Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oh, you fancy huh?

No Drake, I'm not fancy, which brings me to this post.  Today I'm dishing my top 5 favorite items for the shower. 

You ladies probably know by now that I'm not fancy nor do I pretend to be.  I just try to ball on a budget.  Every beauty item (for the most part) in my shower can be found at stores like Target, Wal-Mart or CVS.  Here is what I love most:

1. Purpose Face Wash by Johnson & Johnson
I have used this face wash since middle school and I doubt I will ever waiver.  You see, I have had acne since 6th grade.  (Thanks Mom and Dad, 'preciate the acne gene.)  Well, I've been on EVERY topical and oral prescription acne medicine known to man including Accutane.  I tried Proactive and it didn't work for me at all, not that I expected to.

This is the best face wash ever.  It's gentle, removes all of my make-up (even my eye make-up) and doesn't irritate my skin or eyes.  My skin flare ups are under control for the most part now and I give a lot of credit to Purpose.  I wash my face every morning and night religiously with Purpose.

2. Olay Body Wash plus Crème
I use the pink one with Almond Oil.  It smells sooo good and is very moisturizing.  Target's brand "Up & Up" makes an off-brand version and it did not compare.  I'm all about generic, but this is not one I recommend trying to save a dollar on.  Just buy the Olay version, it's the best.

3. Dove Shampoo and Conditioner
Again, smells heavenly.  I did a post a while back about my affordable hair care routine where I first mention this shampoo and conditioner. I like their Intensive Repair line best.

Actually, the other day I decided to pick up the TRESemme Color Protection shampoo and conditioner because it was a few dollars cheaper and I'm impressed.  I do prefer the thickness of the Dove and the Dove smell better, but TRESemme isn't too shabby. 

4. Schick Silk Effects plus Razor
Been using this one for years too.  This razor has a vitamin E and aloe enriched comfort strip, which allows blades to glide easily leaving skin smooth and silky.   Can you tell I stole that description from the Web site?  It's true though, this razor really works wonders and doesn't irritate my skin.  Razor refils are so expensive though, it's ridiculous.

5. Stainless Steel Foot File 
Barf.  Sounds so sick, but really ... this is a necessity.  I can't afford pedicures weekly or else I would totally partake.  In between legit pedicures, I use this little scrubber at the end of the shower when the skin on my feet has become properly soaked.  I mean, let's be real.  Wearing heels every day will leave calluses. 

The one I have is from Target and I want to say it was less than $5.  I couldn't find it on their Web site, but it's in the cosmetic area by the all the mani/pedi tools.  It looks similar to this:

So I wanna know, what are some of your favorite bargain beauty bath items (say that 3 times fast)?  Any of you ladies love what I'm lovin?
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  1. I love the Olay ribbons body wash.. They all smell sooo good. However, I always am switching it up.

  2. Love TRESemme! & I have the pedegg, love the pedegg.

    Last night it was super windy, bring a cardi.

    xo $ARMIN

  3. Yay I love this post (and PS- I'm channeling my inner bargainista for ur guestpost...u will be proud). My fav shower items are the large bottle of Shower Smoothie from Ulta. I have it in chocolate fudge cake. It was like 8 bucks, but can be shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath all in one! Its huge and I love it!

  4. I totally dig some Tresemme .....

    I use those blue scrubbies for my feet, just like they use at the nail salons. Every night.

    I love the Olay ribbons too. I am currently using {trying because it's new} Gold Bond shower gel. It's ahmazing. You almost don't even have to use lotion afterward, it's that moisturizing....

    I just don't get pp who use all the bath fancies {ie: products over $10}... they're all made by the same pp who make the stuff for regular folk anyways.

  5. I love Tresemme! I have tried Dove to and like it!! I'm always looking for new face washes. I'm definitely going to have to try Purpose! I always love your beauty posts! :)

  6. i had really bad acne as a kiddo too...i have the scars to prove it. i used proactive for a while, but it dried out my skin really bad. i still use the mask thing whatever it's called and just apply it on a breakout and it works wonders.

    i use neutrogena face wash/make up remover every night, i like it but i still breakout during the time aunt flow visits...maybe i should switch to purpose. i've never tried it.

    and i LOVE the creme ribbons. i even had a dude tell me one time they loved the shower gel i had after using mine.

    and that "steel foot file" is so gross looking. but something i def need to get. mine are super disgust. but that picture you chose, i really hope that isn't your own variety of foot files b/c they look pretty nasty. ;)

  7. I love the Olay Creme Ribbons body wash. They smell amazing and make your skin super soft.

    I definitely might need to invest in the stainless steel foot file!

  8. I'm even grosser--I use a straight up callous shaver! haha. I got one at Sephora and love it. My feet get SO calloused and I can't stand it.

    I use Purpose face wash too! I just got it a month or so ago when Rachel blogged about it (I think I saw a comment from you on her blog about how you use it too!), and so far I really like it. Definitely as good as some of the $30 face washes from I've tried from Sephora.

    I have a Brazilian blowout so I have to use sulfate-free shampoo. In general (without the BB) I like the natural one from Whole Foods--better for your hair and also affordable!

    Another love: Ivory "simply" . . . something . . . it's marketed as shower gel I think (probably in the same section as the Olay ribbons one) but I use it as a bubble bath cause it literally fills my entire tub with bubbles! And it smells amazing.

    I'm totally hooked on Bare Minerals right now, too. Clearly I could talk about this subject forever . . .

  9. I love purpose too. It really is the best. I def like that body wash but lately have been using bath&body works stuff from a buy 5 for $20 sale...

  10. oh girl - do i love a good stainless steel foot file! no calloused poppers for this girl - i always do a pre-pedicure before a real pedi! i also love the multiple shampoos - girl after my own heart!

  11. Just came across your blog! Love the Olay body wash as well and I am loving your blog:)

  12. I definitely agree with your love of Purpose! I haven't tried any of the other products yet. My fave cheap bath products are Pantene moisturizing shampoo/conditioner, an off-brand Shea Butter body wash that smells amazing, and Daisy razors.


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