Thursday, January 20, 2011


Oh my.  My plan was to come home from work, take everything out of my closet and organize it all.  In a perfect world I was going to go to bed with a clear mind and closet feeling accomplished.  Well, if you saw my room right now you would think the crew from Hoarders was about to bust in.

Basically I moved all the clutter from my closet and transferred it to my bedroom.  It's just so much I don't know what to do with it all, and there is no way I can finish this in one evening.  Plus, I really have my eye on this Mainstays 4-tiered shoe rack from Wal-Mart (only $17.84) since all my extra shoes that don't fit on my over-the-door hanger are overflowing out of a laundry basket. 

Exhibit A:
If you are wondering what the pink looking moon shoes are, they are vibrating slippers for your feet and they feel very weird.  I think Goodwill may be the lucky recipients of these.

I snapped a few pics on my phone to send my Mom and she seemed pretty horrified, but the pics don't really do the mess justice.  Take a look for yourself:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C: 
Some of my clothes going to Goodwill. See ya!
Exhibit D:

Needless to say, this isn't getting finished tonight and I would guess so since I'm laying here in my heated bed (yes, Santa brought me the heated mattress pad and it's as amazing as I imagined), watching Oprah and typing this post.   Hopefully by Monday I'll have the closet of my dreams (or at least one that doesn't incite anxiety).
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  1. I hate how when cleaning a room it always has to get so much messier first before it gets better! So often I just get completely discouraged and leave it in worse shape than it was before :( Yours doesn't look so bad though, and good job for getting rid of so much of it! Good luck with the rest of the cleaning :)


  2. Oh dear! I've been considering starting a small business on the side organizing closets but you are making me rethink it! haha I am slightly OCD and very gifted when it comes to organization and getting rid of things I don't need! (I don't have many clothes because I constantly give away items I don't wear) I want to go through every piece of clothing I have and try EVERYTHING on and get rid of anything I don't love. Wish me luck!

  3. My room always ends up looking a lot messier when I attempt to clean out the closet. But once it's all done it feels like a great accomplishment... and I can find things in the closet :)

  4. Oh how I wish I could share with my daughter Julie who is a clothes hoarder as well as shoes. Her closet looks just like yours. I love your blogs even though I am in my 60's.