Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man Candy Monday on a Tuesday

I've been thinking about doing a post on my favorite celebrity man candy for a while, but I just didn't see how it really fit into the "theme" of my blog.  Then it struck me.  It's my blog and I can do what I want!  I know this has nothing to do with bargaining, but I'm sure you'll find it in your hearts to forgive me for this off-topic post.   I'm linking up a day late at Join The Gossip. 

I was going to try to narrow my man candy down to my top 5, but I just couldn't.  Seven is supposed to be lucky, so 7 it is.  In no particular order, here are the hotties who would be on my "cheat list"  if I even had a man to cheat on.  #Fail

1. B Coop.  Yes, please. Yes, please.  Yes, please.  Thank goodness he kicked squints aka Renee Zellwegger to the curb.  He is entirely too hot for her.  I am counting down the days until Hangover 2.

2. Ryan Gosling. He just keeps getting hotter and hotter over the years.  In Remember the Titans he was the dorky, lovable kid.  These days, he's a complete smoke show and still just as lovable.    

3. My other fave Ry Ry, Ryan Reynolds. I have thought he was gorge since he was on that little short lived sitcom, "2 Guys, a Girls and a Pizza Place" way back in the day. These days he's blowing up the big screen and fortunately for us, currently back on the market. Sorry Scar Jo.

4. Blake Shelton! I really do love him and Miranda together, but in another world he would have picked this Texas girl with long blonde locks. A girl can dream, right? What I love most about BS is how inapropriate his humor is. Do you follow him on Twitter? He will rock your world. I would never even consider dating a guy who couldn't make me laugh.

5. And since we're now on the subject of hot (taken - boo!) country men. Next up on my list Charles Kelley from Lady A. I don't know what it is about him, but I've always though he was sooo sessssy!! I think it's his swag. Ever seen him perform? Agh, too bad I found out he had a hot, little blondie for a wife. Skank. Just kidding. (kinda)

6. Channing Tatum is just all kinds of gorgeous. I first discovered him while watching the movie "Step Up". Don't judge. Even though he did have a stint as an exotic dancer, I totally forgive him. You'd be dancing for money too if you looked like him. Am I right, or am I right?

7. And last but not least we well as the newest addition to my list, John Krasinski. I saw "Something Borrowed" on Saturday and fell in love. BTW - go see the movie if you haven't already, it is soooo good. He is so adorable and funny and cute. Total perfection.

Obviously you knew this question was coming, but who is your favorite man candy? Anybody on here you wanna try to steal from me? Don't even think about it. They're ALL MINE.
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  1. I will fight you for B Coop in a heart beat. That man is so damn hot it's unbelievable. Mmmmm, love him to pieces.

    And of course, Channing Tatum is adorable as well...heck your whole list rocks.

    I love hot men.

  2. Love them all...except I don't know who Charles Kelly is!!! The rest= AMAZINNGGG and I can look at them all day. Channing can give me lapdances anytime.

  3. I am stealing both Ryan's from you! Oh, and Blake. He has that backwoods sexy-ness about him!

    Call me crazy (Everyone does) but I am obsessed with Rob Kardashian. Haha. Maybe it's because I am obsessed with his sisters?? I would make out with him in a heartbeat though!!!

    Happy Tuesday girl!

  4. who gives a shizz if you don't post stuff about bargaining? not this girl.

    i'm with you on #1, #6, and #7. they are also on my list. maybe i should do my own. then i will be back in the blogging world.

  5. Both Bradley Cooper (totally agree that he is too hot for Renee Zellwegger!) and John Krasinski are on my list as well...sigh... :D

    I've heard from numerous sources that Blake Shelton is hilarious on Twitter! I may have to go find and follow him.

  6. Ryan Gosling is a nice choice. I've had a crush on him ever since The Notebook. I love hot man parade!

  7. AHH! they're all so pretty to look at! Bahaha! I'm a sucker for Blake tho!

  8. Agree on all counts-- also, LOVED two guys, a girl!!!!! such a great throwback!

  9. I agree with the men you picked BUT mine is Matthew Gray Gubler aka Dr. Spencer Reed from Criminal Minds.

    The things you say make me wish we were real life friends. "squinks" and "smoke show"? yes, thank you.

    OH AND... guy referred to John Krasinski as "that guy from the office" and I considered that blasphemy haha


  10. I am down with 1-5 and with Rissy! OMG, I love Spencer Reed. So presh!

  11. I'm literally drooling! I love all of these hot men! Yum! HAHA I love John Krasinski too since I saw SoBo! I'm so glad you posted this! I'm following her blog now. This is a link up that I must join! :)

  12. i pick ryan gosling. maybe it was the notebook.. but either way he just melts my heart haha

  13. my email is being stupid so i wanted to tell you that the eye makeup remover is (cough cough) $24. not a bargain find by any means! i might have to try lancome! :-) <3

    (stop giving nicknames like to my boyfriend...he is not a fan...I PROMISE YOU.). j/k

  14. Brad Cooper tops my list! See, I can call him Brad because him and I are thisclose except he doesn't know it yet. Ryan Reynolds also floats my boat. And he's Canadian!

  15. Thanks for linking up!! I think I am in Man Candy heaven after your post. Ahhh hotties! I'm glad you think John Krasinski is a looker because I do too but thought I was alone. He's not your typical hottie, I think it's his humor that does it for me :)

    Thanks again for linking up!!

  16. I loooooove Ryan Gosling (I think he was at his very hottest when he played the crackhead teacher in Half Nelson, haha), and I'm totally with you about not dating anyone who's not funny. It's the most important prerequisite!

  17. This post is too funny. I am attributing it to seeing something borrowed because after that movie, both John Krasinki and the guy who played Dex (need to look up who he is) have gone on my "list". I too considered this post, but the urge has since passed. Thank you for posting yours. Love it!

  18. oh Miss Lindsey, my lover. So many things I want to say but you took the words OUT OF MY MOUTH! Those guys are SEXY. But what about Steven Tyler? He may be pushing 65, but DAMN and a half he's hot.

    I want Blake too. THE VOICE TONIGHT!


    No, but seriously. EVERY guy you listed is hot... well...I'm not a fan of Charles Kelley, but he's still pretty cute. :)

  20. im a recent krasinski lova after something borrowed too. men are so sexy when they actually act like men right?

    but my one and only hollywood love candy is ryan reynolds. seriously, his parents should have procreated WAY more!

  21. Yes yes yes, Blake, John and Bradley!!! Omgoodnesss!!!

  22. I agree on ALL of these man crush choices!! Also, I follow BS on Twitter and he is so freaking hysterical I can barely stand it!

  23. I'm with you on all of these! But I'd have to go with Raven and add Steven Tyler to the mix! The man is just all kinds of sexy, I don't care if he's old enough to be my grandfather!!!

  24. LOVE B Coop and LOVE the Hangover... So can't wait for that movie. I'm pretty much in love with all these guys, so if you'd like to share that'd be great...

    mmmkthanks :)

  25. You have good taste, make this a weekly feature!

  26. Looove Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling!!
    And to think they were both mini parts in movies before they were able to show their hottness!
    (AKA Remember the Titans
    and Wedding Crashers/Failure to Launch)

  27. I don't know how I've missed your blog. It's adorable. Oh, and since I'm leaving this comment, good lord, don't go read my blog right now, it's been all kind of sappy and super lame, so don't judge me.

    I do enjoy most of the men on your list, but I'm pretty sure I'd show John K. the best 95 seconds in a broom closet he's ever seen.

  28. *sigh* you just made my Tuesday morning oh so much brighter ;)


    p.s. I'm a new follower - feel free to follow back if you'd like!