Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall trend watch: pretty polka dots

It seems as though just about every blogger is itching for Fall to get here, which is evident by the rapid increase in fall related posts I see popping up on the daily.  This, of course, makes my heart flutter since I am absolutely, positively OBSESSED with anything fall related.

I love the fashion, the perfecto weather, the smells, the colors, the college football, etc. I could go on. Basically, I just love it all and I need fall to get here ASAP.  As in yesterday.  So while I'm patiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for this summer heat to go bye bye, I decided to pull a particular look that thanks to Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg, is supposed to be BIG this fall: polka dots

Here are several bargain polka dot options that caught my eye. Will you be trying out this trend?  I just think there is something so nostalgic, chic and classic about polka dots. Like this lace and polka dot combo from Forever 21. Super feminine:

$24.80 [via]

I'd totally wear this to work with black tights and boots.

$24.80 [via]
 I envision a bright red scarf, dark washed skinny jeans and if I'm feeling frisky, red high heels.
$17.94 [via]
Super girly LuLus dress. Love.
$35 [via]
 Take my nephew to the pumpkin patch in this with camel cowboy boots??  Yes. I see it now.
$37 [via]
 This shirt is longer in the back aka "mullet" style, but I actually like it.  Not sure I personally could pull this off, but I know the right girl could.
$42.99 [via]
 Rust is also supposed to be a big this fall.  Kill two trends with one stone in this:
$47.99 [via]
I probably like this because this dress is my college colors. I could def wear this tailgating or to a watch party. 
$52.99 [via]
 Super preppy and perfect for a casual Friday with black or dark denim. 
$39.99 [via]

Do you have a fave? or 2? 

Vote or DIE.  ... just kidding.
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  1. do i have to pick a favorite? or 2? i love some polka dots. i really like the "pumpkin patch" outfit and i have some brown boots that would be perfect. i'm itching to buy some more clothes for fall, but my wallet is itching for some money.

  2. I definitely just got some polka dots on my H&M trip. I like the 2nd dress and that last blouse is very cute.

  3. Love the polka dots.. So cute! Great pics.. I'm glad you picked a tailgating/gameday dress! You need to link it up to my gameday dress post!!

    And my fave is the orange! SO cute for fall!

  4. With our Texas and Oklahoma heats, we deserve fall!! Love those outfits!

  5. you said mullet style.


    "you better vote for me betoch... love ya" isn't that from mean girls?

  6. O, I love them all!! I have been buying lots of polka dot stuff. I can't wait!!

  7. We were so meant to meet! <3
    I love Fall and polka dots.
    I think I will have to invest in some new items for this Fall and CANNOT wait to find things I love!

  8. im not gonna lie....i was a little skeptical when i read the word "polka-dots" but theseare so trendy adn classic - GREAT picks!

  9. I love that last shirt! So sad they only have one left - and not in my size. :(

  10. Ooh, these are cute! I love the rust colored top!! Rust is the perfect color for Fall. Like you said, the white three-quarter length top would look fabulous with a red scarf and dark skinny jeans. Great finds! :)

  11. agreed! i can't wait for fall (if only it would cool off in texas!!) and i love all these finds but i think #2 is my fav!

  12. Polka dots are just adorable!
    I love the F21 dress, saw it at the store last week. Also love the 2nd dress, & the "mullet" shirt. That's just too cute.

    xo SARMIN

  13. so I voted. I don't want to die.

    also, will you kill me if I say I HATE POLKDA DOTS!!!! As in, I don't have a single item of clothing in my closet with polka dots and I probably never will. I don't like them at all. Just like I don't like floral patterned ANYTHING.

    But I LOVE you.
    So I am still the bestie, right?

  14. Love the LuLu's one. Love.

    And of course the one to wear tailgating or to a game ... always gotta have some red/black cuteness in the wardrobe! :)

  15. I am sooooo ready for Fall!! Love that last shirt!

  16. I have NEVER EVER worn polka dots..I may in fact try one of these polka dotted yummies out! of course I will let you know what i discover if polka dots could really be my thing! :)

  17. im willing to embrace the coming of fall, however, once it drops below 60, i am NOT going to be a happy camper... fall is cool, winter SUCKS. LOL!

  18. Love them all!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

  19. I love me some polka dots! I just bought a black and white polka dot scarf from H & M the other day.

  20. ah! love this post! I have been a follower for a while Id say! I need to really take pointers from you! I need all the fasion help advice i can get! hah I need someone like you to come with me SHOPPING! I need a WHOLE NEW WARDRONE UPDATE!!