Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Confess Sesh: The I'm a procrastinator edition

Y'all.  I'm currently in panic mode.   "Why?" you ask?  Well, let's just take a look see at my current confessions and I'm sure you'll understand why.

I confess that I leave for Vegas tomorrow yet have not packed or bought one thing that I needed to.  Literally I do not have one dress to wear.  I guess I'll just go naked.  Public nudity is legal in Vegas, right?
I confess that in addition to not packing for Vegas, I have not even started packing my apartment.  When I get back from Vegas, I literally have 4 week nights to pack.  Smart move Lindsey, smart move.
I confess that I lost my check card on Friday, cancelled it yesterday and oh ... what do you know?  Some lady found it in the bathroom at work today.  Awesome.  Nothing like traveling to Vegas with a temporary check card with withdrawl limits on it.  FML.

I confess that I thought I lost my most prized posession aka this make-up bag and almost starting planning its memorial.  I have been looking everywhere for my baby, but finally have located its whereabouts.  I'll just add retrieving my make-up bag to my long list of to-do's I must get done before tomorrow.

I confess that I look homeless and like I've never seen a washing machine because my wrong color foundation (since my make-up bag was missing) exploaded all over my black pencil skirt this morning.  Nothing like starting your morning off with a nice big make-up stain on your skirt. 

I confess that I have never been more relieved that I have 2 DVRs for this week of ridiculous TV.  I'm also stressed about catching up on all these shows in between traveling and moving.  What are you most looking forward to watching this season?  I think Pan Am tops my list.

Now do you see why I'm a little stressed out and in panic mode?  All my own doing, of course.  I suppose instead of confessing, I should get moving.  Off to frantically shop for some Vegas dresses during lunch.  Wish me luck.

p.s. I'm guest blogging over at Keep It Classy, Alabama today.  I found THE cutest gameday dresses that are affordable! Go check them out and be sure to tell my namesake "hi!"
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  1. HEY hey hey!

    VEGAS!? We are going thwe first of Oct so please send me an email with some tips and places to eat and things to do... we have never been!!

    Have a fun safe trip girl!

  2. oh lindsey. just think...once you get back from vegas, moved into the new place, it'll be NOLA time with your favorite ginge.

    i never realized how much shit i had until i had to move it all. 4 trips with 2 different cars and a moving van held all my precious belongings. WTF?!

  3. I also have to pack to move, I feel your pain. And I also lost my check card.
    Have fun in Vegas.

  4. Get packing daughter Riggs, Movers scheduled for 8 am Oct. 1.

    Love you,


    PS. Have fun in Vegas, but behave!

  5. Pan Am is by far my most anticipated show this fall!

    Have a fun and safe trip in Vegas!

  6. Yay! Vegas. Seriously, email me if you guys need help. I know your friend lives here, but you never know.

    Also, Ashleight from this lil heart of mine and I are thinking of trying to meet up with you guys at a club maybe if you're ok with that. Besides, Ash and I still need to meet.

    Hope you're ready for Vegas! :) Good luck with packing. I'm always a last minute packer. Oops.

  7. I never pack until the day before! or day of, depending where I go. same w/moving - I'm a last minute packer. You'll make it. I hope you have fun in Vegas. I don't really watch tv when it's new, just on dvd now. But Pan Am looks interesting! I need Switched at Birth on ABC Family to return. They got picked up, so I suppose it'll be next summer. I watch that on demand :).

  8. Girl, I am exhausted just from reading this post... Good luck!

    Have so much fun (or as much fun as your temp card will allow) is Vegas!!

  9. whew i am so glad i am not the only one who has been procrastinating like crazy as of late.

    thankfully i have a week off next week to catch up but i have a feeling i wont get half of it done.

  10. i can relate on the packing... i too procrastinate because who really wants to do that... no one. LOL

    hope you have a blast in vegas... lucky... take lots of pics!

  11. thats okay lindsey...i packed the night before i went to texas too and had a panic attack because i didnt know what to wear. WHO KNEW it'd still be 1000 degrees in Texas in Septembe and I wouldnt need the 2 sweatshirts and pair of jeans I packed! haha...packing is stressful!

    ill come hang out in texas while your gone and clean your house for you if you want! ;-)

    i am SO EXCITED to see Pan AM!!!

    have a blast in vegas you better be tweeting pics of you dancing on the bars and doing other crazy shenanigans that i would hope you'd do!


  12. ok so only 4 days to pack and move everything? are you taking time off from work? from blogging? from life? you is going to be dead tired! you and your bro have rules about living together? like, what if he wants to bring home all kinds of hoochies all the time. I mean, not saying your brother is LIKE that, but still..will you guys have rules?

    I bet you guys will have a blast. Then you get to live with Reese too? I bet he is so excited!!

    have fun in Vegas. I hate you. You had BETTER come see me soon.

  13. I totally support shopping during lunch so put a check mark next to that one for sure.

    Glad you found the make-up case... mine is still residing in Richmond, VA with a homeless person I imagine. Yep, been there.

    Im just jealous you're going to Vegas.

    Oh and I found a client's credit card this weekend but didnt get in touch with her in time for her to NOT cancel it. I feel even more guilty after reading that... poop

  14. Is it weird that earlier today I randomly thought about how you were moving soon? And now you're blogging about it. I must be a creeper.

    So, get this. Like two days before the 1st time I ever went to Vegas, I had some random airplane charge to Germany show up on my statement and had to cancel my debit card and have a new one sent to me. Of course I couldn't get the new card until AFTER I got home from my trip. That said, I had to carry cash on me while traveling. Fun, fun. Must be the Vegas luck.

    I can't wait to hear about your trip!! Have a blast! Hope you found some fun dresses. P.S. SO glad you found your make-up bag!

  15. I'll go to Vegas for you, while you pack. Problem solved. Duh.

  16. Have a great trip! 2 DVRs? Omgrilled cheesus, my cable company charges up the wazoo for just 1! I'm looking forward to Pan Am also. My husband is a pilot and he wishes it were the 1960's, I wish it were too so I could be Jane from Mad Men...enough said.

  17. Um, I hope you are planning to take next week off to pack!

    You are the second person this week to say they would be in Vegas this weekend and I am SO jealous!! I hope you found some cute things at lunch and I hope you have a great time!

    Definitely wanting to watch Pan Am. I hope its really as good as all the reviews are saying!

  18. I'm such a procrastinator too.

    Here's hoping you found an amazing dress (or five!) today and that you'll have a great trip. I LOVE Vegas. I'm sure you've got a full schedule as it is, but I would highly recommend squeezing in a stop at Max Brenner and getting some chocolate from Vosges Haut Chocolat. You'll find both in The Forum Shops at Caesar's.

  19. I *love* that ecard, hahahaha. Have fun on your trip - relax ans when you come back you can worry about the packing. :)

  20. We're are going to Vegas in Oct ...never been there! So, you REALLY need to do a DETAILED Vegas post !! I always do a better job of packing when I do it last minute...not sure why...but it's the truth :) Have fun!!!!!

  21. Definitely easy to panic about these things for sure!! But I'm sure you'll get through them and have a fab time in Vegas for sure :) Is your makeup bag a ThirtyOne bag?! Looks awesome!!

  22. I gave you an award on my blog today, so stop by and check it out!
    Going the Distance

    (good luck with all of the stuff on your to-do list!!)

  23. i'm excited for PanAm too!

    and public nudity is legal in Vegas ... if it isn't, lots of people don't know, hehe.