Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday Faves!

Hello there!  It's 1 a.m. and I've been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds to see who was going to win the first endurance competition of the season.  Now I'm watching all the strategizing going on.  If you don't watch BB, then I apologize because you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. If you do watch BB, how epic was last nights episode? 

Friday Faveeee link-up time! Speaking of linking-up, I am still making my way through the "How I Make That Money, Honey" posts, but I was and still am absolutely enamored with some of your jobs.  And I definitely would switch with some of you if I could! 

Anyway ... here are a few of my faves from the week 

These ladies and their medals

This guy and his grill 

These eye make-up remover sticks, which I've been meaning to tell y'all about for a while. Perfect for touching up smudges under your eyes

My new hair cut ... finally

My new area rug and throw pillows in the living room

Matching coffee cup and nails.  Totally normal. 

 My hipster neph returning after a 9 day vacay!  Most favorite part of my week!

Least fave? This horrendous forecast.
kill me now

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  1. Your hair looks SO good! I have an appointment for a cut on Saturday - I am so overdue! I'm actually terrified because my hair is so long, I'm afraid to change the style and get it cut even a little shorter! But you give me inspiration that I can get a great haircut and still have long hair!!!

  2. Girl, I woke up at 2:30 am to take my dog out to potty, & afterwards, I laid in bed reading's twitter feed to see who won HOH, & who made deals, & the aftermath of it all. I'm pretty lame, but I mean, it's Big Brother!

    I just discovered your blog (I follow one that linked up with you this week!)-- glad I did, I'm your newest follower!

    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Breanna @ Blog by Bre

    PS- your hair is so pretty!

  3. The best part of that grill is that he went to Paul Wall to get it customly made for him...and it wasn't hist first grill bought from him, he's so gangstaaa! HAHA

  4. Oh, yes... I am loving those gold medals! Totally missed Lochte's grill though haha. Your nephew is the cutest! I just love his headphones... so Michael Phelps of him :)

    Also, the living room is amazing! The rich color scheme looks fantastic!

  5. O-Em-GEE! I always think Texas would be the bomb dot com to live in, until I see THAT! Although, here in Nor Cal, we can reach up to 110 on days, but thats usually in August and only happens a few times.

    And I am LOVING that area rug! Where did you get that, it totally makes over that room.

  6. Love that new area rug!! I'm going to have to try those Almay Q-tips. I'm constantly putting eye makeup remover on a q tip and getting the extra eyeliner and mascara off my eyes. I'm also really hating this heat, it's so hot that you barely even want to go outside!

  7. First of all, I loved the olympics last night! and second, how cool are those eye make-up remover sticks?! I want to try them!

  8. Your neph is soooo adorable! And I LOVE your hair sooo much!

    New follower!!

    xx Jessica

  9. Look at you with your beautiful haircut! So pretty.

    Hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  10. Those eye remover stick things look awesome. Thank you for the recommendation!

    Penniless Socialite
    Enter My Bubble Necklace Giveway!

  11. I haven't watched last night's BB yet, but Wednesday was a big one so I can't imagine what happened last night! I will be doing that ASAP. The olympics are really taking place of everything right now. I have so much TV to catch up on!

  12. I was afraid that you were going to say who won HOH ... and if you know, dont tell me!! :) but last night's episode was SOO GOOD, love ittt!!! and I am loving your hair, pretty!!


  13. LOVE that area rug. Your haircut looks fantastic. Oh and down here in Florida, I'm hating the weather as well.

    Newest follower!

  14. FINALLY someone blogging about BB!! LOL!! I am OBSESSED!!! Sooo excited for shiz to get real now!! I wasn't loving the coaching thing.

  15. Where did you get that rug??? i am looking for one exactly like that!

  16. I'm obsessed with BB too! My showtime hasn't been working and I miss my BBAD. I haven't gotten the live feeds bc I'm afraid it would consume my life. Ha. Yay for the weekend!

  17. I love his grill. If I were an olympian I would totally be over the top like that!

    New hair looks great!

  18. UGHHHHHHH that weather! Terrible. I'm dreading the GA weather (I'm going in a week and a half). I'm so spoiled cause it's pretty much beautiful in SF all the time.

    I tried and tried to think of some favorites for today but I just couldn't. So instead I focused on things I'm hating. HA! Hopefully I'll be back to Friday Faves (and a more positive attitude) next week.

    I love the USA gymnastics girls. Gabby's the cutest lil thing I've ever seen and Aly is so pretty and I just love watching all of them move!

  19. I love your new rug and nail polish!
    P.S. I'm obsessed with those Almay make-eraser sticks. I use them almost everyday!

  20. ahhhhhhh Ryan Lochte... mmm.
    Your hair is GORGEOUS!! jealous! the nephew is too too cute!!! How great to have him back (:

  21. That area rug is gorge!!! And so is Ryan Lochte for that matter ;)

  22. love your hair! and that weather looks miserable!

  23. I like the haircut. I haven't gotten mine cut since we moved to Germany because I don't know that I trust the salon on post and I haven't braved up to find a place on the economy. As to those temps, I don't blame you putting it as your least fave. My husband is from Dallas and the heat made me miserable when we visited last July (which is odd considering I lived in FL three years and wasn't bothered if it was 100. I maintain it's a different kind of heat). Of course here I'm a sissy if it's even 80 because we have no AC and it gets miserable quick.

  24. i LOVE your new hair cute! looks fabulous!! this is such a fun linkup! have a great weekend! xo Kelly

  25. Love your nail color and your hair. So straight!!

  26. Love love love the fab five!

    And that Texas heat I don't envy you there. I have family that lives in your area of dallas and have heard how hot it has been! My cousin is actually also a texas tech grad like you!

  27. YES to Ryan Lochte and those amazing lady gymnasts! But oh my gosh, 106?! That is crazy! Hope you stay cool this weekend!

  28. We have been obsessed with watching BBAD! I love that we have showtime right now...I think it makes watching the actual show even better and I love seeing all of the behind the scenes stuff. I think the show is finally starting to pick up...there wasn't any drama before!