Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane ...

Thursday morning I will be on a plane flying to Phoenix waving to ya from high in the sky! 
Now that I'm close to boarding a plane, I've started to think about packing.  Keyword = think.  I never pack until the night before and I'm usually running errands and finishing up last minute stuff until midnight or later.  It never fails.

I thought I would share some of my favorite travel essentials with y'all.  I'm by no means a travel expert, but I was in a 4 year long distance relationship with Lucifer, so I spent my fair share of time traveling. 

Here is what I can't travel without:

1.  Check list and sticky notes. I'm a list person. I can't function without my to-lists and packing for a trip is no different. I make my list a few days before I need to pack, so if I do need to make any runs to say, CVS, I know ahead of time. If there is anything on my list that I can't pack until the day of (phone charger, tooth brush, sleep mask, etc.), then I write it really big on a sticky and put it on my front door so I absolutely can't forget it.  
This is just the start of my list, there will probably be 2 more pages of items added to this list.
2. Flat iron case.  I used to be ghetto and would just wrap my Chi in a hand towel.  This method works, but I eventually stepped my game up and bought this case.  I love it because you can do your finishing touches on your hair, throw your straightener in the case and not have to worry about it burning anything in your bag. 
My case above is from Stein Mart and was less than $10.
3. Jewelry Roll.  I also got this at Stein Mart for less than $10.  They have really cute, affordable travel accessories, so you should check it out if you have a Stein Mart in your area.
4. Personalized Luggage Tags to help you easily identify your bags.  My luggage tags were gifts, but lots of stores carry cute, girly luggage tags.  Get one to pimp your luggage.  
Don't mind the "heavy" tag, I always pack my bag to exactly 50 lbs thanks to my handy luggage scale.  See below!
5. Luggage Scale.  A lifesaver.  This little gadget lets me know if I've maxed out the 50 lb luggage limit.  Prior to owning this, I would be that girl at the check-in counter busting open my bag to take stuff out so I could get my luggage on the flight without having to pay the extra fee. 

You don't want to be that girl, trust me.  You will feel the glares of all the people waiting in line behind you trying to check-in.  If you tend to be a heavy packer, just get the luggage scale and thank me later.
While browsing Stein Mart online, I found a similar version called the Travelon Scale if you are interested.

6. Tan Towels.  Hello my fellow sunless tanners (everyone should be practicing safe sun and if not, you and I need to have a talk!).  You must have these tan towels in your luggage when you travel. 

They are perfect for maintaining your sunless tan when traveling.  The best part about them for me is that I don't have to worry about TSA throwing my precious bottle of self-tanner in the trash.  I give the worst side-eye and pout if I ever have to throw away any beauty products.
I bought mine at my tanning salon, but I know Ulta carries them too.  Click here to check them out.
7. Toiletries Hang Bag.  I got this one from my Aunt as a gift, and I don't know how I ever traveled with out one. 

8. Travel size bottles.  I think we all know what these are and that you can find them in pretty much any drugstore, Wal-mart or Target.  I used to never be able to find mine when I needed to pack, so I bought a container from the 99 Cent Only store to stash them in between trips.  I love that they are all in one place and I don't have to dig through drawers, cabinets or luggage trying to find them.

9. And lastly, get yourself a cute, medium sized carry-on bag.  I got this one at Sam Moon for any of you ladies in the Dallas area. 

There you have it!  Hopefully you learned a few tips, but if not, at least you know how I roll way up in the sky.
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  1. :-) I love this post! :-)
    I also LOVE the hand scale! We got some from our dive shop for our dive gear bags, and honestly I didn't know what I did without it before. I was totally THAT girl who would try to repack everything at the check in counter. :-)

  2. OMG i didnt even know some of these things existed: ie...luggage scale!?!?!? why did i NOT know about this?! this would have previously saved me a crap-ton of money! and the jewelry travel case??

    and im laughing at sam moon. we dont have it here, and everytime i go to dallas, my friend and i go in there and play dress up and take tons of photos. maybe i should do a post on it.

    im getting excited for you to go to phoenix!!!! (and slightly jealous!). have a great week!

  3. I'll be going to Phoenix next month! I've never been there, have you? You'll have to report back to me and let me know where you went shopping and where to go/what to do see because I'll be with my parents and I doubt they'll know about all the cool places ; ) I would really appreciate that!

    These are excellent travel tips, I especially love the luggage scale ; ) I think I'll need one of those! Good luck packing. And when I say "good luck" I mean Good Luck. It ain't easy!

  4. see...this post is helping out more people that just me.

    but i really do need to get a better jewelry bag. i have a small vera bradley one that i've used for years but sometimes it can't fit all my jewelry.

    and i really need a hanging bag too. this ditty bag i have ain't cutting it for long travels.

  5. was this a Stein Mart ad? hehe just kidding.

    I know it's not your intention, but every time you call your ex "lucifer" I giggle.

    I used to get so excited about visiting my ex when we were long distance, I spent many college classes composing travel lists.

    Oh and I need a straightener case and a jewelry roll up bag. I absolutely straighten right before leaving, and I've lost one too many pieces of jewelry while traveling.



  6. oh that straightener case, what a great invention!! I'll have to look for one of those!

  7. The luggage scale is actually a pretty good idea!


  8. I feel like I have to find a Steinmart ASAP

  9. I don't have a Steinmart! I need one! I love the flat iron case! I definitely need one of those! And a luggage scale, never even knew about those either! You're awesome! Thanks for sharing! And I'm a lists person too!

    Oh and Lucifer HAHA I laugh everytime I hear that name.

    You're going to have such a great trip! XOXO

  10. Love that pink bag! I just may scoop one up next week!

    I'm such a listmaker too - I have an Excel spreadsheet going for my Dallas trips - what to do before, what to take, who to see when in town and when, what to buy in Dallas .... LOL

    Have fun! Can't wait to see pix!

  11. this is going to make you cringe:

    I roll the cord for my blowdryer/straightner around the actual thing and shove it into a bag. Which might have caused one of the cords to get so bent that I caused a spark from the blowdryer last year

    i need to invest in one of those cases.

    i am jealous of your organization skills! I will be referring to this post when I go on vacation during the FOR REAL! it's helpful


  12. Love this post! I am going to save it on my Bookmarks Bar because when I travel I better make sure I have everything you posted! haha Like this is all serious stuff everyone should own!! THANKS FOR THE INFO WOMAN!

    ANDDDD I awarded you on my blog, check it out!!


  13. Oh goodness, I need a luggage scale.

    & weather here, is HOT! However, in the morning, like before 7 its cool, & the nights, after 9ish is cool too. But its hot!

    Bring white clothing.

    xo $ARMIN

  14. umm we are soul sisters...sticky notes, flat iron and (most importantly) tanning towels?! yes, yes we are somehow related!

  15. I love your travel gear and notes. I make notes like that too (you have 'neat' handwriting, haha, do you use it often?)

    Good thinking keeping those travel toiletries. I always throw them away when I'm done and make last minute trips to the store the night before to pick up more.

    Have a fun safe trip!!