Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday: Girly Electronic Board Games

I have two besties I've met via blogging: this sexy biatch and this hot ginge.  Even though I have yet to meet either of them in real life, I consider them real life friends because we text, BBM, Google chat or e-mail all day long.  Fingers crossed, I will meet both of them this summer if all goes as planned and when this magical day comes (and it will), my life will be complete!

Anyway, today I'm linking up with the hot ginge (real name: Beth) for Flashback Friday.  We were getting super excited talking about this post idea earlier this week, so hopefully you enjoy this flashback as much as we did.  Although, I have to admit, her FF post today is hands down the funniest thing I've read in a LONG TIME.  You have to go read hers here

I'm flashing back to old school girly electronic games from the late 80s to mid 90s.  You know, the ones you HAD to have or your life would have been OVER.  I'm talking ...




 and ...


1.  Dream Phone, my favorite of the bunch.  To play, you'd draw a photo card and dial the number on it using the hot pink Dream Phone.  The boys you called would give you clues, which you used to figure out who had a crush on you.  When you thought you knew who your crush was, you'd call his number on his card and if you were right he'd say, "You're right, I really like you!"  So legit. 

Steve was the hottest of them all and don't try to convince me otherwise.  Helloooooo Steve ...
How pissed were you if you got the Spencer or Jason card?  Ugh.  Bob wasn't bad, but he was a little too borderline uni-brow for my likes.

The clues were like, "he’s not wearing yellow," or "he’ll eat anything except popcorn".  And then of course there was the annoying, “I know who it is, but I’m not telling!”  Oh, dream phone.  I loved you.

2. "It's Mall Madness, the mall with it all!"  The object of the game was to be the first player to scoop up the items on your shopping list at the best prices and get back to your parking lot.  You had to be on alert for exciting announcements like, "Attention mall shoppers!  There is a sale at the fashion boutique!"

I mean, maybe this was the game that started my bargain fascination? 

Apparently there’s now a Hannah Montana version.  I don't know why people try to mess with a good thing.

3. Ask Zandar, the talking wizard.  You'd ask Zandar a question, wave your hand over the "crystal ball" and he'd give you you an answer.  Clearly what Zandar spoke was truth.  "Zandar, am I going to prom with a geek, please say no!"  "There's an excellent chance!"  Pure devastation.

4.  Dear Diary, the electronic diary.  "Hands off creep!"  I know I had one of these, but I remember it not being nearly as cool as it seemed in the commercials. 

Did you play these games?  Which was your fave?  I loved this little trip down memory lane.  Have a great weekend you little bargainistas!  TGIF.
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  1. aaahhhhh my favorite board games of all time!!!! I am so ridiculously excited about this...

    true story, steve was by far the hottest.

    Oh and the voice that said "he'll eat Anything but POP-CORN" was mad creepy!

    I heart you and beth. like a lot


  2. I think Mall Madness is responsible for my recent shopping sprees... think I can sue? ;)


  3. hahah dream phone..oh boy I totally remember Spencer! he and jason were THEE ugliest. I need to do a googlesearch or something and see what these people look like now lol

    lol remember that game Girl Talk? where you'd get a "zit sticker" if you got something wrong or whatever?

    oh those were the DAYS! haha now we have bratz dolls and zsu zsu pets.....blech!

    xoxo great post!

  4. i wonder what those dudes look like now. they are probably fat asses with tons of kiddos. this might be a project for me today.

    i never played ask zandar the right way...probably because i was an only child and all of my friends were probably like "what the hell is this creepy game? no!"

    thanks for the shout out sweet friend and YES...once i get back from PR i will be booking flights and saving money to come see you in Dallas for your b-day.

  5. SO funny! I had all of these too. Unfortunately, while I got these, my brothers got nintendo games that they could play together, and I rarely could convince them to 'go to the mall' with me. I use to carry the Mall Madness cards around in my purse when I was little. Was I the only one?
    And I only played Dream Date once, when I apparently 'won' Jason, and was discouraged to ever play again.

    Thanks for the memories girls!!!

  6. I loved Dream Phone!! And yes, I was super pissed if I got the Spencer card. Haha. Steve was pretty hot.

    We also played Perfect Match all the time. Loved it!

  7. Ahh I LOVED these games!! Do they still exist? I kind of want to get one. Dan, Dan's the man!

  8. Oh my God, I so remember Dream Phone! All of these memories are flooding my brain right now! Cute post!

  9. Fun blogging friends!

    Oh my gosh thank you for taking me back!!
    MALL MADNESS and DREAM PHONE was pretty much my life back in the day. IF a girl did not play either of those games religiously...something is wrong!

    Best post ever,

  10. this is absolutely ridiculous and im laughing at work sooo loud that people probably think im doing something bad.

    dream phone was awesome. i loved it! do you remember "girl talk"? i think that is what it was called? LOL....these games were so pointless, but really made me feel like i was in high school when i was only like 8 or 9. but, with dream phone im cracking up that you even remember the name of one of the guys. LOL!!!

    i have to do this link up. im seriously working on it now... this is too funny not to do.

  11. You are freakin hiliarous. Hey, I have an idea. How about when we finally get together, lets play these games. Would that not be a riot? ESPECIALLY if we were hitting the bottle? So making this happen. Where the heck are these games anyway? I bet we could find them on ebay :)

  12. OMGGGGGG! I love this post! I think this is my favorite Flashback Friday yet!! I loved Mall Madness and Dream Phone! Oh, and Dear Diary! AHHH such memories!!!! Dream Phone was totally my favorite!! I lovedddd Steve and ah haha Jason!! I can't wait to read Beth's post too!!

  13. Can you imagine being a young guy in the 90's, and getting a job posing for pictures for the cards on Dream Phone? Bwahahahahaha! I hope those guy's wives laugh at them every day for doing that! I also hope they made mad $$$, or it was so not worth it!

  14. I think mall madness was my fav game EVE

  15. i never owned any of these games but i always loved when i got invited to a sleepover at a girl's place who had these! mall madness was my fave - obvioulsy!

  16. This is such a great post! I love all of these. I had all of them buy Ask Zandar but I really wanted it. My niece and nephew found my Mall Madness game and like to play it now!

    My favorite was another game called Party Mania which came with a tape you would play in your VCR and you had to do all these chores before you got to go to the party! There were so many great games when we were younger!

  17. i'm new to your blog and i LOVE this!

    haha these games take me back!

    i loved dream phone and mall madness! ahhh the 90's!

  18. HAHA hilarious - I owned Mall Madness and played that game obsessively! I also hosted Babysitters Club dress up parties...omg. Thanks for bringing me back down nostalgia lane ! :)

  19. I loved Dream Phone and I agree Steve was the hottest of them all. I also had the Talk Back Diary, definitely not as cool as it seemed in the commercial.