Monday, August 6, 2012

My Weekend via Instagram

Like I tweeted this morning ....

I mean, is there anything worse than a Monday?  Yes, actually there are a lot of things that are much worse, but Mondays are certainly not on the top of my list of favorite things and if I could, I'd wear this shirt to work every Monday.  Unfortunately, I think I'd be sent home immediately. 
I stole this pic from my girl K_Stets from Only In Vegas 

If you follow me on Instagram (@TheBargainBlonde), then sorry for the replay because I pretty much post my every move on there.  I actually think I've developed a bit of an Instagram addiction and I am seriously considering starting a Insta-detox.  In fact, my friend Beth tweeted me this picture below last week and I could not stop laughing. This is so me. 
Except insert Bear in place of the cat.
Exhibit A: 
Bear and my Subway sandwich Friday night. 
Friday night I actually did nothing. Well, I fell asleep after work and slept until 10 p.m. if that counts as something. Those "you can sleep when your dead" folks have never had a good nap. I love me some naps.

Saturday I woke up refreshed and a Stella and Dot delivery was sitting on my porch. 
Left to right: Leona Pendant (on sale)  /  Signature Clover Necklace (as seen in Cosmopolitan)  /  Capri Chandelier Earrings (as seen on Emily Maynard)  /  Foundation Bracelet Red  /  Foundation Bracelet Turquoise  

Saturday morning I took Bear to the dog park and then cleaned my house.  Here he is passed out after running around in 100 degree temps / My Emi-Jay Hair tie, which def works and did not leave creases in my hair.
Saturday I went to dinner at an Italian restaurant called Patrizios with a few girls.  I wore my new clover necklace and definitely splurged and had Eggplant Parm, my fave. 

Sunday my friend Kathryn and her husband had a BBQ at their house, so I made cupcakes to bring.  Her favorite colors are orange and green, so orange and green cupcakes she received. 

Snaps from the BBQ:

They smoked ribs and brisket. Oh my word, the meat was sooo good.  They season their meat with a dry rub that they created and now sell.  It's called Chimy's Rub that they named after their pup.  All of our friends are addicted to it, and if you want to try it out, just use the "contact us" link on their Web site and e-mail Kathryn telling her The Bargain Blonde told you to try their rub. She can give you pricing. 

That about sums up my weekend.  How was yours?  

p.s. Tomorrow I'm posting the DIY video that you voted on a few weeks ago! Get excited.

p.p.s. Linking up with the ladies of Weekend Update!
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  1. dear bbq--

    get in my belly.

    love, me.

    p.s. please don't have an insta-detox until AFTER savannah/HH. i want to live vicariously through your photos.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend to me! I want some of that Brisket right now, one of my all-time fave foods!!!

  3. Bear is a super model. Know what makes Monday worse? Gyno and $1000 in auto repairs. Wine....

  4. Yeah, don't do that insta-detox. I like seeing all your pics. :) I'm the same way--I post tons of stuff on instagram and then think, "will people be yawning if I blog this, too?" ha. Social media.

    Love Emi-Jay, S&D, beers, bbqs, pets, Subway (sorta), that ridiculously good looking eggplant parm, etc. etc. . . .

  5. man, i want:
    1) all of the food in this post
    2) your dog

    also ... that instagram cartoon is friggin hilarious. similar to what i do with my husband.


  6. Looks like a fantastic weekend. I don't know what I love more, BBQ or eggplant parm? Definitely a great weekend if it includes both :)

  7. Ok, we can def be I can borrow all your jewelry!!! ;)

  8. That cartoon is hilarious. I do that shiz all the time.


  9. Haha I was dying when Beth tweeted that Instagram cartoon. It's so true! Loving all of your S&D. I need to place an order soon bc I have been loving my renegade but it needs some friends ;) Thanks for linking up doll!

  10. Ooo now I really want some ribs. Looks like you had a really fun weekend :)

  11. I so want to try those Emi-Jay Hair ties! If you say they work, I believe you :)

  12. That little cartoon is hilarious and oh so true!

  13. What a delicious weekend! I was heartbroken this weekend when I ran out of propane. I was too lazy to pick it up and just had boring ole chicken for dinner. No fun.

  14. haha, that instagram picture cracks me up, I will snap a million photos of Caden doing the same thing until I feel like I get a good enough one to put on instagram!

  15. this looked like such a great weekend with food, jewelry, and the doggie! :)

    and you got me rolling on the floor laughing with that instagram comic!!

  16. Lol. So true about instagram. I capture my life on there. Love the cartoon.

  17. instagram is my fave, i love your posts

  18. Looked like a good weekend. Cute jewelry too!

  19. That cartoon cracked me slap up! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

  20. Did you try on the capri earrings? Do they feel heavy? Look too big? Mupload a pic! That instagram picture is hysterical that your friend tweeted you!! hahaha a typical friday night in my household

  21. Instagram is the! .....said Vicki's creepy husband on RHOC

  22. I love your addiction to Instagram, it makes me smile :D Love the pictures from your weekend, looks like you had a blast! That BBQ looks absolutely delicious.
    Hope your week goes by quick ♥