Friday, August 5, 2011

Confession Session: Yes biz, you're crazy!

TGIF Bs.  I have a semi-fuzzy head from one too many of my Crystal Light Skinny Girl Margaritas last night.  And by the way, I finally perfected the recipe.  Try it out this weekend, it'll be yum in your tum. Promise.
  • 3 shots Crystal Light Margarita
  • 1 shot clear tequila
  • generous splash of cointreau
  • squeeze of fresh lemon or lime

All right, now on to more important things.  Like a confession session. Before I confess though, let's discuss.  HOW EFFING CRAZY this woman is.  SHE EATS HER DEAD HUSBAND'S ASHES.  I can't.

I confess that I've seen a lot of crazy things in my day, but this one takes the cake. Yes honey, you're crazy and you need be to committed to a mental institution immediately. I only have one question for her, what are you going to do when those ashes are gone?  Oh and how many Weight Watchers Points do you those ashes are?  Too much? K, moving on before I vom ...

I confess that I'm ridiculously obsessed & fascinated with gypsies and my life mission is to meet a real life one to interview.  Thank you TLC's My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for introducing me to the elegant Irish Travellers.   Coincidence or fate that the 2nd largest U.S. gypsy community is right outside Dallas?  Obviously fate.
I confess that I have a HUGE pile of clean clothes wadded up on my bedroom floor.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Paging Niecy Nash
I confess that I know what Hell must feel like.  I'm pretty sure I get third degree burns on my hands every single time I open my car door or touch my steering wheel after it's been sitting in my work parking lot all day.  We get it sun, you're trying to kill Texans.  Today is Dallas' 35th day in a row over 100 degrees.  Yep, it's a scorcher.  I feel ya pup:
I confess that I want more questions for Beth and I's joint vlog.  It's my birthday wish! Come on y'all ... make this bargain blonde's dreams come true.  Ask me anything you want by commenting HERE.

That's it for now, over and out!   What do you confess?

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  1. "kill Texans" .... LMAO

    Um. I have zero questions for you. I'm sorry. I'm lame. Oh wait. I'm just hungover. I'll attempt those CL Ritas soon ... when this one wears off.

  2. OOOOOO MYYYYY GODDDD. I literally cannot think of anything else to say but EW about those ashes! holy crap

    y'all are making the news up here in Boston with your scorching temps! that must be AWFUL!! praying you guys get some rain and SOON! im coming to TEXASSS in september i hope its not still that hot or else my hair will be a frizz ball!

    i confess that im watching nick and vanessa's wedding for a second time in a week

    i will be making this skinny girl marg this weekend and reporting back to the BB on how yummy it is!

    xoxox have a fab weekend pretty lil thangg!

  3. OH EM GEEE eurggh she eats her oh god i can't even write it! yuck yuck yuck

  4. I agree it is like living on the surface of the sun... tooo hot!
    And that lady is disgusting...

    I gave you an award because you're just that awesome!

  5. I'll bet those were his exact burial wishes too: being eaten by my wife. ugh.

  6. I was totally gonna make a comment about the fat content in those ashes but I bit my tongue;) Thank you for saying something!! haha! I have a giant pile on my floor of clothes too! But there are three piiles, one for me, one for the babe and one for the hubs... ugg! At least it's clean!

  7. AHAHAHA! That CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZAY lady! Havent watched that show yet, but it currently sitting on in my tivo ready to be watched. Im sure I will be bbm'ing you while I watch.

    HAHAHA I ALWAYS have huge piles of clean laundry on the floor. And then my kids trample all over it and the dog lays on it and spiders make their home in it and then I have to wash them again, and then the whole cycle starts over again.

    35th day in a row over 100 degrees. EEK.

    I confess that I love you. but you already knew that.

    oh, I also confess that i Have a 6th toe.

  8. WHATTTTTT is that lady's problem?!?!? That show is ridiculous. My brother laughs at the one where the guy has a mannequin as a but this one is NUTS!! Also, the Gypsy show is hilarious.

    Happy Friday!

  9. Okay, first.. she ate his ashes? EW.

    And I love the puppy picture!

  10. I am fascinated by the Irish Travelers as well! They are so over the top, like Carson Kressly ; )

  11. Girl I feel you on this Texas heat! I do not even want to step outside. The new sno-cone shop down the street from my house has been my favorite place this summer!

    And gross on the ashes thing! I saw the commercial for that episode and just about fell over!

    Love your blog!

  12. Holy shiz-- that woman eats her husband's ashes??? That's so disguisting. I just can't stand it.

  13. That gypsy show is so weird! It makes me sad how the boys hit the girls but I am addicted! I cant turn my eyes away

  14. crystal lite margaritas.. where I have I been hiding?? ...:: runs to grocery store to buy them ::...

    ps. love your blog!!

  15. I confess I now want to watch this sick obsession show. Kind of like how I started watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding after you wrote about it.

    I also confess that when I first saw that picture of the pile of clothes, I thought it was actually your pile. I was relieved to see the little "via" underneath :) Haha, hope you have a great weekend and that those temps finally start to cool down!! I'm coming to find you on Facebook now. Creepy?

  16. I can't stop watching My Strange Addiction, no matter how deranged some of the people tend to be. I also am guilty of the giant pile of clothes. There is no excuse for me, I'm just shameless :) Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  17. I can tell you are from Texas from your margarita recipe. Every good Texan knows the secret to a good margarita is Cointreau. When I have margarita's in NYC I always ask them to add a little Cointreau. I can't tell you how many times my NYC friends have called to ask,
    "What did you tell them to put in the margarita's" Hope you are staying cool!

  18. I confess that I REALLY want to watch that TLC clip, but I don't like watching fat people on TV.

    Yep, I'm going to hell.

  19. just came across your blog :) seriously so cute! omg i love the confess and wanting to watch TLC...gah! def a new follower here!

  20. I confess that I was reading your confessions on my Blackberry while on vacation and I completely walked past my hotel room and had to double back... and I felt like a dummy because a high school baseball team staying at the hotel saw me do it...

  21. AHHH! When I saw the commercial for this I just about died- I screamed and grabbed my boyfriends arm so hard I think he still has an imprint... You have to be effing kidding me with this. Ashes? I'm done.

  22. are you serious?! she eats his ashes?! i can't watch because i am afraid that i would vomit ... so gross!

    really sad that you posted that yummy drink because now it doesn't sound that delish, haha.

  23. You WOULD write about the lady eating her husband's ashes. I personally don't see anything wrong with it...seems a bit normal to me?

    I confess that yet again I sit here unshowered wondering how I am going to fit all the exciting activities I have planned today in. Those activities include doing laundry (because I have no clothes anymore), washing dishes, and yea...that is about it.

    I also confess that if a bar were open right now (they like seriously don't open until 5pm) I would go have a drink. Solo.

    I confess that I just dumped out half a liter of sprite so I could earn money to recycle the bottle.

    I confess that I am on a tourist visa right now and went I went to immigration people the other day to start my study visa paperwork they told me I had to apply from within US. Does this mean I might get deported?

    That is it... :)

  24. OMG, OMG, OMG!

  25. OMG what a weirdo! I can't believe she eats his ashes! WOW!

    The dog on ice is adorable!

    I seriously need to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding! I love reality tv and all the trash! HAHA

  26. Wow, this world is full of weirdos.
    Great post!