Friday, December 9, 2011

Five for Friday: What's tickling my fancy

1. I recently discovered the holiday line of Coffee-mate liquid creamer and the Warm Cinammon Sugar Cookie Creamer is what would happen if creamer and a cookie had a baby.
If Snickerdoodle flavored coffee is wrong, I don't want to be right.
No, I'm not painting my nails at work.  
2. December is customer appreciation month at Subway, which means they are offering two choices of six inch sandwiches for just 2 bones: the Meatball Marinara and the Cold Cut Combo sub.  The Meatball sang sicks me out (don't get me started on Subway's creepy chicken patty situation), but I heart me some cold cut trio.  I may or may not have gone to subway for lunch every day last week.  
While we are on the topic of Subway, I have a confession: I have to fold my subway wrapper the same exact way every time or I can't eat my sandwich. 

3. Elf on the shelf. I love, love, love me some elf on the shelf. I think it is the most precious invention ever and my nephew makes my heart melt every morning when he sees what his elf, Kat, has been up to.  Yesterday Kat left him a note, which he made me read to him over and over:

Ever wonder what those elf's are up to after hours?  Well, last night I was upstairs in bed and my brother text me evidence of Kat's late night shenans.  
I guess before flying back to the North Pole, Kat broke into the wine supply then needed a late night snack.  He is an elf after my own heart.

4. I can't wait for 5 p.m. to get here because guess what tonight is?  Me and my college girlfriend's 8th annual PANTY PARTY!  We started this tradition our sophomore year in college and haven't missed a year yet. A few pics from years past:

You're probably wondering what the hell a panty party is and when we post about it on Facebook all the creeper guys are like "ooohh yah, I wanna come."  Um, no.  We don't run around in panties. What we actually do is a Secret Santa, but instead of "normal" gifts we all exchange Victoria's Secret thongs.  I mean, what girl doesn't love VS panties?    I'll be posting a recap of this year's party next week. The night normally ends in debauchery.

5. And last but not least, I had to also share the video my dear pal Raven posted yesterday because it brought me to tears.  I think everyone should watch this. It is such an amazing message and a great way to start your weekend off right.

p.s. I can't properly switch to weekend mode with out thanking each and every one of you who have voted for me for the Dallas A-List; I seriously appreciate it so much.  Y'all are the best readers and go above and beyond to support me! XOXO

p.p.s. And last but not least, a very important reminder: THIS COMING MONDAY (December 12) is when we are posting and linking up for the "HOW THE GLITZ STOLE CHRISTMAS SWAP"!!!!  If you have any questions about this, please e-mail Raven or I ASAP!  We are super excited!
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  1. I loved that video!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for posting it!

  2. I saw that video yesterday on Raven's blog! Such an inspiring video.

    I LOVE the elf on the shelf! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  3. That video is unreal. I held back the tears, only because I'm at work. Thank you for posting it.

  4. SNICKERDOODLE flavored coffee!?!?

    You made my LIFE! Hello safeway for my lunch break!

    The Santa elf is such a cute idea...good to remember in the future for little ones (the way way future that is).

    <3 that video, melt my heart!

    Panty Party yes please! I LOVE the VS underwear collections this year!

    have fun and happy friday!


  5. That panty idea is genius!! I want to start one with our friends. Do you mind if we copy?! SO smart you are. Have fun!! I will vote for you obviously :)

  6. Thank you for sharing the video! It's so powerful. I might share it too! That is too funny about Kat! Thanks for doing the swap this year! I loved it!!

  7. Thanks for sharing that video. It is a great message. ELE!!!!!!!!

  8. I am a little obsessed with Kat... I admit. That little Elf has more fun than any other Elf I've ever seen :)

    And a panty party!! I got so excited. I had no idea anybody else did this besides my friends. We always do dirty santa, but we have a theme... such as ornaments, scarves, panties etc. We switch it up. Have so much fun!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  9. I WILL have to try that sugar cookie creamer! Snickerdoodle is my favorite!

    And I fold my subway sandwich wrapper the same way EVERYTIME too! :) Glad I'm not the only one!

  10. loved that video
    a panty party sounds so fun!
    i can't wait to have a kid to elf on a shelf!!! i think its the cutest idea ever.

  11. I love that video too. so inspiring! and panty party? omg that sounds fun! Definitely something my gals would do.

  12. thanks for the reminder on the swap. I also need to get to finding something for my giveaway.

  13. I am so stealing the Panty Party idea. That is the cutest thing ever!!!

  14. Haha! you always make me laugh. and I am kind of relieved to know I am not the only one who paints my nails while at work. now if they could only make odorless nail polish, I’d be aaaaaaalll set. :)

  15. OMG MUST try this sugar cookie creamer!! Tried the pumpkin spice yesterday and is was DE-LISH. Like a dessert! ;)

    Sidenote: I totally painted my nails at work this am too. lol

    LOL'd about the Subway paper confession. Why are we such strange beings?! I catch myself doing weird crap like that all the time too!

    Elf on the Shelf!! This is such an adorable idea!! I've seen it EVERYWHERE lately!! I have 2 friend's kids who have of them name him "Captain Hook" and the other one named him "Jesus" lol. Hysterical. Keep blogging about him. I need to know what Kat is up to.

  16. That video was great. Thanks for sharing. :)

  17. ok besides your weird looking thumb, do you know what is IN that mystery meat that you put into your body from Subway? I won't tell you unless you ask. (bug guts and cow intestines. and maggots.)

    ok still have not gotten little elf buddy. Seems like too much trouble to go through. maybe next year.

    and that panty party? I so want to be a part of that!!! I just don't have a big group of girlfriends like you do. Maybe because I dropped out of college to go snowboarding. :(

    I love you!!

  18. I'm all about some holiday creamers but somehow I have missed the sugar cookie one! Definitely gonna look for that next time I go to the store. Have fun at your party tonight!! :)

  19. i watched that video on raven's blog yesterday and i absolutely loved it. definitely gonna start smiling a lot more cause i do have lots to be happy about.

    definitely gonna have to check out that coffee creamer it looks gooooood

  20. I never use creamer or sugar or anything but that does look pretty good :)

    Elf on a shelf seems to be everywhere these days!! I keep hearing about it. I love that you got such a great elf, full of personality ;) I'm sure some elves are kind of boring.

    Panty party sounds AWESOME - great tradition!

    I voted and it told me that I extended your first place lead - holler!

  21. Your elf would be a boozebag.

    We have a panty party too!!!! so fun!!! Maybe we should send each other panties next year. Cause that is not creepy at all.

    xo PLL the only

  22. The panty party looks sooooo fun! Wish I had thought of something like that.

  23. This is the first year that I have ever heard of elf on a shelf. From your post I kind of get it, but still am confused.

    Also, going to buy that creamer tonight. Sounds amazing!

  24. That is the most amazing Secret Santa idea ever. I love it!!

  25. I feel like your Elf has super feminine handwriting for an Elf. No biggie there. I also share his love for the wine.

  26. I'm going to try that creamer for sure, I need something to quell my Pumpkin Spice Latte obsession...for my wallets sake.

  27. I watched that video yesterday and absolutely loved it. Nice to see good people doing good things.

    speaking of good things, I want that coffee creamer.

  28. Elf on the shelf IS the cutest thing. I love it!! And Subway? Girl, I've been eating me a cold cut trio ever since Dec 1st, haha!!! And... Do you and your bro and your little nephew live together???

  29. how have i missed this creamer???? I am the gal who likes a lil coffee with their creamer. Mine is so sweet it is like dessert...oopsie. And i've been hitting the subway counter too..bigtime! it is a bi weekly dinner for me.

    and i am loving this panty exchange. must try this with my gal pals. too fun!

  30. I'm loving holiday creamer, but somehow missed this flavor. Looks like I'll be making a trip to the grocery store tomorrow.

    Also, the panty exchange is adorable. I'll have to mention that to my girlfriends for next year.

  31. My friends & I always do underwear exchanges around Christmas time :) It's the best! But it's always important to set ground rules... sometimes they can get a bit crazy! Great post!

  32. If you don't paint your nails at work, then I don't paint mine at school either......woops! Love that video, thanks for sharing.

  33. Amazing post...that Youtube video: absolutely outstanding! Thank you, I'd never seen that before. ELE. Everybody love everybody. Such a simple concept.