Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I linked up with Jamie and posted a WILW, and I don't like it one bit. After a little hiatus, I’m back to share what I’m loving this week.

1. I am loving that I survived the tornadoes that touched down in Dallas last week. It’s a bit daunting when your TV goes out and all you hear are emergency weather sirens blasting outside.

It was touch and go there for a while, so I had to hide in my bathtub and sip on some Skinnygirl to calm my nerves. If that tornado was going to take me out, I was going to at least get a buzz. 
I recorded a Vlog while I was bored and hiding out in the tub, so I'll have to post it once I figure out how to upload it
2. I am loving the recent coupons and sales at New York & Company. I got 3 shirts and a brown linen pencil skirt for work for less than $60 this week. I never shopped at NY&Co until recently because I was mistakenly under the assumption they had fug, out of style clothes.  Beth still refuses to shop there.  Maybe this will convince her to go.
Sign up for NY&Co coupons on the bottom of the home page of their Web site.
3. I know this is old news, but I am loving Blake and Miranda's wedding and now I want to get married where they got married (in my Grandma's town btw)! I thought everything about their day was so down-to-earth and perfect for them. I especially loved Miranda's short Priscilla of Boston reception dress and white cowboy boots. Don't you die? 
4. I am loving that after almost 6 months to the day, I'm finally getting my hair trimmed tomorrow.  I used to have major meltdowns after getting my hair cut until I found my current fab hair stylist over 4 years ago.  We're talking I'd cry in the chair, cry all the way home, lock myself in my room and refuse to take phone call meltdowns.  When it comes to my hair, I don't play.  

I can't wait to get it cut and styled.  My hair is way too long and a hot ragged mess right now.  My hurr on NYE the very last time I got it cut.  Please excuse my creeper look, I'm not really sure what face I'm making here:

5. I am loving that my nephew refused to take his batman mask off for Church on Sunday. I love even more that he was talking in third person to his Mom that whole day. "Mom, Batman wants gum."  Seriously, could he be more perfect?
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  1. bahaha love that you are drinking skinny girl while a twister is outside! Hilarious!

  2. glad that your ok and I love that your drinking in the tub! hahah

  3. The picture of you in the tub with the skinny girl bottle is hysterical. Love it. Glad you are OK! :)

  4. there is a tornado watch right now for massachusetts! give me your bathtub skills with a cubicle twist..(aka if a tornado hits I will still be at work yikees)

    your little nephew is adorable. kids are literally the cutest

    i also need a haircut to get rid of my mess that i call HAIR. and when the humidity hits? FA-GET-ABOUT IT! My hair will be on its own planet


  5. 1. I am loving that as you were on your deathbed in a tub you thought about us enough to record a vlog. Touching.

    2. I am loving that I do nothing all day at my job, but still can't find the time to read blogs ('cept yours because you're special).

    3. I am loving that today, on 6/1, I discovered GChat thanks to you.

    4. I am loving Taco Cabana. And no I haven't eaten at your SA joint. :(

    5. I am loving that I am sitting at my desk with my jeans unbuttoned (and half unzipped) because my fatass had Mexican today, again.

    6. I am loving that someone at my job just told me someone else in our office is a "dumass". I'm still trying to figure out if they meant dumbass.

    7. I am loving that I didn't shower today because I couldn't grace myself out of bed. Or I should say "off the couch" because that is where I sleep currently. Grosssssss. Thank you Dark Kiss for covering up my stench.

    8. I am loving that I just found out a package came to my door during lunch and I have NO idea what it is. Which means I probably online shopped on my phone as I was drunk (by myself) at my apartment with nothing in it last Friday.

    9. I am loving that a co-worker just asked me if I was excited to move to Helsinki? Ok.

    10. And I am lovinggggg that it is almost the end of my day (even though you have another hour haha).

  6. 1. i feel that i need to stock my fridge at all times with booze until tornado season is over.

    2. since knowing you and helping my bff sarah pick out a complete outfit from head to toe (literally) from NY & Co I realize that have regular sizes and non-fug attire. i mean sarah is a size 0 afterall. whenever i make a purchase from there, you'll be the first to know. per the usual.

    3. even though i despise country "music", Miranda Lambert is my favorite country gal. now, i won't be caught dead wearing cowboy boots at my wedding but it fits her. i mean blake did wear jeans..let's be real.

    4. you look one if i was a dude i would bang you. too much?

    5. the "neph" is super cute! he's gonna be a major heartbreaker.

  7. I love reading your blog posts! Your personality shines through and just makes me laugh :) Love the pic of your nephew!! hahah
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  8. that picture of you cracks me up!!! love love miranda..obvs..duh!

  9. I love the picture of you in the tub with your Skinnygirl!! Betheney would be proud!! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!!

  10. What an adorable little Batman!

    I didn't know pictures had been released from Blake and Miranda's wedding! Where have I been? Must go Google immediately!

  11. Hahaha! I just found your blog and am loving it! I love that you were drinking in the tub during the tornados! I love Miranda and can't believe I haven't seen any pictures until now, the dress and boots are too cute!! Your hair looks fab. I'm definitely your newest follower :)

  12. I got married in the same town as Blake & Miranda! Different ranch though. Small world!

    Your nephew is adorable!!

  13. what you didn't wanna post the pic where us twitter girls thought youz was nekkids? LOL

    batman is adorbs...

    and i can't wait to see the vlog. i still need to rewatch the hair curling one dammit.

  14. lmao, why is it that we feel natural disasters deserve some kind of celebration (hence the skinny girl?) I just posted about it being the first day of Hurricane season for us south floridians and now all i can think about is the hurricane parties we have hehe. (possibly even a vlog if this does happen lol)

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  15. ummm i'm literally dying with impatience now over this bathtub, vodka vlog....please hurry and post that shiz!

  16. Glad you survived the tornadoes and had a little bit of fun doing it!
    And how adorable is your nephew, love it!

  17. Thanks for playing along!

    Your little nephew with his Batman mask reminds me of this little boy we saw tonight wearing his Buzz Lightyear was so cute!

  18. Hahaha love the 'Batman goes to church' story ;)

    And all these tornadoes and storms... crazy!


  19. Love the Batman mask story! And I also loved Miranda's wedding style. So cute... I kinda picture Jessica Simpson doing it that way this time around... Who knows!

  20. Ummmm, I need that ruffley NY&C tank. Yes please!

    But the white dress and boots combo? No thanks!

  21. SO GLAD you survived the tornadoes, I dont know what I would do without you.

    I MUST SEE THIS VLOG. No really. I must. REALLY

    love NY&co. wish we had one here. boo for me :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my man Blake and Mirandas wedding! LOVE the cowboy boots! that would SO be my next down home wedding.

    I LOVE YOU you are a beauty. with long luscious waves. a beauty. a beautiful gorgeous son of a gun.

    little Reesey just steals my heart. LOVE that he went like that to church. badass at church, my kinda boy :)

  22. You're right; Miranda looks ADORABLE. Almost as adorable as the pic of you in the tub with the skinnygirl. HA! I still haven't tried that . . . what on earth??

    My sis wore a Priscilla of Boston dress at her wedding . . . pretty!

  23. hihi, your nephew is so cute!
    And I totally understand you about your hair, I am totally the same :D

  24. hahahah wow I love little kids. Guess that means I have to have one.

    oH and you look all hot and sassy in that pic! good thing you won't be ruining your purty face and make-up with tears this hair cut trip. That's intense Lindsey... I'd bring you ice cream to help ease the trauma! ; )

    Oh and that wedding seemed like it was SO much about them and 0 about hollywood and being famous. LOVE LOVE LOVE


  25. "If that tornado was going to take me out, I was going to at least get a buzz."

    you are a girl after my own heart. :)

  26. I'm so glad Betheny F. kept you preoccupied during the twisters!

    And um, I signed up for NY&Co emails and didn't get any 40 off coupons. Um, wth? I still need some of those neutral tanks.

    OMG - your neph. Wow, he has grown so much! What a lil' character!

  27. Hello! I'm your newest follower thanks to Sweet Bef - after all, she did have your blog on her computer screen in her bedroom photos in her post your blog must be awesome! :)

  28. I LOVED the short dress and cowboy boots for the receiption. I think she is just perfect and loved the fact that Blake wore jeans for the wedding. I really thought it was a great personal touch and made everything so much more special and personal... and the fact that Marienda was wearing her mothers wedding dress. I LOVE IT. they really did make the day personal rather then all about the money they had and how big of celebraties they are. :-)

    love you

  29. Lol That's so funny your nephew wore his Batman mask to church!