Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve. I ended up going to a house party of friends from college and was in love with all of the cute NYE decor I was seeing everywhere I looked.

I asked the hostess, Rachel, about all of her adorable decorations and she told me everything there was under $30! I was blown away by all of her details and on top of it, what a bargain it all was. She's a girl after my own heart. Here is how she did it:

Hanging Garland - $2"I cut blue shimmery scrapbook paper in small circles, attached them on fishing string with double-sided tape in various lengths. I also wrote '2011' with a silver sharpie on both sides of the garlands."

Chandelier - $2.25Beaded garland from my Christmas tree: Free!
Foil garland from Target: 25 cents
Big center ornament from Target on clearance: $2

Centerpiece - $6½ yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby: $3
Used a candle holder that I had on hand, a battery pack of Christmas lights in the base and two themed feathers from Hobby Lobby: $3.50

Peacock Accents - $19All peacock feathers were 50% off at Hobby Lobby: $8.75
Vase fillers were broken windshield glass (bought as scraps from a local glass guy) and battery pack Christmas lights: $5.25
I filled clear glass ornaments with cheap paint that matched the colors of the theme and swirled them around to create a pretty effect: $4
Peacock ornament from Target: $1
Her grand total for all decorations was only $29.75, and I'm beyond impressed. How did you ring in the New Year?
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  1. Okay yah, Kind of obsessed with these decorations. I love when I find out someone didn't spend a zillion dollars because usually stuff I like is pricey haha.

    Side note: the shoes i'm wearing in my post are wedges. Found here: (sorry for the long link.. i'm actually kind of annoyed because they now have a leather version of these shoes which would be sooo much better for Vancouver rain!)

    Happy New Year xo

  2. I definitely partook in some Target clearance items while in Dallas over the holiday. Love the decor! Uh, what NYE outfit did you wear? Lemme guess ... that's the next post. ;)