Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I hit the bullseye at Target

Obviously no matter where you are shopping, clearance racks are always going to be hit or miss. As luck would have it, I just so happened to score a big hit with the Target clearance racks today. We all know whoever said money can't buy you happiness isn't spending it right because money can buy pure bliss - especially when you are able to purchase a lot for a little.

Are you like me? When you have money to spend you can't find anything, but when you really aren't looking for anything in particular (or broke) you find so many things you just can't live without??? Such was the case today and I'm not complaining.

I snagged an entire work outfit (skirt, tank & cardigan) for less than $35 ($34.53 to be exact w/ tax included) thanks to a little scrounging through my local Target clearance racks during my lunch break. Had I paid full price, I would have coughed over about $72.50. It's important to note the outfit is not last season and it's not at all damaged or defunct. In fact, the Target Web site is still charging full price for all 3 pieces.

A tip I can offer about the clearance racks at Target is to make sure you are really digging through ALL of the racks thoroughly. Just because the rack says 30 percent off doesn't mean there aren't items on it marked 50 to even 75 percent off. Today I almost settled for a full-priced skirt before I did a little more rack rummaging. I'm glad I did because I found a skirt in the same style, slightly different material that I actually liked better for 75 percent off. Bless you Target clearance racks, bless you.

I know you're just dying to see what I bought, so I'm going to give you the goods. Unfortunately, Target doesn't let you "right-click" and save images from their site and the Google images are too tiny. You'll have to settle for clicking the pink links below:

Priced at $26.99, I paid $6.74

Priced at $21.99, I paid $12.58

Priced at $17.99, I paid $12.58
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  1. I know you did not pay $6 dollars for that Houndstooth skirt! I have that skirt and paid full price for it too.

  2. Hey, I have that purple tank too!!! The girl is freakin' obsessed with me. I don't know if you want to be me or skin me and wear me like last year's Versace!!

  3. Clearly this Stef Sam character is crazy. Hide your children.

  4. I'd love to hit the Target sales rack, but unfortunately here in Corpus we have ONE Target (in a town of 300,000). I just can't the barefoot kids runnin amuck. I'll live through you though. Love the cardigan!

  5. SO not fair!! I never find anything good in the Target clearance racks!

    LOVE that skirt!!!

  6. Yeah, guess who had it first? Oh yes, that would be me!!!