Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home Tour Week 3: Living Room!
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It's Week 3 of my "Home Tour" series, and this week I'm featuring my living room, which is where I spend the majority of my time lounging and being a certified bum.

When I got the keys to my first apartment after I graduated (Umm, just realized that was almost 5 years ago ... barf.), I basically owned nothing because all of the apartments I lived in during college were fully furnished.  I had my clothes and bedding, but I didn't even have a bed.  It was a pitiful sight.

I had to be extremely patient because I'm the kind of person that when I want something done I want it done yesterday.  I still haven't done everything I've wanted to do with my place, but I've gotten as far as I have by furnishing and decorating ONE piece at a time.

My one decorating goal has always been to make my apt cozy and "homey".  I hope I've somewhat accomplished my goal.  You'll have to let me know what you think:

[FYI] I've had a few comments about my curtains and the window.  I know it's hard to tell from the pic, but the top of the window is supposed to be showing.  Their are 2 "French Doors" that my curtains cover and then above the doors are the uncovered windows meant to let light in.  Make sense?

I literally just finished this project Sunday afternoon and will post an entire blog about it later this week. 
I'm obsessed with how it turned out!
The lamp, mirror and vases are all from Kirklands. 
To the right of the hallway is my bathroom and to the left is my guest room/office and my bedroom.
A little unknown fact about me: I was editor-in-chief of my university's yearbook my junior and senior year.  Hence, why I have them displayed.  They are my little pride and joys, and I totally don't blame you for being jealous.
There you have it, now you've creeped my living room.  Next week you can show us your guest room, office or both (mine are the same room).

If you want everyone to creep your living room too, link up below:

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  1. I LOVE it! It reminds me of our last apartment, literally, even the colors you decorated with. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that wall decor, can't wait for the post on how you did it. I might have to add something like that to our naked bedroom walls. :-D

  2. love it!! and your shelving project looks awesome!!

  3. A grown up living room, I likes I likes! Great job on your shelf, I totally wanna do one now for my bedroom. I need to see your post 1st...Don't you love hat boxes? I have tons, store my bangles, & alil' purses. Love the big "L", I want one of those, but of course a "S". A month ago I was at Kirklands, saw your/simlair type of vases, I was like, I bet she got them from here. & yay about being the editor in chief of your yearbook. I was for HS's newspaper my senior year. I totally have my newspaper displayed in my office room.

    xo $ARMIN

  4. 5 years slips by pretty quick, huh?

    I love your living room - it looks so inviting and comfortable. The red was a good accent color choice too.

    I see you mounted your curtain rod lower on the window. Was that to allow natural light in and still have privacy? I haven't seen that before - very unique

  5. ummm can I move in?! haha i love your living room! definitely very homey, but sophisticated!

  6. LOVE your living room! Definitely looks homey and cozy!

  7. Your apartment is decorated so well!! It would be a shame for me to post my living room :/ "Um, here's the couch and the TV and... that's about it!" haha Ok, I have a little more than that but as for decorations... not my forte. lol Maybe I should follow this "home tour" series so people can give me pointers! lol

  8. love your living def gives off the "cozy" vibe and i can't wait to be lazy on that couch with you in 2 months! that why you were so adament (sp?) about getting those shelves up and ready...b/c you had to do this post. don't lie to me. i know it's true.

    i will not be participating in this link up b/c i hate our living room. it was decorated by my roommate pre-me moving in so i don't enjoy it.

    p.s. i love that you used the word "gifted" it made me smile.

  9. Looks great girl! I have been wanting to do a shelf project like you did, Miss Kristen did one awhile back and I fell in LOVE. Looks fab sweetness!

  10. So cute!! Love your shelves with pictures! :)

  11. i have the SAME end tables in my living room! Ikea rocks! hahaha...

    Love your living room, it looks VERY comfy/cozy/homey...

    The shelf thing is awesome! Definitely a great idea (one i might steal once i move in with G and redecorate! hehehe)

  12. K I love your little place!! The shelves turned out SO cute! And yes, I would def say your place has a cozy feel to it. I mean, I want to jump on that couch and take a nap right now!

  13. The shelves look beautiful! Good job girl!! And I love your color scheme! Such a beautiful living room- and what a good auntie- toys for your nephew !!:)

  14. Yayyy! Such a nice and pretty living room! You apartment is so well put together girl!!!

    Actually before I went to bed (at 9pm because I'm a loser) last night...I took a few photos of my living room to link up with. I was gonna show off how bare the room was with the move., i attempted to upload them and what do ya know?!! You can see pee-stains from my dog (he was potty trained there) alllllll over my carpet. EMBARRRRRASSSSING. Ohhhh if only my eyes could see what my camera can.

    Anyhoo...I look forward to seeing next weeks :-) <3

  15. that crown modling is to die for, and i love the shelfs on the wall. the only thing i would change is to raise the curtains. I think it looks kinda funny with the window showing at the top.

  16. It's so cozy! I love your clock from Target and not just because it's from Target ; )

  17. Your shelving project came out awesome. Well done.

  18. Ohhh I love the shelves by your front door! I can't wait to see more about that project. Your home feels so cozy and warm.

  19. Love your living room! :) It is definitely cozy. I also am IN LOVE with your shelvf collage! Well done!

    I have one suggestion for you. :) Add some greenery! A fake or real plant would be the perfect touch. I think it would look great in the corner by the curtains/left of the TV.

  20. I love that our names both start with L. I see you have a little monogrammed L on your stand in the entry way, I have one that's similar. And is the silver one from Kohl's? I almost bought one just like that but I didn't think I'd have anywhere to put it. I feel like I need more stands now - you've inspired me!

    Love your place =)

  21. Nerdy question-- how do you all write on the pics??

  22. I'm your newest follower and I must say that I LOVE your place!

  23. Such cute touches. I love your 3 shelves of photos. I really want to do something similar. I totally know the feeling when you want your place to be perfectly put together right away, it's so hard to wait. This room is really great can't wait to see more bits of decor.

  24. Your home is absolutely stunning. I just found you blog and I am adoring it! I am your newest follower!


  25. I linked up this week. LOVE the wall decor and can't wait for the post on it. You have really cute taste.

  26. You definitely achieved the coziness factor. I love your couch and coffee table. You also did a great job with the shelves and the pictures look great too!

  27. how did I not link up?? oh well I did it now :)

    your apt is so homey and cozy! I see myself sitting on the couch right now, sipping my wine and watching some Real Housewives with ya.

    love your just finished project! love it!! and thanks for pointing out the front door. Now that i see your place, I feel like I can picture you where you are and what you are doing when we are bbming. that really helps me :)

    I love your little bar! and I love your apt!

    you know, the editor in chief is usually pretty popular, so, where you Miss popular in school? figures.

    LOVE YOU!!

  28. we have the same color couches! except my living doesnt look anywhere near as comfy as yours :( I love the dark furniture too, Im usually a light wood girl, but lately ive been seeing this charcoal or coffee colored pieces that I just love.

    You new project looks great! I cant wait to decorate my living room with shelves like these!

    Hey and I had a question for you, is there a way to add the little linkup part to my posts? Im kinda new with those things and havent figured out how to do it yet. (i may not even be able to do it, i dunno)

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  29. I can't believe how organized everything in your house is! It's so grown-up! I kinda want to participate in this series, but my house is very . . . eclectic. haha. And with lots of piles of stuff everywhere!

  30. Wow! It looks really nice. I love your curtains and the new project you just completed. You need to come decorate my whole house for me! :)