Monday, April 4, 2011

What's in my Mary Poppin's bag?

Ever wondered what a "Bargain Blonde" carries in her purse?  Oh, no?  Too bad, I'm going to show you anyway.  I gave myself only one rule, no pre-cleaning my purse out.  Lucky for me, it's in pretty good shape right now.  It's definitely seen worse days.

One observation before I continue: I'm pretty sure men are scared of purses.  There is sort of an unspoken rule that they are not allowed in there.  I don't know what they think they're gonna find in there. But, if you ever ask a man to grab something out of your purse for you, they give you this bewildered look of fear. Then, instead of doing as instructed, they just hand you your entire purse as quickly as possible.  Weirdos.

Moving on ....

This is the purse I'm still currently slinging around.  First shown here.  I call this my "Mary Poppin's bag" because the amount of crap I have in here seems never ending.  I am so not one of those girls that can carry a small purse.  If I had to guess, this bag weighs a solid 10 pounds.

Now, here's what makes up those 10 lbs:

My lifeline and BFF, my Blackberry Torch.  I absolutely love this phone.  It's like a BB and iPhone combined.  It has a touch screen, but I also still get my BB keyboard.  I hate typing on that digital keyboard.  No one likes my new heart phone cover, but I do and that's all that matters. 

I posted about this in one of my "WILW" posts. It's a file folder for your purse to keep receipts or whatevs organized.  The best part is that it was only $1.

Juicy Couture sunglasses from Nordstrom Rack.  I used to only buy $12 sunglasses from the sunglasses table in the BP section of Nordstrom.  I had a really bad habit or losing or breaking every single pair of glasses I ever owned, so I didn't want to waste the money.  When I finally splurged for a designer pair, magically I started to take a lot better care of them.  Imagine that. 

My Liz Claiborne dis-gust wallet I've had for like 4 years.  I loved it at first because I love floral prints, but it's old and dingy now, which is why I say dis-gust.  I have my heart set on The Lauren Hobo Clutch, but I don't know if I want to fork over the cash. TBD.

Mini nail file from the Dallas Bridal Show we went to with Courtney a few months ago.  I'm never going to a bridal show ever again.  All it was was a bunch of vendors lined up harassing you and offering you samples.  NO, I DON'T WANT TO TRY YOUR MEATBALLS!  Food, flowers, cakes, photo booths, bridesmaid dresses, gowns, etc.  Hundreds of vendors just trying to get your attention and to sign-up for their mailing lists.  No thanks.

Random jewelry.  Sometimes I get annoyed with jewelry I'm wearing so I take it off and throw it in my purse.  I always forget about it and it stays in my purse forevs.

Hand sanitizer (aka "han-i-tizer" according to my neph), lotion, drugs, floss and lip gloss.  The necessities. 

Diet and fitness journal purchased on Amazon.  I won't lie to you.  It's been a few weeks since I've been tracking my calories.  But with only 3 weeks until my friend's Phoenix wedding, it's crunch time.  I'm strictly monitoring and tracking my calories and workouts until then.  The good news is that my bridesmaid dress is too big, but that doesn't mean I'm in shape.  Just means I ordered a fatty size.

Slap bracelet koozie.  Yes, they exist. Yes, it is awesome.

Camera/case in Texas Tech colors, duh!

Coach wristlet, Coach coin purse and Coach checkbook holder. 

Pen and paper.

My nephew's "bug clipper".  Don't know how this ended up in my purse, but we were collecting bugs on Saturday morning and I guess he put it in there.  Random. 

And lastly, my keys.  I only use 2: my apartment key and car key. Your guess is as good as mine for what the other 2 keys go to.  Not really sure why I still have them on my key chain.

Now you know what I lug around with me on the daily.  I must confess, I did this post because I I have bloggers block and couldn't think of anything else.  Hope you enjoyed anyway!
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  1. I SO want the blackberry torch! I am a blackberry person and I have the ol Curve, but as soon as the Torch comes my way, I'm getting one! Also, you KNOW that I already knew that slap koozies exist haha!!

    Love the bug clipper! I wish Gunner would use one of those but he just picks everything up with his hands and it freaks me out. AND OMG! I am going to have to do this also, because my keys look just like yours, down to the mini coach wallet. Crazy.

  2. my roommate calls all her purses "mary poppins bags"...they are HUGE too. she probably has a new one every 3 months or so.

    um...the minute i saw your phone cover i thought "i really like's so cute" yet another reason why we're twins.

    don't feel special...i knew that slap koozies existed. ;)

    i want a bug clipper. that a hair in the last picture with your keys? gross. ;)

  3. I cracked up about your reference to men & is SO true. I had never thought about it before!!! Your bag is so cute & holds a TON... and I thought I had a lot in my bag ;)

  4. Soooooooooo LMAO - Aaron and I have been together for almost 6 years and he still will NOT look in my purse.

    And Um ..... What's with all the coin purses?????

  5. I love your bag! I like to carry big bags too and always carry tons of stuff in it! I thought I had a lot in my bag, glad I'm not alone :)

  6. Oh that's not too bad!! My bag is ridiculous... lol

  7. haha - i call my bestie's purse the hermione bag b/c she is always prepared for every situation. a couple weekends ago - someone needed her car moved and she was in the shower - her bf was like "ill let you get them out of her purse." you are so right - guys are totally scared of the purse! haha

  8. I just cleaned out my purse last night! Let me tell you, I was very interested to see what I had been carrying around with me for the past couple weeks. It's crazy all the stuff we accumulate, my most interesting item-chopsticks!

  9. yes, you are seriously my long lost twin (and you have totally inspired me to do a similar post soon!)

    first of all: Dark Kiss is my absolute FAV from B&BW. I carry the same lotion around all the time :-)

    second of all: i have the same diet and fitness journal as you...and i threw it away last weekend because it was depressing me i never used it and was still fat. i got it from borders :-)

    third thing: my blackberry is my lifeline and i have a Bold, but i can not stand touch screen stuff right now...i dont know what my problem I old fashioned or just fat fingered?!

    fourth: i always have jewelry in my purse because i take it off too...especially cuffs and earrings!

    and...last and most totally have a krogers plus card on my keys. haha.

    have a great day girl!

  10. I forgot to mention that I used to have the same sunglasses scenario! Christmas 2009, Aaron gave me some Marc Jacobs ones and same thing, they don't fall apart and I am psychotic about where I put them, as to not lose them. Add up all the $10 pair and we coulda had some fancy schmancy ones all along. ;)

  11. Wow, what a ceazy haul. Do you ever declutter and just carry a wristlet? I'm doing that now and LOVING IT. I'm sure it wont last long before Im back to a Mary Poppins bag.
    And those sunglasses are TOOO Cute. Ive found that I break/loose all designer glasses, and somehow only keep the cheap-o ones. So not fair.
    Have a great day!!

  12. My bag is overflowing with crazy stuff too! (and probably weighs the same as yours)

    And i say splurge on the Hobo, i actually got one for christmas - and i use it as a wallet most of the time, but when i dont want to lug 10lbs of a bag around its great bc i can dump my phone and a lip gloss in it and use it as a clutch - and my money (or lack of) and cards are all already in it! i have the Millie, which has a zipper on the bottom so it gives you an even bigger storage space.

  13. Love your blog! Newest follower here... is it sad that my purse is usually a diaper bag?! I need to change that ASAP! :)

  14. Like you I can't carry small purses either!

  15. You are so organized. My purse is laughable right now. Let's just say that I could really use that little file folder dealie, bad! Love the slap coozie. Brilliant!

  16. Love your blog and love your Mary Poppins bag! I have a crap ton of stuff in my purse too! I can't help it! You never know when you may need something! Like a bug clipper! :)