Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up and Birthday Bounty

Well, hello bargainistas!  How are y'all on this lovely Tuesday?  Are you ready for a photo filled post?  I hope so, because here we go. 

As most of you probably know by now, I babysit that little neph of mine every Saturday. One of my favorite things to do with him is make him a special breakfast Saturday morning before we head off to gymnastics class.   Aww, Aunt of the Year ... I know.  Just kidding.

Normally we make blueberry waffles and turkey bacon, but I wanted to mix things up a bit. I remembered my Mom used to make canned buttermilk biscuit donuts for my brother growing up, and since Reese will slice you over anything sweet, I thought he'd really go for some homemade Cinnamon and sugar donuts.

They are super easy to make and the kiddos can even help with steps 1, 4 and 5.  If you have them assist with step 2, I will call CPS on yo ass.

That was fun, huh? 

Saturday night I attended a couples baby shower for my dear friend Megan and her hubs.  She barely even looks pregnant and she's 7 months along. Not fair. I'm going to be a Beluga whale.  Oh wait, I already am.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the shower, which was a lot of fun. 

We're throwing her a "B is for Baby" girls only baby shower this weekend. Pics to follow. I love party planning.  I totally should have been a party planner. Maybe in my second life.

Speaking of parties,  below is some of the Birthday Bounty I scored from my friends and family.  I love, love it all. Thank you to every single one of you, I am so blessed!
1. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy - Used bday money and bought it at Juicy Outlet & got an additional 30% off during a sale
2. Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug from Stef
3. Camel colored purse from Charming Charlie from my bestie Patty. She told me current purse was looking haggard.
4. Texas Tech (my Alma Mater) hand painted wine glass and tank from Patty. LOVE!
1. Gorge Multi-color Chandelier Earrings from Beth. Ask her where she got them if you likey.
2. South Carolina wine glass and Woozie from Beth, too!
I have wanted a Woozie forever and love having a piece of SC in my Texas my home.
3. Bath & Body Works bedazzled PocketBac holder for my purse.  Get one, they have the cutest covers right now.
4. A "Life is Better with a Cat" magnet from who else, but Beth. Great addition to my fridge!
Photo book made with love from my BFF Liz & her hubs Drew. We went on an amazeballs cruise a few years ago. We're still talking about it to this day.  This photo book was so thoughtful and a great way to cherish the memories.
Went shopping with some of my birthday money. Scored this dress at Charlotte Russe on Clearance for $19.99. I plan on wearing to the baby shower I'm hosting this Saturday. I love the pattern and the details on it!
Again, did some more shopping with my birthday bones. Got all 4 of these items from NY & Co for only $100 total thanks to a coupon and current promotions.

Blue Roll-sleeved Tunic - $42.99
Tiered Multicolored Top - $29.95
Flared Midnight Wash Jeans - $49.95
(Buy one get one 50% off)
The 7th Avenue Flare Black Pants - $49.95
(Buy one get one 50% off)
I still have a few more gift cards to spend, but I'm not sure what I need in my life right this moment.  I am really obsessing over Fall fashion right now, so maybe I'll get some basics that will last well into Winter.  We shall see.  Unless you have some better ideas?  I'm all ears.  

p.s. Have you voted today?  I promise you, it takes ONE second. SWEAR.  Click the button below please:
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  1. Seriously aunt of the year Blondie!
    I need to be more like you. The donuts look super yum. I am more of the, do you want cereal?/take out type of aunt. I know, I know...

    I have been eyeing that perfume what seems like forever. Why are perfumes so damn much? Grrr! What's a woozie? Cats scare me, um yeah. The first photo from the photobook looks like a shot from a TV show, when they do the opening credits. (BTW, did you know they are remaking Dallas?) The CR dress, freakin' cute. Love the print. The NY&Co clothes look like Express clothes. & voted! Goodluck!

    xo SARMIN

  2. Love this post. My mom and I were playfully arguing earlier this week about how they made the donuts at soccer games when we were little. She said biscuits, I said no. She'll be happy to see this post!!

  3. LOVE all your birthday gifts and purchases! I love the Charlotte Russe dress! So pretty!

    Reese is adorable! I love all the fun things you do together on Saturdays!

  4. It seems as though you left out a very important part of your donut making? AHEM. burnt nip my ass.

    I am beginning to think you made the whole thing up... and that it really WAS an injury from another source.

    Also, look at you woozie-fied! Now we can match on our bloggy cruise, which I am now ALL OF CONVINCED we are taking. Perhaps over new years?? just sayin, that would be BAD ASS. Can you even BEGIN to imagine?

    oh heavens that means we gotta get skinny... like yesterday.

    PS my jenny breakfast included pancakes, sausage, and a banana. I am living life currently. And at 10 I get a snack. Maybe I should change my blog to confessions of a FATTY.

    heart heart.
    PLL the ONLY

  5. why didn't you make me a special breakfast saturday morning when i was in dallas? i would have eaten all those donuts! they look so good.

    thanks for the shout-out and i'm glad you liked your gifts! :)

    p.s. don't forget to check your mail this week. ;)

  6. I LOVE the donuts! That's how we make them in our house. They're so much better homemade than they are buying them. :)

  7. The donuts look gooood! I love all the stuff you got for you birthday! So cute. Looove the dress you got at Charlotte Russe.

  8. Um, Ok.

    1.) I want a damn donut already.

    2.) I want those earrings that Beth gave you. They are fab.

    3.) Love the baby shower dress. Love.

    4.) THAT SAME Anthro mug is on my list for when in Dallas. I am too cheap to pay $5 to ship it ...

    Gooooooood GAWD you scored on your b-day!

  9. Awe! Auntie of the year! Such a cute post! Happy Belated Bday! I am a newer reader, so just wanted to drop a line & say hey, that I love your blog! Hilarious :)


  10. That is the best way to make biscuits! I wish I had one right now.

    Love the dress you got for the baby shower!

  11. You scored!! On the bday gifts and the shopping. Nice!

  12. just voted girlfrand! ps-what do you win?! They better give you some kind of cool sash to wear around town...jus' sayin'..

  13. I can't have you be the aunt of the year ... because I am ... we could share the title if that is OK with you, hehe.

    You got such great gifts ... you lucky gal!! :)

    Voted again!

  14. my computer froze from voting but i damn well re-started and re-loaded and re-voted!! :-D you deserve it obvi

    ok LOVE that juicy couture perfume...i wear that everyday!

    u really are Aunt of the Year! you are so sweet to him he is going to be brought up so well :-D

    you are not a beluga whale!

    and im also loving those BB antibacterial soap holder...loooooooove mine!


  15. i LOVED this post lindsey! you made out like a bandit on your birthday girl!! goin to vote for you now girlfraaand!

  16. oooh such pretty stuff! good luck on the contest, i'm voting now!

  17. ugh i hate when pregnant people are skinnier than me. so depressing (thanks alot megan!).

    i miss ny&co :(

  18. Um, I NEED some of those donuts in my life, like RIGHT NOW! Delicious! Looks like you got some great b-day gifts there, girlie! Going to vote for you now for the DFW Blogger!

  19. 1. Donuts = YUM!! What a fun treat!
    2. You are NOT a beluga whale!!!
    3. Awesome birthday gifts!!

  20. What a fun post, you have so many cute pics and I can't believe you made the donut holes with your nephew, that's so cute and the baby shower looks like a lot of fun. she got a lot. Cute cruise pics too


  21. I wear a SC Palmetto tree necklace everyday around my neck. I love me some SC and I love bringing it to Texas! Plus my man's family lives there and they are just too cute for words!