Monday, June 25, 2012

TenList Giveaway Winner + Weekend Wrap-Up!

Last Wednesday, the $75 Visa Gift Card Giveaway that TenList hosted on The Bargain Blonde closed!  I went out of town Thursday, came back Friday and then went to Ft. Worth Sunday. Life has been so hectic lately, but today I'm finally able to blog again and announce the winner! Congratulations to #259, Katelyn ...

And TenList is so awesome that they upped the card to $100 just because.  Enjoy Katelyn!

Like I mentioned above, I went out of town twice this weekend and both times were for Stella and Dot parties!  

Thursday I went to visit my Aunt who lives about 2 hours west of Dallas in a small town and while there, I had a party with blogger Amy from Tales of Small Town Girl.  She was the tiniest, cutest, sweetest little thing ever! Here are a few pics from my time in the country.

Yummy! My Aunt made veggie omlette, turkey sausage and low carb toast for breakfast. Love me some home cookin!
Saw this sign while antiquing and I'm seriously regretting not buying it for my desk at work.
Downtown Decatur, Texas
The most delicious Club Cobb Salad ever!  Sorry, I'm not sorry but I did eat all that cheese.

I drove back to Dallas Friday evening and stayed in that night.  This Bargain Blonde was tired.  Saturday morning I took Reese to gymnastics, then Bear to the dog park, took a nap and then went over to my bestie Courtney's new house for grilling, pool time and a puppy play date.

Bear taking a dip in the pool
Red wine and fresh watermelon!  
Bear is OBSESSED with the water and he swims laps. It is the cutest thing ever. 

Sunday I headed out west to Ft. Worth for another Stella and Dot party blogger Mrs. Lia Joy from life is aMAYESing hosted for moi!  She had the cutest spread, baked a fabulous cake and even had homemade Sangria for us!
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake (not on the nutrition plan, but so worth the cals)
The bevys!

The food!
If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter, then you've most likely seen me posting pictures about the Tone It Up nutrition plan.  I started the Tone It Up fitness/nutrition program last week and many of you have asked me to share it with you and post recipes to some of the healthy foods I've cooked.  I will be blogging all about it tomorrow, so stay tuned!!  If you have any fitness/nutrition related questions about Tone It Up or want to know what Tone It Up even is, leave me your question in the comments of this post!

Happy Monday!  Make it a good one! XOXO

p.s. Huge thank you to both Amy and Lia Joy for hosting Stella & Dot parties for me!  We have a fabulous hostess rewards program if any of you readers are from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I'd love to throw a show with y'all and get you hundreds in free Stella and Dot.  Just e-mail me!
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  1. OMG Lindsey! You are so amazing! The pictures you take are amazing! The events you go to are amazing! The food you eat is amazing!! Everything you do is amazing! please comment me back! I die for you!


    Hey bish. Glad you had a fab weekend. Sorry my phone is always dead but at least we got to say hello!

    Love ya boo.


  2. Hey Les.

    I want to host a Stella and Dot party. serious. When can we schedule it??

  3. Wine and watermelon....totally craving both now. And that cake looks out-of-this-world delicious -worth every calorie, I'm sure! I'm excited to hear about your Tone It Up routine tomorrow :)

  4. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be ALL OVER the Stella & Dot party thing. I've been coveting so many of their pieces but I cannot justify continuing to buy myself jewelry. I have been really interested in your Tone it Up diet/workout plan (I signed up with them for their summer thing but you can guess how long that lasted), but at the same time, I really want that peanut butter cake & wine. So, where does that leave me? HA!

  5. How fun, I love Dallas, and those cute mason jar cups. SOOOO cute.

    Congrats to the winner

    Happy Monday gorgeous


  6. OMG I love the signs you scored! Amazing...and that food...nom nom nom! I wish we lived closer I would be over ALL THE TIME!

  7. Busy, busy! Talk about everything being bigger in Texas. What a spread at the party. I hope your parties were bigger too!

  8. So yea, I want your weekends. And I want to eat better. But everytime I try ice cream calls me. But maybe your post tomorrow will really motivate me because God knows I need the motivation.

  9. Looks like you had a great weekend lady! That cake Lia made looked amazing! Can't wait to hear about Tone it Up.. I'm very intrigued :) Ps. The other day I froze some watermelon and then put it in the blender and it made an amazing icee concoction! You must try it out!

  10. OMG all that food looks way TOO yummy! Would LOVE the recipe for that cake!! I could eat that whole thing right now! haha

  11. So sorry I missed Lia's party!! The snacks look amazing!! I am ordering from her party tonight so don't close it yet!!

  12. Love those bevys!! And ya, I was definitely looking for ya on Friday when I linked up without ya!! ;)

  13. can you put me in your trunk and just pull me out when it's time to eat? the food in this post is AMAZING!!! seriously, my cold bagel and granola bar are not going to cut it after seeing that cobb salad and lemony dessert awesomeness!

    are you reppin S&D now? so cool!

  14. I swear, you take the best pics. I always end up hungry and wanting to travel after I visit your blog : )

  15. that cobb salad and watermelon looks amazing. reading this has made my hungry.

  16. I was already hungry, but this post just made me REALLY HUNGRY. Off to find food...