Monday, June 20, 2011

What the Bargain Blonde did this weekend

It's Monday. Boooo.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, where do the weekends go? 

*Programming note: The "Home Tour: Kitchen edition" will be postponed until tomorrow because I'm afraid my kitchen is currently in no condition to be photographed.  Soooo, get your posts ready and link-up with me tomorrow! 

Friday night I had an eventful evening making the Skinny Taco Dip for a party of one (me, myself and I).  I ate probably half a cup of it and was full.  The rest I have to throw out because apparently it's something you can't save because the lettuce gets soggy.  Awesome.

The next time I make it, I think I'll nix the taco seasoning packet.  I added a layer of fat free refried beans to the bottom for some protein, which was def a good decision.

Saturday morning was my neph's final t-ball game of the season and then there was an end of season party at the coaches' house.  They had pizza, a pinata and trophies for the kids. 

It was so adorable until Reese had a meltdown over balloons right before the team picture.  He wanted to hold 20+ balloons for the picture and his Mom told him just one or two would be enough.  Look at how happy he looks:

That's my boy!

Saturday night we went out for my BFFs Liz and Stefanie's joint bday shin dig.  First we had dinner at this deelish little restaurant just the three of us + Liz's hubs (our personal photographer). 

My dress is from Francesca's, which is currently having a BOGO 50% off on all their full-priced dresses.
Then we met up with all of their closest friends at this new piano bar across the street from dinner.  I am not sure what kind of vodka that bar was serving, but all 3 of us were on our death beds yesterday.  Literally, I'm never drinking again.  It was a horrendous Sunday.

Yesterday, I woke up (from my 5th nap of the day) just in time for the Miss USA pageant.  Excuse me, but Miss Texas should have won.  And I'm not saying that because I'm from Texas.  OK, maybe I am.  But she definitely gave the best response during the interview portion. 

Cali was my second choice, so I'm not completely mad.  But had TN won, there would have been a riot.  First of all, she needs to chill with her hand on her hip.  Secondly, her answer was beyond dumb. 

Rocco DiSpirito - Question: "Recently, a controversial pastor in the United States burned the Quran. Should burning of any religious article be protected by the first amendment, the same way burning the flag is protected?"

Ashley Elizabeth Durham - Answer: "Absolutely not. I know that some people view it as a freedom of speech, however burning the American flag is not patriotic at all. No American citizens should do that and you should also respect other religion. I'm a Christian, I'm a fateful person, I would personally not appreciate someone burning the bible. And that's just a line you do not cross."

Jump to the 1:56 min mark to hear her answer. Really???

And that about sums up my weekend.  I hope y'all had a good one.  Only 4 more days until Friday!
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  1. Sounds like you had a nice but also painful weekend. Hopefully you're feeling better today! :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  2. i wanna make that skinny taco dip for myself. but i will be using the taco seasoning. can't have it without.

    you look h-o-t in your dress, etc. i'm gonna look at "franny's" for a b-day dress for moi. fingers crossed i come out with someone good.

  3. Love your blog! I celebrated my birthday Saturday also with unknown vodkas... Sunday was a mess for a lot of us :)

  4. Yeahhhh. Ashley could've answered better. Well, maybe not Ashley, but someone else from TN could've. Poor representation there.... ha!
    Bless her heart.

  5. I like stupid people.
    Especially when they are way more attractive than me.
    Wow I sound bitter.

    Ok moving on... your dress is adorable as are you... I get hangover WAYY worse now than I used to. I think it's the high numbers that keep becoming attached to my age. RUDE!

    That pic of your nephew is priceless, and I hope he loves it just as much as I do when he's grown up.


  6. 1. (don't you get scared when I start making a list right away???) soon as I see a post titled "What the Bargain Blonde did this weekend"...I immediately laugh and think of all the mess you probably got into. Thank gosh we are FB friends so i do know you were NOT in jail this weekend.

    2. i hate sharing taco dip with others. so good for you for making it for a "party of one".

    3. you and yuor friends are so pretty.

    4. id i had cable tv...ok tv at ALL, i would have watched pageant. but i dont. so i sat on my couch and ate popcorn and ice cream back to back.

    5. that photo of reese is totally worthy of being in the high school yearbook as a dedication to his senior year (do yall do that in TX?). LOL!!!! TOOOO CUTE!~

    have a greatttt day girl! <3

  7. Funnn weekend!

    Yeah if TN would have won...all hell would have broke loose. TX was super cute tho!

    I need to make that taco dip. Sounds amazzzing. However I need to find someone to share it with, because I could pissibly eat it all myself.....

  8. Looks like you had a great weekend!
    You DO have really nice hair =)

  9. I actually went cross-eyed reading Miss TN's response. I was confused watching it last night, but reading it is even worse! haha! Her answer reminded me of Miss Teen SC status from a few years back, that was horrendous!!

    Looks like you had a great weekend! I also partook in skinny Mex dip recently for the Bruins game! It is soo good.

    lamb loves

  10. Okay, so I didn't see the pageant last night (btw, I totally had to scroll up to see how to spell pageant. Me = Dumb!), but I did see "watch what happens" with Andy on Bravo! He had on Guiliana - love her - and Miss California. She was gorg and looked like Ariel slash Poison Ivy. Loved it and love her. Oh, and I'm a Californian so maybe I'm a little biased too, hehe!!

  11. Okay, the picture of the taco dip is making me hungry now, ahh! I had no idea Miss America was on or otherwise I would've watched it but after watching this clip, Miss Texas had, by far, the best answer if you ask me! I'm sure Miss Tennessee was nervous, but I still have no clue what she was trying to say. And I agree about the hand on the hip. Knock it off!

    P.S. You and your ladies are gorgeous in those pics!

  12. We all know this is the pretty pageant ... the on stage questions are just formalities I think. And I'm not hatin on the pretty pageant. I soaked up every glorious minute and felt worse about my own looks for it!

  13. I did not get to watch the pageant:( I just watched the answers and Texas definitely won my vote. Poor Tennessee, she's beautiful but the answer was terrible!!

  14. Oh god I love layered bean dip. I could probably eat an entire tray by myself. You look so cute going out on the town. I am beyond jealous of your hair! I only saw the evening gown portion of the pageant, and thought CA looked like a gorgeous little mermaid. I am a bit biased though!

  15. That taco dip looks so freaking good! I'll have some now, please.

    And your nephew?? Too cute!

  16. I SO thought Miss Texas would win and definitely wasn't expecting her to get 3rd runner up!

  17. um how did my little Gunz get in that tball pic? He would SO be the kid on the right with the sour face because he couldn't have ALL the balloons.

    I tell you all the time but you have hair to die for. And yours is real. Jessica Simpson created mine. Boo. Some girls just have it all.

    Totally didn't watch Miss USA. Was too busy with Miss UNIVERSE aka Miss Spears herself :)

  18. Definitely have to try that taco dip! I love your dress! Looks like a great birthday celebration! Piano bars are so much fun! I love Reese! He's a cutie even with the meltdown ;)

  19. I think it's kind of amusing that three out of the four Miss USA finalists (I'm guessing they're the finalists) were southern ;)