Friday, December 3, 2010

TRESemme, TRESemme ... Ooh la la

I was in middle school and I remember exactly where I was when my mom started off a conversation with, "Now I'm going to tell you something, but that doesn't mean I want you to take advantage of it.'

... Not a great lead in, and I wasn't sure I wanted to know what this "something" was.

"I learned this trick in college."

... UMMM, not getting any better.

"This doesn't mean I want you to stop showering."

...What the hell!??

"If you ever don't have time to wash your hair for whatever reason, you can sprinkle a little baby powder in your hair, brush it and it will absorb the oil," she said. "Like I said, this doesn't mean don't shower."

Clearly she knew what I skeezebag I am because I hate washing my hair every day, but I have to do it if I don't want to look like a complete greaseball.

The baby powder in hair trick changed my life since I am not one of those girls that can go even a day without washing my hair because it gets disgustingly oily after about 12 hours. I have friends that will tell me they have not washed their hair in 3+ days and I'm in awe at how fresh their locks look. If I didn't wash my hair for 3 days (this may or may not have happened before), then my hair would literally look like it was dripping wet (not that I would know).

Needless to say, there have been many of days when I've sprinkled a little baby powder in my hair and been able to prolong washing my hair by a day.

So, when I kept hearing about the "dry shampoo" rage, I turned up my nose. Please, I don't need your fancy dry shampoo; I've got my big bottle of baby powder that's been nothing but good to me through the years.

Well, that was until my cousin let me try out this TRESemme Dry Shampoo over Thanksgiving break.
Don't get me wrong, baby powder works great, but dry shampoo works even better.
The smell of TRESemme's dry shampoo is delish, it gives you volume and absorbs the oils in your hair. (Baby powder won't give you volume or smell like shampoo.) I know there are a lot of dry shampoo options out there, but at only $4.79, I'm not looking any further.

So if you are a greasy gal (sick) like myself, try this product because it will change your life just like my mom's baby powder secret changed mine years ago.
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  1. I love the Tresemme dry shampoo too! I've use the off brand from Sally's and it was awful. I've used the Rock-a-holic one in the pink bottle and it was good, but it was like $16 bucks. I too will stick with my $5 Tresemme!

  2. thanks for sharing that...I wanted to know the name of this product for ages!

  3. Dude, your baby powder secret has changed my life ... and then, like you, I found the tresemme stuff. LOVE it. PS - i linked to ya in today's post. :)

  4. So glad you wrote about this- I've been trying to decide if dry shampoo is a good investment- at $4 I don't think I could go wrong! Dying to try it now!

  5. Ummm I need this stat! Can you buy it at the grocery store? I've never seen it at my neighborhood Tarjay, but then again, I've never looked for it. I will next time though!

  6. I absolutely love this product. I have hair just like yours and I have the same oily/greasy/yet too lazy to wash daily problem. This was a godsend!

    Now I can actually go two days without washing and without even needing any dry shampoo (I can make it three days by using the dry shampoo on the 3rd). It's remarkable what a difference it has made.

  7. LOVE this stuff. i feel so jazzed that all of a sudden the blog world is jumping on something i'm already using.

    i have some THICK hair and this stuff does wonders to keep me from looking flat on the top and poofy at the bottom. love! i can go a full week now without a wash. i look not as peppy at the end of that week, but 1 week i can go.

  8. Tresemme did NOT work for me at all. It smells good, but that's about it. Baby powder works much better for me :)