Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm back for another edition of WILW by linking up with Jamie here.  My most favorite post of the week!

1. I'm loving that while in Arizona I got to meet up with Jonalynn from Turn Up the Rad.  Her and I met in college at a Journalism leadership conference in Oregon.  She may or may not be able to tell you stories that involve me walking up and down the beach holding my box of wine as if it were my first born.  Happy to report I no longer roll with the boxed wine (not that I'm above it) and have since upgraded to the liter sized bottles.  Keepin' it classy ladies, as usual.  

We met for lunch Saturday before my flight left for Dallas.  I really wish I got spend more time with her, but some is better than nothing! (BTW - I promise I'll have the pictures posted tomorrow.)

2. I've been obsessed with this bread for a while, so I thought I'd share.  I'm always loving the 45 calorie Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread.  So soft and only 45 cals.  Need I say more?  It's the only bread I'll buy.

3. Love, love, love Pop Chips.  Have you tried these magical, never baked, never fried, all-natural chips??  They are so good and low in cals.  The BBQ flavor is my favorite - especially because it's only 120 calories for 19 chips.  I've seen these at all the grocery stores around me, but my favorite place to buy them is Kroger because lately they've been on sale for 2 bags for $4.

4. I love that the purdy LC from Mixed With Love awarded me with the Liebster Award!  I'm so honored, I love receiving blogger awards!  Makes me feel like someone cares.  Everyone say "awwww".  Hugs LC, thank you so much! XOXO
If there is a blog with 300 followers or less,  this award is designed to bring those bloggers the recognition they deserve!  The idea with this award is that if it is awarded to you, you should link back to the person who gave it to you and then choose 3 blogs to award the Liebster Blog Award to.  I choose:

She's gorgeous and just switched blog names to focus more on her photography.  Her photos and outfits are amazing!  Check her out.  She's so sweet too, I love her blog.

Stephanie @ Stephanie and Such
The first time I saw her blog I thought OMG, this girl is GORGE and looks like Emily Maynard's twin (Emily from the bachelor)!  I seriously want to steal Stephanie's hair, it always looks perfect in her pics.  Another must follow.  She's the best too, obvi.  

I'm not huge into style blogs, but there are a few I love.  Lilly's is one of them.  Her style is so cute and perfect for every day wear.  All of her outfits are very affordable and re-creatable.  Her OOTD are the best!

5. I'm loving that I'm getting a new blog design!  I got this pre-made one when I first started blogging and had no clue what I was doing.  It has served it's purpose, but it's definitely time for an upgrade.  

Guess who is redesigning me??  That lovely lady I mentioned above, Jonalynn!  She did her own blog design and it's amazing, so I'm beyond excited that she agreed to pimp my blog.  I can't wait to debut it to you ladies in a few weeks or so. 

6. And last but not least, I'm in love with "The Voice" on NBCIt premiered last night and I lovedddd the little swivel action in the chair.  And seriously, I want to marry Blake Shelton.  I'm sorry Miranda, but he is so dreamy!  So is Adam Levine, but Blake is definitely more my type. 

If you didn't get to watch last night, do yourself a favor and watch tonight.  It was so good and my new favorite show!  One side note - what is with Cee-lo's hands?  Is it just me or do they seem too small for his body?? 

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  1. you look so pretty in your picture with fun that y'all got to hang out again.

    i need to get that bread you speak of...and those chips. it's probably better than this easter candy i keep popping in my mouth at night.

    can't wait to see the new design.

    and i would marry blake only because he's SOOOOO hilarious. and i agree...cee-lo might be a tad midge.

  2. I love that bread too!!! The boxed wine story made me laugh...haven't we ALL been there?

  3. Congratsss on the awards (and I LOVE having new blogs to check out woohoo). AND excited for your new design! I am trying to get one too (so please email me the details and costs so I can look at going to her too!).

    I missed the Voice which I am not happy about, especially given that I managed to watch Dancing with the Stars and I complain the whole time of "why do i watch this"?

    AND, i didnt know that 45 calorie bread existed...but that just made my day!! WOOHOO (im a carb freak).

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. Lindz you are THE best!! Emily Maynard's twin?! Best compliment evvv. Seriously I am obsessed with you! Is that ok? Haha. Pumped for this award! And most def will be following those other bloggers too :)

    And I want to watch the voice soooooo bad! Glad to know its good.

    Love ya girl!

  5. Congrats on the AWARD- singular. I'm ridiculous.

  6. Steph and Such (aka my sister) just emailed me your link. Love Love Love your blog. Nice to meet you. :)

    Newest follower.

  7. Loved the show last night! It was so much fun! & I def noticed that about his hands hah!

  8. Um, you look GORGE in that top pic with Jonalyn. WOWOWOWOWOW! I need to seriously copycat your entire skin/hair routine, like yesterday.

    Can't wait to see you Friday!

  9. Great things you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  10. I loved The Voice too. Blake is so funny! I'm totally jealous of Miranda.

  11. Those Pop chips are sooooo good - it's a good thing they're low calorie!


  12. um yeah, so thanks for NOT awarding me that award.

    ANYWHO, love the Sara Lee bread!! and pop chips? never tried but totally going to. and yes, you are gorg in the pic and I just don't know what else to say because I can't believe you totally didn't even award me that award. I am so. hurt.

    So. sad.

    So. devastated.

    I'm going to go in a corner and cry right now.

  13. I caught a little bit of 'The Voice' last night...not sure if I like it or dislike it yet. I'll have to watch again tonight!

  14. Oh my goodness I LOVED The Voice last night! it may be my new favorite Show!!!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Cant wait for your new design :)

  15. I love these links on Wednesday's. They are so fun to read!

    Ok...I'm beyond EXCITED about The Voice! Adam and Blake...Mmmmm.. and I love the non-pycho Christina. Hopefully, she'll calm down and start acting normal in public again.

    I want a new blog design too. I'm waiting patiently. I can't wait to see yours but it's cute right now.

  16. I love delightfuls and pop chips too! Both so delish!

    I need a new blog design!! I've tried to do the best I can, but there's too much that I don't know how to do :(

  17. I am going to have to try that bread, it looks good! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

  18. OMG I love Popchips! It's so easy to eat the entire bag unfortunately!

    Great things you are loving! :)


    lamb loves

  19. I think we have that bread at my house...

    I think my grocery store carries...

    I think I'll watch The Voice next week...

    I know I loved the story about you clutching boxed wine... because I'd do that ; )


  20. Oh my gosh, Raven's comment cracks me up. haha.

  21. Lol. Ceelo's hands?!? Lol...and blake is dreamy...thnks for the lily's blog link, I like her too!!

  22. Those chips look yummo! Oh and The VOICE! I love love love it!

  23. the voice and pop chips= my faves too. lovely blog! xoxo

  24. can't wait to read more about your AZ trip! you look supa-glam. im also in love with that bread - so yum! and i'm definitely going to the krogers to stalk those chips!

  25. Thanks for playing along!

    I watched The Voice the other night and thought it was really good!