Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's in my shopping cart? Buys each under $15.

I spent a little time at Target, Ikea and Sally's this weekend (an exciting life I lead), so of course I had to dish about my bargain buys with you love bugs.  I'm sure we can all agree that shopping can definitely buy happiness, and here's how spending money this weekend made this blonde happy ....

St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Facial Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control
$3.04 @ Target - [via]
I've been so impressed with the St. Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion that I had to try their apricot scrub for acne prone skin aka my skin.  As evident by yesterday's post, Lord knows my pores could use all the help they can get.   

I have used this a few times and I really like it (good article on why you should NOT overdo facial scrubs).  The scrub isn't too harsh, but left my skin feeling soft & vibrant since it buffs away your dead skin cells.  This little lady also won Allure's reader choice last year, so I'm not the only one who is singing its praise.  See.

This cosmetic bag was only 97 cents by where all the travel sized stuff is.  Cute, huh?  They had a lot.

I've always wondered about these little eyebrow shaver things and since they were hot pink, I threw them in the ole cart:
Ardell Precision Brow Shaper
I have mixed feelings about these.  I have very light barely there eyebrows, which are hard to see when plucking.  I liked these for cleaning up above the brow, but not for underneath.  They irritated my skin a little too, so I dabbed some Biosilk around my brow to soothe the skin when I was done.  They were OK, but definitely not life changing.  

Below is a picture of my eyebrow after using the brow shaper.  In the pic I'm wearing 2 new e.l.f. items I scooped up during my Target shopping spree: The new e.l.f. Beauty School "Day Look" eyeshadow collection and e.l.f. studio mineral infused mascara. Loving both. 

Ready for my close-up?

And how meant to be is this?  After I posted about that paper towel turned bracelet holder idea on Friday, I found paper towel holders for $1 at Target Dollar Spot.  I bought one but went back for another this weekend:

At Ikea I got this shower shelf for $14.99 to organize the overflow of products that wouldn't fit on my current shower caddy.  Organization makes me happy.

Last but not least, I finally purchased a much needed shower comb.  My hair is a hot tangled mess when I get out of the shower and takes me a good 5 to 10 minutes to brush.  This shower comb from Sally's not only detangles my hair, but distributes conditioner evenly throughout.  Highly recommend this one if you have long thick hair like moi:

$2.99 @ Sally's - Buy
Phew ... that was a lot of material to cover.  I've got to go look at an apartment during my lunch break because I have less than 15 days to decide if i am going to renew my current lease or move.  Decisions, decisions. 

What have you bought for happiness lately?  Do tell.  I need any excuse to go shopping. 
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  1. wait wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT.

    You have NEVER tried that apricot scrub for blackheads?? I am SOOOO disappointed in you! First elf, now this? You are BEHIND on the DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGHS!!!!!!

    I have been using that apricot scrub since high school! It is like a SERIOUS cult item that EVERYONE uses, except, of course, YOU! WTF lindz??

    ok now that THAT is out of the way...

    oh, I am gonna have to read that article about not overdoing facial scrubs, because I once read that its good to scrub the shit out of your face every day (which I do) cause Heidi Klum or some supermodel said that its kind of like when men shave every day, they are getting rid of all the dead skin and thats why their skin looks so good, so I scrub the shite outta my face.

    so doing that paper towel bracelet holder thingy.

    love ya les!

    still totally baffled about the apricot scrub....


  3. I'm with Raven- how have you not tried the apricot scrub until now??!?! Pure craziness. I also like buying it in the tub container and using it to exfoliate my whole body! Great product!

    Love this post! I really enjoying seeing which products people are buying.

  4. I love that scrub! I have to use it everyday!! Maybe addicted a lil bit!
    Also, I use the eyebrow shaver thingy. I hate plucking and I have wild, crazy eyebrows! So in between waxing I shape them up:)AND, I love ELF's mascara! I have been trying to find one comparable to Clinique's and this one is awesome!!

  5. oh wow i so need that comb!! and I use those eyebrow shavers. They are so much less painful than tweezing or waxing.

  6. Since my funds haven't exactly allowed me to pay for much more than rent, water, and electric I enjoy living my shopping life vicariously through you. Seeing the re-organization with the shower shelf made me really happy for some reason. Awesome finds yet again :)

  7. Looks like you got some good buys!! :) love the cosmetic bag!

  8. i think one of the worst things in my life ever is getting eyebrows waxed. seriously i CRINGE everytime I have to go and the poor asian ladies that do it are like "relax your eyes, relax your this your first time?" NO ladies, it's not but it hurts like a B

    i LOVE that apricot scrub..YUM

    OH and I recently went to Ulta and got the most amazing, adorable chapstick in a ball. Google it! EOS lipbalm...comes in the cutest little ball!


  9. oh and forgot to mention...the lipbalm was like 2.99!!

  10. My breakouts have definitely calmed down a lot since I stopped exfoliating every day and my skin is less red. My fab scrub is that neutrogena grapefruit one. I have that "of course it buys happiness" magnet on my filing cabinet at work :)

  11. I had to giggle when I saw your before pic of your shower... mine is the sammme way and hub's doesnt understand why i need 89723 different shampoo/conditioner/body washes... o well. I love the new organizer! :)
    I also need to try that shower comb... I always try to use my fingers but this seems like a way better idea.and i hear yah, it takes me 999 hours to get a comb thru my hair after the shower too! thanks for sharing! :)

  12. Too funny- I just posted something by Anne Taintor as well! Love her!

  13. Nice buys/bargains! I use the St. Ives apricot scrub at least twice a week. It's divine!

  14. First off....I'm SO GLAD you found elf! Cheap and good makeup! :)
    Second, I got that same exact travel size makeup bag before I went on vacation a few weeks ago.
    Thirdly, I totally used that extra paper towel holder and reorganized all my jewelry and used that as my bangle bracelet holder. LOVE IT!
    And last but not least..I need to get a shower holder like that. Ikea, here I come!

    Thanks again for all your lovely bargain ideas!!!

  15. LOVE the apricot scrub... so good! And I still need to try the ELF products!! :( I havent been thinking of makeup too much lately- but probably should if you could see my face!!

  16. I use those little brow things - great for a touch up - especially in the middle - when plucking is just too time consuming.

    Thought of you today when I almost bought the elf eyeliner - but there was a typo on the package! I couldn't handle it, ha!

  17. I love the apricot scrub; I use it a couple times a week or my face gets super oily for some reason. And I have been curious about the eyebrow shavers, too. Pretty good, and inexpensive, haul :)

  18. Hey! This is my first time leaving a blog comment...its tricky. I was going to leave you a comment on your facebook but lets be honest here, going back to your fb page is too much work for this multitasker who is not only leaving this comment but also dipping my ruffles into french onion dip. ANYWAYS now I know you won't like this because it isn't much of a bargain but it is a lifechanger! If you are going to splurge on something, this is it. My hair is HORRIBLE when I get out of the shower. Partly because of this never hell of a process it is to go from box dye black back to blonde but also because I'm a dirtbag and don't take the best care of my hair. Anyways. One word. Pureology. It is AMAZING. the ONLY thing that has ever worked for my hair. I use the pink bottle, its (gag) $60 a liter. I wanted it really badly but wasn't down with paying that price so I kept waiting and eventually found it in Minnesota, two for $60 or I like to look at it as getting two, both half off. sounds better. Anyways seriously you NEED to try it. If you have any hairstylist friends they can get it for you cheaper. Its seriously amazing. I no joke avoid showering (and I admit, sometimes put it off as long as possible. don't judge.) just because its horrible to brush my hair out but this stuff works miracles. My hair brush GLIDES through my hair. And it isn't heavy or anything. I only use the conditioner though because the shampoo is too heavy and leaves my hair greasy. Anyways, you have to test it out. It will absolutely change your life and probably make you a cleaner person because it has made me one!!!

  19. Your shopping cart was better than mine when I go to Target. I think I need everything there. It must be the store...

  20. i love the e.l.f line at target...have you ever used their brushes? I thought about buying some the other day because they are significantly more in my price range for make up brushes than sephora or any other place really.

    thanks for being so honest in your reviews! now I've gotta get me some of that scrub!

  21. St. Ives facial scrub, WHAT? you haven't tried that before? Its like one of HG products. You make like the Green Tea scrub & "toner", I don't think its toner, but I use it as a toner. & I so wanna use the brow shaper, but knowing me, I am gonna f up my eyebrows, & I will be beyond pissed if I did that. So, I guess I am gonna leave it to the girl that threads my eyebrows. (Or, maybe I can use it on my mom...)

    xo SARMIN

  22. just bought the scrub. it betta work or else. :)

  23. Love the shower organizer. There never is enough room to store all the products we need. Seriously,,,, why can't they design showers with shelves something more practical.

    Good score on the paper towel holder. Isn't it funny how you talk about something and then it magically appears?

    Love the bargain post.

  24. Don't you love the comb? I have one. I never ever use a brush on my hair. I'm a comb girl :)

  25. awesome buys! i need some organization in my life though, really do.

    i bought 3 pair of shoes last weekend. def. made me a happy girl! :)

  26. Look at all these fab finds, Ms. Bargain Blonde! I love the apricot scrub! It's one of my faves! LOVE your new bracelet holder! What a great buy! And I must find those eyebrow shapers!

  27. this sucks. i want to go out and buy all these things and can't anymore. not to mention just ONE of them would cost me $15 here in Norway :( and i really want to make the bangle holder sometime...i know there is an Ikea here, so perhaps they would have a paper towel holder cheap?!

  28. I just stumbled across your site, and I'm so glad I did! I am also a bargain shopper. Stop by C'est la Vie if you get a chance, I'm following you now for sure!