Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

How pathetic is this?  I legitimately got sad when I couldn't write my WILW post last week because I was 1) too busy with "real life" and 2) came down with some cold that is STILL lingering.

I decided to brave the gym yesterday, and quickly found out my lungs were not quite ready.  After I do my cardio, I like to sit in the sauna for 15 to 20 minutes.  The moment I laid down in the sauna I started coughing and couldn't stop.  This poor man in there had to have thought he was about to catch SARS.  If I were him I would have been completely sicked out, so I bid the sauna adieu and drove my sweaty self home. 

I'm still sick but I'm not missing another WILW.  If you want to link up for WILW, click here.

1.  Diet Cherry Diet Coke from Sonic. In all my years of drinking Sonic drinks I had never added a flavor.  A few weeks ago I ordered a Diet Coke from Sonic, and when they asked, "Would you like to add a flavor to your drink today?", I guess I got a little crazy and said "Uhhh, sure."  I opted for the diet cherry flavor and the rest is history.  I'm obsessed and got one 4 days in a row after the first time I tried it.   Houston, we have a problem.
2. Bethenny Frankel's Barbeque Bleu Turkey Burger.  Ummm, to die.  One of my bloggie bestie's Raven (hi, love!) @ A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers is the one who introduced me to this via this post.  Original recipe found here.  I was BBMing her while grocery shopping and said "Bleu cheese tastes like vom, are you sure I'm going to like this?  I'm scared."  She promised me I would love it and that since the cheese is mixed in and melted, it wouldn't taste like vom.  I BBMd her a few hours later, "You win, I love it." 
I added sliced avocado, sliced cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce to mine.  I used a Thomas 100 calorie multi-grain English muffin as the bread.  The burger looks huge in this picture that I took, but rest assured, it's just the diameter of a regular English muffin.  Healthy, easy and deelish.  My new favorite meal.

3. New heels! Y'all voted and I finally purchased on Monday.  Remember this post where I asked you vote on my new work shows?  Option 2 won hands down, and thank you SO much for voting btw!  I finally went out and purchased them this week.  They are very comfortable and clearly a bargain at only $26.99.  You like?
And while I was there I couldn't resist these.  I have wanted a nude pair of heels for so long and I thought these were adorb.  Only $26.99 as well, but online they are on sale for $19.99.  I'm actually wearing them to work today and they're very comf. 
4. Lunchskins.  I wish I could tell you I use these because I'm so "green", but the truth is I don't like the way plastic baggies make my food taste. I Googled sandwich bag alternatives and came across these Lunchskins by "3 Green Moms".  I don't like buying online, so I passed them up until around Christmas time when I saw them at Container Store.  This is the design I bought:
You can pick one up at your local CS or they're sold for $8.95 online.  They are dishwasher safe.
5. Adrianna de Moura from Real Housewives of Miami.  I have been an avid Real Housewives fan since season one of the OC and religiously watch every single season. Sadly, I was not diggin this Miami series. Apparently I wasn't the only one because they cut the season short after only 6 episodes.

Well, I wasn't digging it until last night when they had a live reunion with Andy Cohen and Adrianna was effing amazing!  I hated Christy Rice on this show.  She is a liar and so stuck up.  Adrianna put her in her place in a major way and I loved every second of it. I so wish I had that Latina spice and could go off on someone like she did.  ¡Ay, caramba! 
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  1. Ok now I'm dying to try that Turkey Burger! Embarrassed to say I have NEVER had one...but think I would probably love it!

    And the new heels look ravishingggg lady! Hope u have a good day!

  2. okay...i want that turkey burger NOW...can you please mail me one. b/c as you know...i'm too lazy to make one myself. :)

    and i love those nude heels. i may have to drop by the payless and get me some!

    AND...i hated the Miami season. i only got caught up in watching it b/c there would be nothing else on tv. that gals mom was one scary bitch. ooo weee she gave me the jeepers creepers.

  3. i absolutely LOVE Bethennys website for recipes..she is a genius!

    can i just say i lol'd when you said you were too busy with real life haha love it

    i hope you are feeling better. Poor Sauna man haha


  4. I LOVE this post! Ok, let me count all the reasons why....

    1. The SARS comment. HILARIOUS!

    2. Diet Cherry Coke from Sonic. I love you and hate you all at the same time for turning me on to this. Love you because I LOVE it, no cals and oh so good, HATE you because I have yet to drive thru ONLY TO GET MY DIET COKE and NOT order fries. You are NOT helping my bikini aspirations!!

    3. SO glad you like it! And we aren't ONLY bloggie besties by the way, we are also BBM besties and I'm sure, pretty soon to be REAL LIFE besties :):) The universe has to make that happen...

    4. LOVE LOVE those nude heels! I'm sure you look like a hot rockstar in those.

    and 5. Did they really cut the Miami housewives show early by 6 episodes?? I never knew that, but I did think that it ended really quick! Much quicker than the other seasons. So I guess they won't be doing a second season? Also, I haven't watched the reunion yet (I am going to tonight) and now Im so excited to see Adrianna go all biatch on Christy!

    I'm missing WILW Wednesday today :( Didn't get my shiz together in time. But I will be posting a post sooner or later today. Love ya Miss lulu!!

  5. Love both pair of heels... and that turkey burger looks yummy!


  6. I am SOOO ridiculously sad that the closest Sonic is flippin 30 minutes away... I think I'm going to come up with an excuse to go there within the next couple weeks though....

    I felt bad for the Miami women a little that 1) the season was cut short and 2) they had a live reunion. I realized after watching bits and pieces of the reunion, it was genius! Oh and I think it got cut short because everyone was watching Teen Mom 2.
    I hate Adrianna on the show... Im sorry! I didn't like Kristy at all either, but Adrianna made me cringe.. a lot!


  7. That burger looks ridiculously good. Thanks for that... im trying to diet... :) hehe

  8. Sonic is opening like a minute from my house! I'm so excited, never been! I'm glad you chose #2 and they are comfy! Love your new nude heels too! That turkey burger looks AH-MAZINGGG!! I love avocado too!!! You may have inspired me to make them now!! Happy Wednesday! XOXO

  9. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi!

    Love your list! Sonic does make the BEST drinks, for sure! Feta burgers are ahh-mazing, and yes, great heels!

    Hope you're having a fabulous day!

  10. oh heck yeah - i totally picked option 2. good choice! seriously - does everyone in the blog world know how to cook? i'm going to get voted off the blog world - i just know it!

  11. Uh, bleu cheese does NOT taste like vom.

    And hello, you have you had Sonic in your life w/o the diet cherry. That's the only way to go, and for happy hour. Makes four days in a row a bit easier on the budget!

  12. Ok, the first two items on your list are making me hungry. I HAVE to try that bleu cheese burger. I love Bethenny's recipes, and that looks so yummy. Your new shoes are soooo cute! Nude heels are my favorite-they seriously make the legs look so elongated and sexy!

    California Pretty

  13. I'm so scared to try anything new because I'm such a picky eater, but I may have to make myself try a turkey burger. Those look so good!

  14. I'll have to try that burger. I LOVE Bethenny's recipies!

  15. Haha. I love your humor. How long does it take to write your blogs?

    A couple things. I LOVE the nude heels!! And even though I voted for the more neutral black heels, those look great!

    I am drooling over Ravens burgers, but we should give credit where it is due-her sister Boobie actually made them, and they got the recipe from the Goddess, Bethenney Frankel.

    As for the Real Housewives, I'm so sad that I wasn’t a fan of Miami. I heard they're not coming back. Oh well... NYC tonight!!!

  16. Im so glad you emailed me!! Your blog is adorable as are you!!

    Newest follower!

    Good luck with your project and I look forward to reading along!

  17. I am loving those new nude heels! And the price...such a steal!!

  18. Thanks for playing along!

    Your new shoes are too cute!