Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The drive and my first 2 weeks in Vegas

Some sights leaving Texas. Pour one out for my home state.

Would you looky there, I figured out how to post pictures. Actually, a few of you commented on my last post and told me about the blogging app called Blogsy that allows you to post pics. I knew you ladies were the ones to ask. Thank you!

This is not the look.

And above would be what I looked like the first day on the road after going to bed with wet hair in a bun. I know you all want a tutorial on how to achieve bad 1990s female country singer hair, but I just can't share my secret with you. This look is mine only. No share-sies for you.

So ... After spending the night in Albuquerque, I left the next morning around 8 a.m. to complete the second leg of my trip. I spent most of day two driving through Arizona before hitting the Nevada border.

The view crossing into Arizona from Nevada:

Arizona state line
Once I crossed into Nevada, I didn't have that much further to drive before I hit Vegas.
View from Arizona into Nevada. Gorgeous, right?
Once I arrived to my destination, I unloaded all of my worldly possessions for the next six weeks:

Clothes, hair tools/products and make-up. What more does a girl need?
I had two days of orientation during my first week to learn all about our Company culture and policies. The view from training:

Do you hate me yet? Although in all honesty, yes, Vegas is obviously glamorous, but there is life outside The Strip. My days are probably not that different than yours. Sure, I saw a celeb from The Bachelorette walk by me Friday morning and I got to spend my Thursday morning testing out the slot machines with the hotel's money, but that's totally normal right?

OK, so that stuff is NOT normal, but it's crazy because it is starting to kind of become routine. Drunk dude trying to holler on the elevator on a Tuesday afternoon? Pretty standard and pretty hilarious when you are dead sober on your way to a meeting. So yes, those things I just described are what makes working in a Las Vegas hotel so amazing, but dont be fooled. When it is work time, it's business. We work in an office and go to meetings in conference rooms just like you. The only difference is I just may have to walk through a busy Las Vegas pool party on my way to my 2 o' clock meeting. So, who is coming to visit me first?


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  1. I'm at work currently and just got super excited that you posted so late :) Love having new posts to read at 1 am! You're living the high life, girlfriend. Super excited for you and all of the adventures that are about to come your way...I can't imagine a more deserving lady :) I have a feeling Mr Perfect is going to be hanging out in Las Vegas, just waiting on his Bargain Blonde to come through!!!! Wooooo so excited for you!

  2. Ohhh me! Pick me! I wanna visit! ;) I am beyond jealous of you. So happy for you that you now have a job you love! We've missed you and your updates lady!!

  3. Um, I SO want to come visit you! I have definitely missed your pretty face around the blogosphere. Any luck finding a place yet?

  4. Your pictures are all so gorgeous! And girl, your hair looks WAY better than mine does when I take it out from being in a wet bun!


    I'm actually gonna be in vegas next month and owuld love to try and meet up with you, even just for lunch of coffee :)!


  6. Glad you made it and hopefully you are getting settled in! Seems like a gorgeous place to live.

  7. There is a good chance that if this was me being shipped to Vegas I would end up in AA and gamblers anonymous (GA? Georgia? Wait, what?)... But really, when I become a famous reality TV star, I'm going to come to Vegas and we will go to a pool party. k?

  8. Congratulations beautiful! I am so proud of you and all of your new adventures. Obviously you have my hanging on every single Instagram photo. I got your e-mail last night! Do you want me to send to your current place or what til you have a moment to breathe at your new place? You pick! XO

  9. Just found out yesterday that I'll be in Vegas in may, for a work show! Trying to talk the hubs and fam into coming and meeting me at the end, since that's where they all wanna go next year. so excited, I've never been to vegas!!!

  10. My aunt and uncle live in Vegas (Henderson, actually) but it is totally true. There is a life outside of the strip and there are kids, and schools and families, etc.
    I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear about all of your adventures! I'm glad you made it and everything has been going well so far.

  11. Umm.. I'm totes jealous of the new job! Sounds like SO much fun!

    Since we didn't get to hang out before you moved (wah!), I need to plan a trip to Vegas stat! :)

  12. OMG I LOVE your hair like that!! Looks AWESOME! xoxo I miss you, le duh.

  13. im kind of glad i only missed two posts because i haven't been able to read about your fab life until now. a guest room tour would be good!

  14. Glad you had a safe trip. Love the hair! Girl, you got volume :D Your job sounds pretty dang awesome! I should be in Vegas.. next year for a work conference haha.