that you will document the questionable decisions that you'll be making and post on the blog so we can all live through you? excellent :)

  9. I love Vegas, and would totally go for you. And I'm the same way, I love having things to do, but really enjoy my free time at home. Finally, and this sounds lame, where/how do you get that on your computer calendar? I hate having to use my phone!

  10. Oh my. I suppose if I had a six pack of abs and no inhibitions I would consider that little black number. Haha.

    Those other dresses however I love. I also love that you get to go to Vegas that many times. I just went for the first time in February and I'm dying to go back!

  11. I'm loving that first pink dress!
    I've never heard of Lulu's...I'm gonna have to check that out!

  12. a)i am a couch veggie too...i love to be home!

    b)my life is becoming like yours....i see my couch less and less - it misses me i'm pretty sure

    c)hot daaaaang sizzle sizzle young lassie! love that cutout dress

    d)i am obsessed with lulus

    e)you really want me to have something for every letter of the alphabet right? ;)

    happy couch surfing!

  13. Cute dresses! And let me just say.. I wish I had a life like yours.. instead I have no life! haha

  14. Story of my life!!! I'm only working one full week in Sept because of wedding stuff.

    Can't wait for our second Vegas trip together!!! I'll make you a deal, you wear the black dress and I'll wear this (for a bargain $27):

    Or maybe we should be reAlly crazy and rock the dolphin dress?

  15. Busy Busy girl!!! You are one social butterfly!! And I vote for the black dress ;) hehe

  16. I totally scrolled all the way down in your comments to tell you "You must shop for totally skanky, Vegas worthy dresses!"...only to see the girl above me commented with a link to the site already. Lol... We're going to Vegas for my Back this Fall and we are already on the lookout for dresses we wouldn't be caught dead in any where else... I got one from Ami Clubwear in the mail today actually...and it definitely accentuates my stomach pooge...but not as bad with the Spanx on...thinking I might wear double Spanx...and also thinking that said Spanx and my concern about my stomach pooge will most likely be gone once the cocktails and shots kick in! :) Please post photos of your Vegas outfits after your trip...when are you going?

  17. I look forward to going out on the weekends all week, then by the time Friday rolls around all I want to do is sleep and veg on the couch! I would go on dates and think, "well this is fun but I'd rather be catching up on my sleep!" hehe. I'm going to vegas at the end of august and I was looking at that third dress too, but in blue. I think I will prob end up wearing my dresses from last year though since I feel dumb buying a dress that I will probably never wear again. There is def no wear to go where you would need dresses like that in my town!

  18. dayyyummm to that spicy black dress! in vegas, anything goes ;)

    i love to make in-dents in my couch daily. specifically since i got laid off my job early june, my couch is like my new cubicle! ill have to pimp it out soon enough if i dont get hired somewhere else!

    if you get tired of going to all those bachy parties, ill take ya spot in a HEARTBEAT!!


  19. I know exactly how you feel. I LOVE my alone time. People think it's weird. Whatever. I stress out when I have so much going on all day everyday, even IF some of those things are social events.

    Luckily they have DVR's so you can catch Teen Mom later. But, let's just be honest... it's not the same!!! At the same time though, I'm way excited for you to be going to Vegas so often!! Woohoo! You're hilarious girl. Your sense of humor always gives me a good laugh :)

  20. what i wouldnt give to have your upcoming schedule right now!!!! im total opposite...i love going going going all the time and never stopping. and since ive been here, all i do is sit around, take my dog outside to poop, come back inside, eat, sit around more. yesterday i had a mental breakdown because of it. yea...that's right...ive been here ONE week!!!!!!!! (time for you to add 'trip to norway' to your little calendar my friend).

  21. My July looks about as crazy as yours, ugh.

    I'm going to Vegas in September too! I'll be there the's my second time in 2011 but my third time in a year (I was there in December 2010). LOVE Vegas, love it love it love it :)

  22. lady of the night.... bahahahahaha... i die...

    summer is always super busy... and now that i might actually be getting hitched in 10 weeks (yes, you heard that right) i just set myself up for some majah insanity...

    but at least you'll be having fun for all of this! and vegas 3x.... definitely jealous girl!

  23. lady of leisure. haha. your a busy girl!!!