Thursday, April 7, 2011

Future project + bargain decor find

Y'all stick with me on this one, I swear I'll get to my point.  I hope.

So, my favorite non-reality show is Parenthood.  I cry during every single episode without fail.  I mean, I'm not talking hyperventilating crying, but definitely a few tears are shed.  I caught up on the last 3 eps last night and by 9 p.m., I was laying on my couch crying with black mascara streaks running down my face.

My favorite character on the show is Peter Krause (so hot) as Adam Braverman.  His character is my dream husband, and the way his house on the show is decorated is totally my style.  Ever since I saw these shelves in their entryway, I knew I had to have the same in mine:
That was until I saw something similar but totally cuter on Kristen's blog, All in My Twenties.  She copied another blog and now I want to copy her copy.  Capeesh?  I just totally love it and it would be the perfect addition to my living room/entryway in my apartment.  Here is a pic of Kristen's finished product and what I want to recreate.  She posted all the instructions here

I printed a picture off of her shelves (creep alert), and headed to Garden Ridge to try to find the right size shelves, picture frames and a few knick-knacks.  Mission NOT accomplished.  I only bought 2 picture frames that were on clearance.  This is a project in the works and I will definitely show you the finished product when I'm done.  Hopefully sooner than later. 

However, while I was perusing Garden Ridge for the necessary supplies, I came across THE PERFECT picture for my bathroom wall.  The color scheme in my bathroom is purple and bronze, and I have been keeping my eye out for something purple to hang on that bare wall for the longest.  When I came across this picture, I knew it was destiny.  It was red lined clearance for 50 percent off $69.99, which means it was only $34.99.  I can do math, y'all!    
This is just a pic I snapped on my phone after I hung it straight on my first try with no level, mind you.  Who says you need a man?  I was too lazy to move my dining room chair for the pic.  I'll try to take a better pic of it tonight.
And lastly, I couldn't not share this disgusting mess with y'all.  When I was pushing my cart to the check out line in Garden Ridge, I walk past this.  How GA-ROSS!  Who the hell would EVER buy this and put that in their house?  Inaprope on so many levels. 

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  1. That little gnome thing with no pants and what not is grosss. (something I'd have nightmares of in my sleep for sure).

    I thing those are great ideas for decorating! I actually bought shelves like that for my apartment, but since I realized I was moving, I haven't put them up...I'm gonna just hold onto them. I got them at Ikea a few months back (they have multiple, brown, white) for like 10-15 dollars each...and matching photo frames to go with (but can be purchased separately). Check it out (because I totally know yall have Ikea in D-town because I've been there). :-) I can't wait to see what you do!

  2. And I've never seen Parenthood...perhaps this is my indicator to start watching!

  3. I think I need to check it parents love that show! Great shelves by the way. I'm hosting a blog hop tomorrow for my second Fashion Friday. I'd love you to link up if you're interested. Have a great day! Kori xoxo

  4. I love how she decorated her shelves. Very creative.

  5. never watched parenthood the show, but i LOVE parenthood the movie circa 1990. it was my fave growing up. but it didn't make me cry. i probably didn't really get the sexual adult language going on back then either. oh but i do now!

    can't wait to see the finished product of the shelving. i know it will look great! :)

  6. I missed the first two episodes of Parenthood, and Fios is stupid and doesnt have them on demand. I need to netflix them. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it.

    and I LOVE the shelves. I have a wall in my living begging for something, but the Husband and i disagree on what type of art. Shelves with candles and framed pictures will work perfectly. Thanks for posting this!!!

  7. Who would put the little gnome in their house? Too many people to count, that's who.

    I've put on hold my shelving projects, the husband has enough to do around the house for now ;)


  8. you are going to have one STYLISH house!

    I used to watch every episode of that show! I really need to catch up.

    I am now sitting here seriously thinking about who would buy that plunger...


  9. What?!?!?! You don't like that statue? I have it in my bathroom. I thought it went perfectly with my decor style.

  10. The shelves are very cute looking, definitely check Ikea or maybe even bed, bath, & Beyond...

    And those gnome men are GROSS. definitely.

    what is GR? LOL was a little lost there... :)

  11. I *love* Parenthood!!! I always feel like I'm the only person in the world who watches it though, so I'm glad you do too! I started watching it because I love Lauren Graham and have been so sad ever since Gilmore Girls went off the air!! This is no replacement to GG, but I still love it!!

    The shelving idea is awesome, I can't wait to see it! The picture is gorgeous... and the little dudes - SUPER strange..

  12. I want the picture frames Kristen has on her shelves!!! Especially the one on the middle shelf to the left side of the picture!!!!!

  13. I have been meaning to get these type of shelfs in my bedroom for the longest time now...
    They are always on sale at Target for like $15-$20 each...Yeah, I don't know what stops me, maybe the fact that I can't do it on my own...

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    xo $ARMIN

  14. LOVEthe shelves and frames idea! I wanted to do that in my room but opted for a frame collage! But i plan on using this idea somewhere else in the house! :)
    Cant wait to see your finished result darlin!
    xoxo Inna :)

  15. Linds - I saw some really cute shelves like the Parenthood ones on clearance at Kirklands in Mesquite just last week. They might still have some at other locations!

    P.S. - I also love that show & it makes me cry like a baby :)

  16. Um - you think Adam Braverman is hot??????????????? OMG. No. I think Julia's hubs is hottness. And he can build stuff. BUT I do love the Braverman kitchen fo sho.

    And um ... WTH am I gonna do when Eva wants to go the prom? Will you pray with me that she doesn't go?! And that she won't date boys 'til college like mommy did. I didn't cry this past episode ... I freaked out

    Anyhoo. Love the bathroom print!