Thursday, June 14, 2012

CupCase: A mini suitcase for your bras!

If you follow me on Instagram (@thebargainblonde), then you may have seen me post this picture last week with the caption, "My CupCase arrived today!"

Many of you were curious and asked what a CupCase was, so today I'm dishing because every cute, stylish bargainista needs one for when you globe-trot.  Or "state-trot" (I made that word up).  Mine arrived last week just in time for me to pack before heading off to Charleston, SC for the weekend and I'm sad it took me so long to discover this girly creation because my suitcase has been missing out.

First, let me show you the CupCase up close and personal.
So freaking cute, right?  Do you spy the diamond studded zipper pull?  DIE!

The aforementioned CupCase is exactly what the title of this post states: a mini suitcase for your bras!   And its purpose is to protect your delicate brassieres them from crimping, crushing and creasing in your suitcase. I mean, what will they think of next?

They come in several fun satin color shades (even leopard, rawrrr!) and you can order different sizes to fit your boobie size specifications: A/B or C/D. Pink is my favorite color, so naturally I went with the hot pink.

Here is my CupCase mid-pack:

You just unzip the CupCase, place your bra in with the straps hanging out, then place your second bra the opposite direction with straps hanging out too.  Once you've finished stacking, you tuck the straps in and zip up.

So I was packing and Reese (my precious 4-year-old nephew) came in my room after his bath to say good night.  He was VERY intrigued with the CupCase and insisted he help me pack.  He decided all off my swimsuit tops needed to go in the CupCase, so I let him pack away.  Be still my heart.

Now you ladies know if I'm loving it, then you know it's got to be a bargain.  They are only $24.95, holl-er!  And if you buy 5 or more, you get 20% off, so they are only $19.95.  I think a CupCase would be perfecto as Bridesmaid gifts or Christmas presents for your besties.  Here are some of the color options if pink isn't your thing.

Shop the collection!

There you have it! Now you all know what a CupCase is.  I love mine and I loved traveling with it.  I have to be super organized when I travel so this just made my life a lot easier. You can even put hair accessories, jewelry (Stella and Dot jewelry *wink wink*), thongs, etc. in your CupCase, so it's multi-functional.

If you're now dying to have your own, just go to the CupCase Web site, pick your color/size and it ships directly to you in a cute CupCase box. Now go get your CupCase on!
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  1. OMG, I think I need one! Mine get all smashed in my luggage.

    That being said, how do you store them at home? Not trying to be personal, just curious.

  2. I just saw this on another blog and I have to have one. How cute! I love your idea to gift them as gifts.

  3. I've been wanting one of these since I saw them on Pink Lou Lou's blog! Glad to see it fits more than one bra! I think I will be ordering soon!

  4. Okay first of all - I NEED ONE OF THESE!!! What a fantastic idea!! Second of all - how freaking cute is your nephew packing up your bikini tops for you? I can't even handle it!!!

  5. Those are awesome! And you've got some sassy looking bras my dear ;) Just kiddingggg! Reese is so cute I could just die, his little striped PJ's?! Melt my heart! I need a leopard one of these, stat!

  6. This is such a great idea. I will definitely have to order one before my next trip.

    Penniless Socialite

  7. This is genius! I need to get one stat!

  8. Wow, what will they think of next? This is such an awesome idea! Reese is sooooo stinkin' cute helping you pack :)

  9. Saw this on another blog too...I'm thinking I definitely need one!

  10. Thanks for sharing. Just purchased my first CupCase! Super stoked. :)

  11. CUTE! My bras are always thrown haphazardly into my suitcase (along with everything else I pack). I think you made the best color choice--HOT PINK. Also, I wanna talk about swimsuits. Where are you getting yours these days? I've only been brave enough to try on two (ONE PIECES at that), and I left the dressing room throughly horrified. I need some suggestions on where to look for suits that are cute and might not make me wanna barf when looking in the mirror.

  12. this is the most precious thing ever....well, of course reesey is precious...duh....but the cup-case? i am in love with the name! what an awesome contraption!!

  13. I think this is genius! Super fun too!! Those pics of Reese packing = priceless!

  14. Haha your nephew is too adorable!!!

    This is such a clever product!! Too bad my bras are TOO big to even say my size out loud! Def a cute gift idea! :)

  15. This is such a cute idea!! I'll need to try it out!

    Haha, your nephew is adorable!

  16. oh man, i travel SO much I pretty much need one of these ASAP!

  17. omg, what would they think of next?

    seriously, this is brilliant!

    i think i need this in my life.