Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend = Uneventful, but relaxing

As the title of this post states, my Labor Day weekend was pretty uneventful.   I'll recap the "highlights" for you, although I use the word "highlight" loosely.

Saturday morning was spent trying to keep up with the little munchkin below. 
Reese insisted my nails had to be pink, and he would paint my right hand for me. So sweet, you shouldn't have. No really, you shouldn't have.  I am in the beginning stages of packing for my big move on October 1, and he decided he wanted to take a nap in one of my storage tubs. This kid! He came running out of my bathroom with a leopard headband on (don't ask) and said to me, "Look Aunt Lindsey, don't I look beautiful?" My brother wasn't too happy about this when I text him the pic. Whoopies.
Saturday evening I went over to my friend's house and watched my Red Raiders beat Texas State in our first non-conference game of the season!  We did a little celebrating after the game, which resulted in a 1 a.m. In-N-Out run.  Bad idea.  My scale said "FAT" when I stepped on it this morning.  You think I'm kidding.

Sunday I FINALLY got to see The Help, which was amazing on so many levels.  I have not cried this hard in a movie since P.S. I Love You.  The part where Skeeter finally hears the truth about Constantine? Umm ... cue the water works and they didn't stop until the lights in the theater came on.   I looked a hot mess.

Celia Foote played by Jessica Chastain was my favorite character without a doubt.  I loved her bubbly personality and she made me laugh out loud on several occasions.   Her style was to die (hello hot pink benefit dress) although Skeeter played by Emma Stone was a close second.

This trick Hilly though? I wanted to punch her in the face!

And I'm still bummed about the situation with Stuart played by Chris Lowell from Private Practice. 

Last but not least, these 2 ladies made the movie. I vote Oscar.
On Labor Day I went to the grocery store, then to Target and attempted to clean the crack den.  I fixed my "Nails by Reese" with this new essie color I ordered online a few weeks ago:

I ended the night enjoying a slow cooker recipe I found via Pinterest.  Very easy to make and yummy in my tummy.  Perfect for Fall and the recipe is below:
I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day weekend, I'll be revealing the giveaway winner tomorrow!  BIG thank you to every one who entered and for all your sweet comments about my 1 year blog anniversary.  "You is kind" ... name that movie.
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  1. Sounds like a pretty great weekend :)

    I love me some In-N-Out! Have you had animal style fries? THE BEST.

    And um, can I curl up in a storage bun? Cause that looks pretty fantastic!

    Yay for a short work week ahead!

  2. I want that soup, but I have no energy to make it as I am slowly recovering from weddingpalooza.

    We should get matching yellow rompers. Because that would be cool.

    ;) xo

  3. do you think i'll cry during the help? i mean...i have no emotions. i really want to see to convince sandi to meet me this week so we can see it.

  4. PS loving your new sig font. LoOOOOOOVE it ;)

  5. You is kind. You is smart. You is important. But hey, you already know about my love for that movie! Total tear-jerker!! I really think I want to be Celia Foote. Or maybe I just really want the wardrobe from that movie. And their tiny waistlines!!!

    Your nephew napping in the storage container is too cute. The leopard headband on him is even cuter :) Oh, and your slow cooker recipe looks yummy! I can't wait to try some Pinterest recipes.

    I'm loving your graphics and font! Super cute!!

  6. Pretty sure you should have kept nails by Reece, just saying, :)

  7. Oh I'm so happy you had such a nice weekend!

    Your nephew just CRACKS me up! What a lucky Auntie you are to have him in your life! Your nails look bootifull ;)

    I am so jealous that you got to see The Help. I am itchin' to see it but I need to wait for it to come out on video because my back can't handle a couple hours at the theater! Hurry Up DVD! HURRY UP!

    So I have to ask- your slow cooker recipe DOES look yummy, but did it come out green looking or was that just how your camera took the photo? ;) Just curious!!

    Haha! I've been voting everyday for you! Love ya lots!


  8. OMGosh, I think I'm going to have to use the crockpot I got for my wedding now... The one sitting in a box for the last 3+ years because crockpots intimidate me. I think this will be the first recipe I do - next weekend. Wish me luck.

    The leopard headband is so channeling Lafayette from True Blood, haha. At least your brother doesn't have to worry about his son starting up his own nail salon ;)

    And that quote is from The Help, obvi... I STILL haven't seen the movie, but it's written just like that in the book!

  9. oh linz. You such a good auntie. letting Reese paint those nails of yours. When we got home the other night, the babysitter had painted gunners fingernails and toenails bright pink. I loved it. Rob hated it.

    Still haven't seen the help! But after your review, you KNOW I'm gonna.

  10. I am definitely going to try this recipe!... In about 3 months when it is finally cooler! :)

  11. that enchilada soup looks so yum! i wish i had a crockpot to cook soup in. i also {love} home-made chili this time of year!

    i have to agree with lauren about the leapoard headband. ha it totally reminds me of Lafayette from True Blood too!

    i was suppose to see The Help this weekend, but it kinda fell through! hopefully this weekend :]

  12. ok i knew most of this about you b/c i twitter and facebook stalked you all weekend but i LOVED your commentary on the help!

    stuart is such a hotty in a naughty body right?!

    and yes - celia foote was my FAV! so adorbs!

    love the nails - by reesy and by essie! :)

  13. I think Reese did a fab job painting your nails. My nails look like that when I paint them, & then I spent 1/2 hour in the shower scrubbing fingers/nails. True story! The picture of Reese napping, too cute for words. & the leopard headband, cuteness. I have been eating cupcakes all weekend long, if I get on my scale, I will break it. I wanna see The Help! Emma Stone is too cute. However, I do wanna read the book first. Chris Lowell is a cutie. I need start watching Private Practice again.

    (How many times do I say cute in the comment?)

    Ha, knew it! 11 is my lucky #, just because I was born on the 11TH. I hope you don't fall. I am sure you will be fine. I will fall if I walked in those heels, which are totally fab. Wedges scare me, which is lame. I bought their "My Aunt is Hot" tshirts from Walgreens. & CVS had them too back in day. I need to find more of those tshirts.

    xo SARMIN

  14. haven't seen the movie yet because i want to read the book first but for sure the romper is a must have!

  15. ok i commented but i swear it didnt post! so short version this time - Stuart is HOT, LOVED your recap and those nails are SO glam (both versions - reesey's & essie!) ;)

  16. Your weekend looks more fun than mine - running an estate sale! I think estate sales are more fun when they do not feature your people's stuff.

    I can not wait to see the Help! I loved the book, but my small town has not gotten the movie yet (and I doubt they will, boo).

  17. Sounds eventful to me! Love your nails by Reese! Um, sleeping in a storage bin and wearing your headband - too funny!

    I want to see The Help! But I want to read the book first! Need to get on that!

    I love the movie PS I Love You -- definitely a tear jerker too! Gerard's a hottie!

  18. I LOVED CELIA even more in the movie than in the book. shes was so darling

  19. Ummm a tiny squeal just escaped my throat when I saw that basket of burger & fries. You didn't even have to tell me where it was from, I already knew it. An Arizona girl at heart- I MISSS MISSSS MISSSS In N Out. And I loved the book The Help...and cannot wait to see it!

  20. i'm sorry, but your weekend sounds eventful missy!

  21. I've seen the movie twice! Super love! And a co-worker today told me I totally had a Hilly thing going with my clothes & hair. I said as long as you don't mean my attitude (as she is a biaaaaaaatch) then I'll take that as a compliment, because truth be told I did kinda like Hilly's look!

  22. Uneventful is sometimes exactly what you need :)

    I'm dying to see The Help...consensus seems to be that it's great.

  23. Want to make this soup dish casserole thing now!!! OMG! i seriously love love love all mexican food!!! I can't get enough of it!
    I wish my Labor Day weekend was relaxing! I need a long weekend soon! being too busy is tiring this body! i am going to look 50 before i turn 23!!!
    can you come to my house and make me some of that amazing dish soon please. thanks!

  24. there is the infamous soup! that looks DELICIOUS!!!!!! im snagging this lil recipe ;-)

    i love your nails done by reese! so amazing can he do mine?!

    looks like you had a nice lil weekend!


  25. that soup looks so delish! i want to make it! i still haven't seen The Help ... don't know what i am waiting for ... ugh. my scale read fat after this weekend too ... actually it is still saying fat.