Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Love Lamp

At first glance I almost passed on this lamp because I thought the lamp shade was way too big for the base. It took me just a few seconds to change my mind and appreciate the uniqueness of it. I must say, I'm really glad I gave this lamp a second chance.

The lamp is from HomeGoods and was only $29.99. HomeGoods is a little place I like to refer to as heaven on earth. If you can walk into a HomeGoods and leave without buying something, you have some serious self-control and I applaud you.

Do you like the artwork above my bed? Friends always ask, "Where did you get those paintings?" Would you believe I made them a few years ago with a little spray paint, package of doilies and canvases from Hobby Lobby? Oh you know, just my inner Martha at work.
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  1. Such a pretty find and it fits in so well with your decor. I have a self-imposed ban on trips to HomeGoods. I would be bankrupt if I allowed myself to go there.

    LOVE your artwork, too. Martha has nothing on you.

  2. haha! I try to avoid HomeGoods at all costs myself, but it doesn't help that it's one exit away from my work. Sometimes I mysteriously end up there during my lunch break.

    Thanks for the compliment!!