Monday, November 29, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My Christmas cards arrived yesterday (I'll show my solution to my problem once they are delivered to fam & friends), my first ever real tree "straight from the farm" is up and my apartment is looking festive with holiday decor scattered throughout.

On my to-do list still is to make a DIY centerpiece for my dining room table (searching for inspiration), finish my Christmas wish list and even more importantly, start my Christmas shopping. For some reason I'm having a hard time deciding what to ask for this year. Could this mean I don't need anything?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, I know I enjoyed a little break with my family. I just love the day after Thanksgiving when I can finally pull out my Christmas decoration boxes from the storage closet. (What I don't look forward to is putting them all away.) For now, though, I'll enjoy the extra sparkle all around me. Why can't it be Christmas all year long?

"These things only happen to you" is a reoccurring statement I constantly hear in my life, so I fully expected to see my tree plummet from the hood of my car and roll into oncoming traffic the second I pulled out of the Home Depot parking lot. However, luck was on my side this time and my Noble Fir made it home with me in one piece. All thanks to Brian, the friendly Home Depot man who secured my tree tightly after answering my one million and one questions about trees. Thank you kind sir.


Hauling a tree up a flight of stairs and securing it in a tree stand is definitely a 2 person job. Thank goodness my Mom held the tree upright while I screwed the bolts in - not as easy as it would seem with tree branches digging into your head.

Ta-Da! [After]

I used gold as my primary color with red and silver as my secondary colors. Stringing the 800 lights was my LEAST favorite part by far. A pre-lit tree is a much better option in this respect.

(Tree: Home Depot. Lights, ribbon & tree stand: Wal-Mart. Tree skirt (Used a round Gold tablecloth - much cheaper at $9 compared to their tree skirts at $30): Target. Extra gold ornaments: 99 Cent Only store)
(Angel Tree Topper: TJMaxx)
I never really know where to string these gold glittery snowman lights I got on clearance one year in college at Kirlands. I don't have a mantle to put them on and they aren't very long so they don't really fit anywhere else. My mom suggested draping them over my entry mirror and I really like how it turned out. A little glittery glam makes my happy.

"Who are you ... Martha Stewart?" - my BFF Patty's response to my little DIY pinecone and mini silver and gold ornament arrangement I put on my bar top. This is why we're friends; I would have said the same thing to her if I saw this @ her apt. I think I may have actually got this idea from Martha's Web site. It's cheap and easy, so I elle ooh vee eee it.

(Mini ornaments: Target Dollar Spot & 99 Cent Only store. Cinnamon scented pinecones and glass bowl: Wal-Mart)

The DIY arrangement above, Santa from Kirklands and Bath and Body Works candle are on one end of my bar top.

On the other end hangs my hand sewn (a family tradition) stocking since I don't have a fireplace. The stocking hanger is from Kirklands and was about $3. A Christmas tree tray holds my Christmas cards from last year with some Cherry candy canes on top.
These are some gold and red festive accents on one of my living room end tables. Guess how much this whole thing cost? About $3.50! Unreal, right?

Last but not least, who can resist a cute snowman with reindeer slippers on his feet? This little guy is on my entry table under the mirror where the snowman lights are draped and I found it at TJMaxx in college for less than $10 (if my memory serves me correct).
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  1. LOVE it! one of my fave inspiration blogs: ... if that's not a link then, it's "design" ... LOL LOVE it. You will too .... check her out.

  2. Your casa is so festive and cute! Great decorations and DIY projects!

    Congrats on your tree!

  3. Erin _ Thanks, I'll check her out!

    Jonalynn - Thank you!!!

  4. A few comments:
    1. You're tree is glorious.
    2. LOVE the gold lights on the entry mirror.
    3. I need to own the glass bowl from WM and pine cone arrangement.
    4. Well done!