Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Shenans

I woke up last Friday on my birthday to this melt your heart sight.  My sweet nephew came over to sing me Happy Birthday on his guitar.  He even brought me his Chuck-E-Cheese birthday crown and said I could borrow it for the day.  It was adorable beyond words.

After I got serenaded, I picked Beth up from the airport and we headed straight to lunch with my friend Chris for a few drinks and some deelish food. 
The place we took her was def a hole in the wall, but the food is really good!
After lunch, we made a pit stop at the liquor store, came home for a short nap and then got ready for my birthday dinner!  My friend Patty and her boyf cabbed it with us on the way to Uptown for dinner:

Dinner was great, my friends surprised me with a cookie cake that said "Princess Lindsey" on it for some reason. I've still yet to hear the story on this one, but apparently there is a story behind this!

I took no pics so I had to steal these from Facebook. Some shots from dinner:

After dinner we went to a bar in Uptown Dallas called Katy Trail Ice House. It's really laid back, which is why I love it so much.

The second night out Beth and I met our prince charming.  A truly elegant gentleman. Wouldn't you agree?
Obviously Beth and I were too enamoured with each other to remember to take photos. We promise to make-up for it in NOLA.  We know we failed majorly.  Please forgive us.

So this basically concludes the birthday weekend other than the fact we made several other trips to restaurants, took a few much needed naps and the police may or may not have showed up Friday night at my apartment for my late night shenans when I pretended to be a "giraffe". Y'all don't want to hear that though right??

I'll be doing a separate post showing all of you my birthday goodies!  I got some really cute and fun stuff. My friends and family did TOO much for lil ole' me, but I'm not complaining.

Happy Friday, I've been 27 for officially a week. Man, I'm old. 
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  1. Ha, been 24 for a week now, & it sucks! I like how we have almost the same birthday. Your birthday, deff alot better then mine. I never had cookie cake, I want one now. & Prince Charming, yeah no comment.

    I need to work on present post, um yeah.

    Have a good weekend Blondie!

    xo SARMIN

  2. omg. how cute is your nephew. loved this. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my Fash Fave and Fash Fail for the week and see pictures from my Rachel Zoe encounter. xoxo

  3. the pictures are not complete? i wanna see you wearing the chuckecheese crown!!! c'monnnnn!!!

    but either way it looks like yall had a blast! i could use a weekend like that here :)

  4. Oh my goodness your nephew is precious! What a sweetheart! I am so happy that you had such a great birthday! You rock Princess Lindsey :)

  5. that picture with our prince charming made me LOL-IRL. i wish his whole outfit would have made it the photo. madris patterned shorts from WSP and red chucks. ahhhhh.

    and forgot the part about our many trips to the bathroom. :) is that too much for blogger?

  6. Hi!! first- thanks so much for following my blog. I think we need to be friends since Katy Trail Ice house is one of my faves and bc you are blonde so ovbs...! Love your blog and can't wait to pass it around to all my friends and fellow blondes.

  7. glad you had a fun birthday weekend!
    that guy totally looks like michael bolton.

  8. Looks like a great birthday celebration!

    Your nephew is absolutely adorable!!

    You and Beth are going to have a great time in Nola!! Where is your vlog??!

  9. The nerve of you two stealing my boyfriend and having a photo session with him.


    :) You too are gorgeous :)

  10. You look gorgeous in these pics! I'm jealous of your makeup skills.
    And the new bf? I don't think I even ave words for that.

  11. Your nephew is too cute! How sweet was that. Looks like you had a blast. Yall are gorgeous!

  12. Chris? CYoung? Of COURSE he joined you for some day drinking .... some things (I mean folks) never change. I would've joined ya too! Give me a rain check cuz I'll be there soon!

    OMG - LMAO at that dude. Holy Moly.

  13. PS - that pic/story of your neph is beyond adorb. OMG #ladykilleralready

  14. Look at you workin that POOF girlfriend!!! lookin faboo. xoxox

  15. you are gorg. seriously. I want your hair. and I most DEFINITELY want that man who is missing his front tooth. I long hair on guys.

  16. I've been 28 for two weeks, I'm really old!! Lol

    Great pics! You all look so adorable! Glad you had a blast :)

  17. Looks like a fun weekend! I am wanting fish tacos and beers right now!! I am looking forward to my bday coming up soon! (I don't think I can really say soon since it's still more than a month away) But I'll be the big 2-7 too! Ugh.

  18. What a fun time! I've got to check out that oyster bar!

  19. Oh my blog is wonderful! newest follower! =)

  20. Girl, you are SO gorgeous! Dallas looks like a total blast! Seriously, how have I not been there yet? Anyway, glad to hear your birthday weekend was awesome! Can't wait to see what you got :)

  21. Your nephew is just way too sweet! I think it's great that you make so much time for him and are so involved in his life. That will really mean a lot to him.

    Love your birthday pics! Sounds like you had a great one! I'm right behind ya...I'll be 27 in exactly a week :)

  22. looks like a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday! glad you were spoiled by your fams!!!

  23. Here from Hannah's Lovely Mess blog - looks like you had an awesome birthday!

  24. Happy Belated Birthday!

    And oh my your new boyfriend sure is sexy ;)

  25. Happy 27th Birthday!!!! My 27th is friday....gawrsh. That does sound old. Looks like you had a fabulous time celebrating! :)

  26. a - reesey is so adorbs!

    b-i have been waiting FOREVER for this post! did ya'll love each other just as much in person :) i'm sure the answer is heck yeah!

    c - yes, you're going to have to step it up on pics in nola. wait, what's going on in nola?

    d-cookie cake - yuummm!

    e-did ya'll do the vlog?