Friday, January 28, 2011

Coming soon: Fitness Friday

We finally made it to Friday, hallelujah.  I was searching for an image for this post when I stumbled across the perfect one above.  It was picture destiny.  At about 1 p.m. I had to throw my hair up in a messy bun just like this and I didn't care that I was at work because it's Friday and I do what I want.

And since it's Friday and "I do what I want", I've made my decision for my goal for the month of February: Fitness. 

As a part of My Happiness Project, each month during 2011, I'll be choosing a goal to focus on and document in order to hold myself accountable and track my progress.  I started a little late in January, but my goal was to organize my closet and Tupperware cabinet.   I promise I haven't forgotten about that goal, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the finished masterpiece (it's not a masterpiece), but my closets and cabinet are much better than they were before and accomplishing this goal actually does, in fact, make me happier.   I promise I'll take and post the pictures before February 1.

Anyway, I know "fitness" is just a word, but what focusing on fitness will mean for me is working out at least 3 times a week and consciously making healthy food choices.   Along with this comes drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily and taking a daily multivitamin.  You see, my pants are busting at the seam don't fit, so it's time to do something about it because I'm not getting any skinnier sitting on my couch watching The Bachelor and drinking wine.  Easter weekend I am in my dear friend Christina's wedding in Scottsdale, AZ, so my goal is to feel fit and fabulous by then.  I've got a little less than 3 months and I think I can do it.

In my "Fitness Friday" post I will write about my progress toward weight loss and since this is a bargain blog, I'll also post about cheap and healthy food options, affordable work-out clothes, tips for exercising on a budget, etc. If you have any inspirational fitness tips, I'd love to hear them in the comment section.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. You can do it Riggs! Three months is a LONG time! :)

    For real though, I prolly told you already but I gained 60 lbs when prego. 30 "fell" off and I was left with the remaining 30. I lost it ALL and then some, in three months. My rules: 1. eat Greek yogurt. It's got lots of protein and if you add a sprinkle of brown sugar it's deelish. 2. eat bananas and almonds - most imp. the almonds. I ate them every day for breakfast. 3. Don't reward yourself with food. Reward yourself with fun things, like every 5 pounds buy something fun like a pair of shoes or a shirt.

    That's my two cents! Good luck and I look forward to these Friday posts!

  2. Ok lady! We're going to need pictures for proof on this organizational masterpiece you speak of!

    And of course you can feel fabulous in 3 months! That's plenty of time :) Just put your mind to it and stick to it! My fiance and I are starting to practice this little thing called "exercise" - (whatever the hell that is! lol It's been so long...)

    Good luck!

  3. You totally can do it. I'm doing C25K and it's been awesome! I downloaded the app on my phone for I think $3.00. It's totally worth it and made runinng fun and attainable. it's a 9 week program so you have plenty of time time! Good luck girl!

    We still need to get together! We can have a salad! Ha!

  4. Thanks for all of your sweet words of encouragement and advice!

    YES KENDALL! Any time, I'm down for a salad and maybe a glass (or 2) of wine. haha!