Thursday, April 21, 2011

Raven reveals her bargain shimmer and shine finds for summer!

 Well hello all you gorgeous girls! This is Raven from A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers, and I was totally stoked when Lindsey asked me to guest post. See, we are totally BFF's. We talk every day (via blackberry messenger) and even though I have "known" her for a few short months, she already knows my most horrendous, most mortifying experience EVER. (You better NEVER tell Miss Lulu!) So I couldn't be more thrilled to be here and since the gorgeous Lindsey is all about getting the goods on a bargain, I thought I would share with you all my thrifty finds. And since summer is on it's way, I thought I would keep this post all about things that shimmer and shine.

{1} I love my skin to look soft and dewey, don't you? I found this awesome find one day while browsing through Victorias Secret. And get this -- it promises to make you look five times sexier. Not one, not two, but FIVE times sexier! Um, heck yes! And for just 10 bucks? Score!


Now just so you know, I would never recommend a product I haven't personally tried. I take my beauty finds/clothing style pretty serious. But this here product? Amazing. Makes my skin look divine. And if you have a base tan? (which I don't) Looks ever better. 

Here, I'll prove it to you.


See? Totally subtle, but makes a huge difference. Amazing. Go get some.

{2} A sexy, sparkly tank top. I have been on the look-out for one of these because of something huge that could possibly happen in my future where I need to look faboosh (keeping quiet for now) and one that totally caught my eye was (#1) this one. I loved it, but HELLO! Almost $900 for a tank top? Egads!

SO not gonna happen. Then I found (#2) this one at where else, but V.S. And truthfully? I like it better. Much more understated but still sexy and eye-catching. And for approx. $840 less? Holla!

(and no, that is not me modeling on the right but thanks for asking)
{3} Sexy, shimmery eye makeup. What girl doesn't want that? I do, and I'm sure the bargain blonde herself wants to play up her beautiful blue eyes. I have tried a million different products, from cheap to super expensive, and I have to say that my favorite bargain find in my 30 years (say what?) is once again, Victorias Secret eye shimmer. I love it. It's amazing. But a few others that I also love? This and this. V.S. eye shimmer is the cheapest, but everyone loves their Mac cosmetics, no?


{4} And finally, I love me some summertime flip flops. They are all I wear during the warm months. Add on some bling? Love. We all know Havaianas are awesome, but gosh darn they can be pricey! And their new limited edition of "blingy" flip-flops? Out of this world! We are talking $198 green dolla bills, for a FLIP-FLOP! Here, take a look...


Can I get a HELLZ to the NO? Thank you! Just bizarre!

My bargain solution? DIY! I personally love the flip-flops from Old Navy. They have every single color in the world and they are super cheap, we're talking two pairs for $2.50. And? They last me all summer long.


Just buy a few and then go to your local craft store and pick up some super cheap rhinestones, get some super glue and make your own blingy flips!


I personally haven't done this yet but I plan to! And let me know if it works out for you!

So that's my take on steals and deals. Hope you enjoyed having me!
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  1. Ohhh, good pick with choosing Raven for your guest post Lindsay! Have fun in AZ!

    And Raven, I'm totally going to get that 5x sexxxxxy body lotion. I totally need a sheen. I need a tan too, but a sheen to start.

    And agreed, the VS tank is way cuter!


  2. haha real swaroski crystals on havianas legitimately makes 0 sense!

    kind of like the crystal bra we have at VS for 250 dollars... oh did I tell you I work at VS... oh did I tell you I love this post because I stare at two of those products all day long? oh did you want to be besties so I would buy you something and send it to you? ; )


  3. Ok both of you are my like my twins. Can I be the 3rd bff???!

    I am dying to go get me some of that VS lotion. (and yes Raven you ARE tan... look at my white ace)

    That tank top? To die for... another must have! And I'm dying to know your news too!

    and I've ALWAYS been a sucker for Old Navy flip flops... even in the winter. hehe

    love both you girls!!

  4. I love this post! I'm definitely going get some of that lotion from VS. :)

  5. Raven, awesome guest post!

    i want to try the DIY bling flops too! sooo fun!

  6. I am so going to try to do my own flip flops what a great idea! AND I can do with my mini-me! She would love it! And oh yea by the way I totally thought model #2 was you!

  7. LOVE that tank! Love Raven! Love that you DIY your flip flops too. :)


  8. Great post Raven! And I totally won't tell Lindsey that you told me her little secret ;-) LOL

    I love the shimmer on all this...I'm obsesssed with it during the summer months (Ok all year...). Those tanks are gorgeous!

  9. Good thing I am obsessed with both yours and Raven's blogs!

    1. I am totally going to try that body cream! So excited.
    2. Mac pigments are THE BOMB.COM, my favorite is called Naked.

    Great post lady!!

  10. want want want and want! that lotion is amazing, your skin does look hot with it on!

  11. I LOVE it Raven! I'm all about bling (at least I want to be) so this post was just what I needed! I'm going straight to VS this weekend! :)

  12. I'm here from Raven's blog! She is just too hilarious!! Love that everything was VS related. They are one of my faves!!

  13. I love me some Raven! She did a GREAT guess post for you!

    I'm loving the flip flop idea!

    Happy Easter to you, Miss Lindsey! I don't know you but any friend of Raven's has to be a friend of mine!