Thursday, December 15, 2011

Raise your hand if you've only bought one Christmas gift!

Guilty. Sweet Geezus!  What am I doing with my life?  Not Christmas shopping apparently.  I know that much.

Actually, I know exactly what I've been doing. See below.

I've been at a panty party getting tore up from the floor up.

I've been having cell phone photo shoots before said panty party:
Pretty sure this isn't normal. 
I've been trying to finish up decorating my room before the New Year, so I painted this espresso mirror white on Sunday:
To hang above my bed. Please excuse the messiness. I should have at least made my bed for y'all.  How ruuuude! (said in Stephanie Tanner voice)
If you look closely, you'll see my left night stand still needs to be painted white.  Shameful. 
This lamp shade on my right nightstand is new.  Only $7 from Target!
I still am in love with monogrammed La Plate that I got last Christmas.  Normally a catch all for my remotes.
I've been cheering on my handsome nephew at his school Christmas play this week:
Obviously they had Reese front and center.  Would you expect anything less?
My favorite thing about this annual show (other than Reese performing, of course) is the opening act when they wheel all the babies out in strollers for the song Jingle Bells.  Melt my freaking heart why don't you??  And no, I don't know any of these children but I sure did snap their picture any way.
I asked my brother, "Is it creepy that I'm taking pics of children that aren't mine."  Brother: "Very."
I made my very first baked brie w/ raspberries courtesy of this recipe from my home slice Katie from Keep Calm and Carry On.  I'm still not sure how I feel about brie because I forgot to cut the rind off of the cheese so I was sketched out by it.  Nonetheless, here are pictures from my culinary creation:

And that just about covers it.  Throw in a hangover, a boot camp sesh or two, a dash of my DVR and you know exactly what I've been doing other than playing Santa.  This weekend you know where to find me ... I'll be out shopping.

p.s. If you fancy girly girl goods, then go to Chelsea's blog to enter Day 3 of our 12 Days of Giveaways!

p.p.s. Don't forget that tomorrow is my bestie Beth from Sweet Bef's giveaway for Day 4!  If what she sent me for Christmas is any indication of her gift giving skills, then I think you know you're in good hands.  You're going to love what she'll have up for grabs.
Is that glass not perfection? I love it.  And the glitter ornament obvs already has a home on the ole' tree.
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  1. I LOVE that plate!! I have been trying to find a cute "catch all" plate. ahhh! I just checked out their website and will be ordering one for me in January!

  2. Thanks for the shout out you blonde bombshell you. Your hair is looking extra fab in those pics! and I must say, that brie has me wanting to make it again. You should always try things more than once esp. when it comes to food ;) a great motto, right?!

  3. you definitely saved the best part for last!

    that first pic made me LOL-irl and i don't even like dogs. you look HOT in your cell phone photos...did you get that shirt at tar-jay? i just realized i love your's so symmetrical. i want a symmetrical monogram.

  4. lol hubs and I made that exact same brie thingy on the traeger! (and dont you dare ask me what it is) it was DIVINE.

    ok, so the pic with the panties on your head. So something I would do and I bet the other people in the restaurant totally thought you guys were complete crazies which they would be correct.

    um, Reese is adorable. Gunner's little Christmas thing is tomorrow and LOVE that you snapped pictures of those babies hahaha!!!

    LOVe the mirror and you took those picture for ME, remember? yeah, me.

  5. Love the pantie head shots. And your hair looked so peeerty! Loves it. Good luck shopping, i will be out there too!

  6. You have been getting a lot of other things done so don't feel that bad about not shopping, you still have time!


  7. Wow you've been busy! Don't feel bad, I've only bought 2 presents.

  8. Yeahhh about that whole Christmas shopping thing... I've only purchased items for my cat thus far. Sweet.

    Your panty party seems like it was a blast! What a fun bunch of friends!! I love how the room is coming along :) So far, so good! SUCH a pretty mirror, by the way! Oh, and all the little kiddies are toooo cuuute!!

  9. That panty party looks like a blast...I definitely think my friends and I should start that tradition. Love the mirror...your room is looking great!

    Your nephew is freaking adorable, and no it's not creepy to take random pictures of babies,ha!

    I have been wanting to try that brie thingy for awhile...looks good!

  10. Oh well!! Christmas presents can wait, it looks like you're having a lot of fun!! I love that you had a panty party. Too funny.

  11. i love the plate! so cute. i need to get one of those for my nightstand.

    and at least you have good reasons for not christmas shopping... the panty party looks so fun! and your nephews play looks so sweet!

    plus, its still 10 days til christmas... plenty of time ;)

  12. i could eat baked brie every day of my life!

    mirror above the bed? yeeaaahhhhh guuuurl! get it!

    and the panties on your head? thats a good look! brings out the blonde! :)

  13. Baked brie is my FAVE. Well, any kind of brie, really.

    And um. Only bought ONE gift? Dear lord. I'm done ... did 100% online this year. Loved it. The door bell rings every day and wakes Eva from her nap, but that's much better than dealing w/ the crazies.

    Love the panty party pix!

  14. OMG, that pup picture is hilarious! And I haven't started shopping yet either, but mostly because i'm really lazy, LOL.

  15. I had a really good comment in my head, then I started reading the other comments and realized that I didn't get my cats a present. Which is bull. And now I'm more focused on that. But anyway, that puppy is adorable. I want one. And it's not creepy to take pictures of random kids. Unless you set it as your phone background. ;)

  16. That Christmas show sounds sooo cute!! I wish Reagan's school did something like this! And those babies? I die!

  17. yes please figure out where that cup came from! imma need one !

  18. Seriously,!
    Seriously, that cup is awesome!;)

  19. Oh jeez, i'm way behind on my xmas shopping too.. there are just WAY too many crazies out right now. That brie sounds delish!

  20. try christmas shopping on crutches. and with a broken pelvis. not happening. can i hire you?


  21. I am also way behind on christmas shopping because I've been busy with finals and all!

  22. That dog picture is soooo cute! Love that monogrammed plate! Where did you get it from??

  23. I really really need that glass. Love It!!! Enjoyed the pictures!!!

  24. I want to do a Panty Party SOOOOO BAD! I think I may randomly do it for Valentines Day... with the ladies!

    THanks for sharing!

  25. I want those babies. And you cook?


    I am alive by the way. Feeling pretty good at this 2 oclock hour.

  26. HA! I love what beth sent you! her giveaway is so good! I hate all of you though because now my giveaway looks like crap. But I have something up my sleeve to make it awesome :)

    you look so cute in your pictures! smokeshow! ow ow!

  27. ha- sounds like you've been keeping busy!!!! So festive and fun.