Sunday, December 11, 2011

Special Announcement: 12 Days of Blogger Christmas!

What's the best way to count down till Christmas?? With 12 hot bloggers, DUH!  I present to you the 12 Days of Giveaways ....

All of those pretty faces you see above are hosting giveaways for the next 12 days!  Did I mention 12 was my favorite number? Coincidence? I think not. 

Here is how it works: 
  • Runs from December 13 to 24
  • Winners are announced on the next days giveaway! It's a little chain reaction if you will.
  • 12 chances to win!
And guess who is kicking this shindig off on TUESDAY?  Yours truly. BAM.  Here is the line-up, so get your mouses ready. 

First day of Christmas...Tuesday, December 13th:

Second day of Christmas...Wednesday, December 14th:

Third day of Christmas...Thursday, December 15th:

Fourth day of Christmas...Friday, December 16th:

Fifth day of Christmas...Saturday, December 17th:

Sixth day of Christmas...Sunday, December 18th:

Seventh day of Christmas...Monday, December 19th:

Eighth day of Christmas...Tuesday, December 20th:
Stephanie and Such

Ninth day of Christmas...Wednesday, December 21st:

Tenth day of Christmas...Thursday, December 22nd:

Eleventh day of Christmas...Friday, December 23rd:

Twelfth day of Christmas...Saturday, December 24th:


Happy Holidays! 

p.s. Don't forget that tomorrow, Monday, December 12, we are linking up for Raven and I's "How the Glitz Stole Christmas" swap.  See y'all here tomorrow; I am so excited to see what everyone got!
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