Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessional

I've wanted to do one of these posts for forever, and today is finally the day!  I'm linking up with Glamazon Mom and Mammarazzi for my first ever blog confessional. 

Forgive me blog world, for I have sinned ...

I confess that I know I promised you the second half of the wedding weekend recap today, but quite frankly, I'm too lazy to post that many pictures.  That will just have to wait until Monday.

I confess I was over the royal wedding before it even started.  Now that I've seen the dress and a few of the crazy hats, I'm going to need the media coverage to just stop.  And every one at work to stop talking about it.

I confess I drank too many beers at Happy Hour last night and really need some Aleve. 

I confess that sometimes I buy maternity dresses at Target if they are on sale because you really can't tell the difference if you just buy a size smaller than what you'd normally wear.  OMG, don't judge me.

I confess that I took a week hiatus from the gym this week, and I feel really guilty about it. 

I confess I lost my favorite sleep mask in Arizona and I'm very upset.  I just ordered a new replacement, but I don't know how I'm going to wait 7 days for it to be shipped to me.

I confess that I cried all the way home from work Monday and it felt good.  You know one of those days where every thing seems like it's going wrong?  Then something sends you over the edge, the tears start coming and you can't stop them?  Me.

I confess that sometimes I text and drive.  I know.  Don't even tell me.

I confess that I still haven't unpacked my suitcase.  Instead, I've just been using it as a second closet.

What do you confess?
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  1. hahahah! I actually saw a wicked cute tank top I wanted to get but it was maternity! I can relate to that lol..too funny

    i recently had a cry day and cried on my way to the gym because I was just so debbie downer. it felt good though! plus i worked out like a bitttchhh at the gym which felt even better!

    xoxox happy weekend pretty!

  2. target has some cute maternity shiz. i've never bought any of it...but now that i know YOU won't judge me if i do i'm going to start looking. and then i'll do an OOTD post "target, gifted, thrifted, handmade, dyed."

    i've taken a hiatus from the gym my whole life. don't feel bad.

  3. LOL! I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from Chicago (I think it was 3 weekends ago?). And I'm cracking up at the Maternity clothes confession! Not a bad idea actually!

    And about the Royal Wedding?? I could care focus has been on this NFL draft to be honest.

    Happy weekend love!

  4. Love this, and that's quite the idea with the maternity clothes. I may have to take a peak next time i'm at Target. They do have some cute stuff. :)

  5. NO INTEREST in the Royal wedding. None. Nada.

    LOVE LOVE that you sometimes buy maternity dresses, can I just say that I walk by them all the time and they look SO CUTE but I was always like "yeah no, not buying myself a maternity dress" but now that I know Miss lulu does it? May have to try...

    I don't feel guilty that you took a week hiatus from the gym because I am still on my year long hiatus and I don't want anyone to ever be skinnier than me

    Do you really sleep in a sleep mask? How the hell does it stay on? Don't you move around at night?? I never understood those things.

    Sad that my bestie lulu cried on Monday :(

    OMG. you text and drive. OMG. ok fine SOMETIMES I do too, and it's even worse cause I have kids in the car. Yeah. Don't even tell me.

    love you my missy!!

  6. okay seriously, i dont even judge you, sometime target has really great maternity outfits! hahah lovely post and i love your blog! can we please be friends?!


  7. I've totally bought a maternity sweater at Target. No joke.

  8. Love that you buy maternity dresses! Love that you haven't unpacked your suitcase! And crying sometimes just makes it feel like everything is now ok.

  9. I haven't unpacked from my weekend home for Easter. But I confess that I love the royal wedding! It's inspiring to do many people in England and romantic! I just can't help it! However, I'm not constantly talking about it like others!

  10. Crying it all out is definitely needed every once in a while. Just think that once you get to the point of thinking babies you'll have some of maternity wardrobe already bought. Lols. And I have to say that the texting and driving, I'm the person in the car next to you yelling to not text and drive.

  11. I still wear a nursing shirt because it's cute and you can't even tell it's a nursing shirt.
    Aleve is my friend for any headache--hangover or migraine.
    I use earplugs to sleep and totally can't sleep without them. Hope your mask shows up faster than seven days.

  12. Sometimes a good cry is all you need!
    I agree the media and everyone needs to get over the whole royal wedding thing, it was NOT that big of a deal and it's not like we all haven't seen weddings before.

  13. I'm guilty of buying maternity dresses from Target in small sizes! I thought I was the only one who did that. We can't judge each other. :)

  14. GIIIIIRL I totally feel ya on well...all of these confessions. Nice to know I am not the only one out there who does all these things. More power to you for fessin' up my dear! Love this.

  15. Seriously, I always pass the maternity section in Target and think "um, why are the maternity dresses cuter than the non maternity ones?" And you have officially inspired me to try them next time--haha! Who cares, right? Half the stuff out now is empire style anyway.

    Sometimes that crying-while-driving fest is SO CATHARTIC. Good for you!

  16. LOVE it!! I need to get in on this action next week.

    Ummm yes, I totally understand being too busy for a blog post, buying cute clothes regardless of who they're made for, and texting while driving.

    You are forgiven. Go in peace!

  17. Awe man! Your my soul sister, it was like I was reading my own thoughts! Oh, and it takes me 4EVER to unpack a suitcase after a trip!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  18. RIGGS!!! LMAO!!! "using it as a second closet" ... I soooooo go there after every trip. ... until I need to do laundry.

  19. I have a Target maternity dress and I still wear it 11 months later. Throw on a denim button-up shirt, flip-flops, sunglasses and a chunky necklace and you've got yourself an outfit.

  20. you are too funny! I think all your confessions are all really normal things that all of us do! love your blog BTW!!
    And I agree with the others - sometimes you just need a good cry!

  21. you have a sleep mask?! how chic!

    i totally own about three items from the maternity section at target! of course two of them i didn't realize were maternity until i got them home and actually read the tag. apparently i'm not the most alert when it comes to staying in my section.

    i totally text and drive occasionally too. facepalm.

  22. I confess I hated the royal wedding dress.

    And I was sad when you cried But mom's want their kids to be happy all the time. I know unrealistic.

    And I threw away plastic containers from my refrigerator last night because I was scared to look inside and too lazy to clean them.
    Love you!

  23. HAHA I love your confessions! And Beth's comment on a lifetime gym hiatus! LMAO!

    I've never looked at Target maternity, guess it can't hurt to check it out. Why not?!

    I can't wait to see more wedding pictures. I don't blame you for not posting yet, it takes too much time to organize them!