Thursday, December 30, 2010

Affordable NYE Outfit Options

New Year's Eve is always a spectacle. I'll spend weeks fusing over what to do and wear, then before I know it, I'm waking up New Year's Day with a cheap champagne induced pounding headache realizing there was no need to get so worked up over one stupid night.

I was really adamant about staying home this NYE to avoid all the NYE stress, but the closer NYE gets, the more I realize I don't know if I can do it. After all, I won't be 26 forever, right?

Now that I'm contemplating going out, the "what to wear" anxiety has kicked in. I spent my lunch break shopping for possible NYE options and didn't find anything worth buying. All I have in mind for the big day is finally buying some glitter heels I've been obsessing over for the past few months.

So, I decided to browse online for some inspiration and I threw together these 2 affordable options. Do you know what you're wearing yet? Am I crazy for always stressing about NYE outfits?

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  1. the second option is so cute, my eyes go right to that gorgeous gold skirt!
    i still don't know what i'm wearing yet. but definitely a dress and lots of fun cocktail rings!

  2. Ok, so loving glitter heels these days and those SM's are far cheaper than the LaBoutan (sp?) ones I drool over. I love that sequined skirt too .... what did you decide?! AND YES, 26 is TOO YOUNG to stay in. Of course, we are staying in w/ friends and their babies ... and plenty o' cocktails. Cheers!