Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A few things I'm loving lately

I know as a self-proclaimed reality TV addict, I should have a detailed recap of last night's The Bachelor finale for you today.  But if you've noticed, I haven't blogged about this season at all because I quit watching after Courtney showed up in Ben's hotel room in a robe and proudly proclaimed that she had lotion in her pocket. No, just no.
1. Who does that?

2. If you are that big of a hussy, do you really want to wave your slore flag for all of America to see?

I couldn't handle this season. Ben was boring, Courtney was cray and quite frankly, I had far too many other shows to watch to waste two hours of my Monday on that mess. And by the looks of all the hate spewed about The Bachelor finale in Twitterland and on Facebook last night, I'm loving that I made the right choice by quitting this season.

Would you believe until last week I had NO IDEA who Erin Condren was?  If you are in the dark like I was, she sells ridiculously cute personalized items like stationary, gift tags and planners. I'm loving that I just ordered her famous "Life Planner" in this style, but in pink/green:

Lord knows I need all the help I can get with my "life plan", so maybe she is the woman for the job.  Admittedly, it's a little pricey for a planner ($50), but I got a coupon from Hautelook, which got me a $50 store credit for only $25.  That helped soften the blow and I'm really excited about this purchase of mine.  It really is the little things, y'all.

Another thing I'm loving is Baby Lips by Maybelline.  Santa actually brought me this in my stocking and I keep forgetting to tell you about how great this lip balm is.  This product legit gives you "baby soft" lips and as a bonus, has SPF 20 in it. Perfect for protecting your lips all Spring and Summer long!

Baby Lips come in tinted and non-tinted formulas and is around $3. I personally have the non-tinted version.

Um, Houston we have a problem.  Last night I downloaded the Pictionary-like phone app, "Draw Something".  Can we talk about the fact that I was up until past 1 a.m. playing fools on it?  #addicted

Some of my creations:

My friend is going to kill me, but please tell me what this looks like to you:

I can almost bet you didn't guess squirrel, but in fact, that is supposed to be a squirrel.

All righty, I'm outtie.  T minus 3.5 days until freedom!
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  1. Doesn't Erin Condren have the best stuff? Her planners keep me in check!

  2. How did you miss the Erin Condren insanity of last summer?! LOL I almost never use my planner (I'm more of a techie girl), but I do like it. Tape up those tabs though bc they fray like a mo fo. Let's play draw something, I'm stellar. Dayoldnews

  3. I had some of that baby lips stuf in my cart the other day decided against it.... maybe I will go back and buy now! And I seriously love Draw Something. I have like 20 games going so it takes me a while to play people back, though!! lol

  4. Um. I just bought some new chapstick. Had I known about this goodness ....

    I'll be heading to Walmart shortly, just to scoop some up!

  5. I stopped watching this season too. I just couldn't get over the fact that I really really wanted to reach through the tv and punch Ben and especially Courtney!

    I've been meaning to pick up that baby lips stuff. Is it just like regular chapstick in a way?

  6. I totally agree about the bachelor. I thought that ben was kind of a push over and courtney was just ridiculous. :/

  7. I've heard great reviews on that baby lips balm, I need to get some!!

    Ummm that game looks SUPER addicting!!! I'm already unproductive enough!! Haha

  8. love baby lips. and I am so downloading that drawing game. I LOVE PICTIONARY!

    and um, 3.5 more days IZ RIGHT!

  9. I keep hearing about that planner. It will have to be on my MUST BUY list for next year!!!

    I am soo addicted to "draw something"

  10. You're going to love your planner!! I love mine!! Ps- Ive been hearing so much about that Draw Something game.... Looks hard!! I suck at that stuff!!

  11. PLAY ME!!! I have been taking screen shots of some of my more awesome drawings just so I can show them off on my blog. I think you have to find me by my email ( or we can become fb friends. I'm most proud of my Tupac drawing, although my "snorkel" was pretty good as well . . .

    The Bachelor was a WRECK and I'm so glad we can put this season behind us (though I did, admittedly, watch the whole thing).

    I've been hemming and hawing about one of those EC life planners, and I wanna hear all about yours after you get it. I may have bitten the bullet if I'd seen that coupon!


  12. You are the second person to recommend Baby Lips and I can't find it anywhere!

  13. I have that planner and LOVE it! Make sure you tape (I used simple packing tape and scissors) the month tabs, otherwise they bend and end up splitting really easily!

  14. Agh yes I love Baby Lips. I have every single "flavor".

    I need that app too. Everyone is talking about it. Too bad my kid changed my itunes password & I need my old debit card number attached to my account to change it back. F-A-I-L

  15. Just bought myself 2 Baby Lips in one week. I'm completely obsessed. Have the grape and peach. Would have bought more but all they had left was peppermint and I'm not a peppermint fan. Those things are sold out all over

  16. I'm going to have to get some of that baby lips ASAP I'm always looking for new chapsticks & it helps those are bright colors & adorable!!!
    Draw something is sooo addicting but makes me realize the lack of artistic abilities I really have haha

  17. You just now learned about EC?! Love her stuff. The life planner is amaze, you'll love it.

    DrawSomething has sucked the little bit of productivity I do have right outta me! It's too much fun.

  18. I am obsessed with Drawsomething! It's becoming a sickness.

  19. I just discovered EC about a month ago. Her stuff is SO cute, but I haven't bought anything yet bc you're right.. it's a bit pricey for what you get. Maybe I'll treat myself for my upcoming bday ;)

    I'll have to get some fo that baby lips, I always like to get the chapstick w/ SPF for summer especially!!

  20. I stopped watching Tv about 10 yrs ago....i haven't missed a thing!!
    The planners look fabulous.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    I think I will put those baby lips in my adult daughters Easter baskets!

  21. You will LOVE your planner!!! And I must invest in this Baby Lips stuff, stat!!

  22. The only thing better than ordering your planner is getting it and trying to decide what color pen to write your appts in! Or, maybe that's me. Either way, you're welcome haha.

    Never tried that lip stuff. Making mental note.

    Can you write a "best burgers of Dallas" post for me one day so I can print it and hit up all the places one weekend. Don't think I can't. And def don't think I won't.

  23. just talked about draw something on my blog, too. so funny. i was literally laughin out loud this weekend when i was playin it. ahh so funny. i'm on there as sica24 if ya wanted to play sometime.

    been seeing this maybelline baby lips talked about all over blogland, might have to get me some come payday.

  24. I love the life planner, cute choice. :) I must get some of that Baby lips stuff, it all over the place that it is good! :)

  25. Bahahahaha a squirrel? That's hilarious! I've seen a few people talking about that Baby Lips so I'm definitely picking that up next time I see it.

    Annd can we say awkward with the whole Courtney and lotion fiasco? And I watched that with my parents. Double awkward.

  26. I have the life planner by EC! Love it and you will too!

    HAHA love your Lil Wayne!! I have yet to download this app that everyone is talking about! I should!

  27. Good to hear from you lady! where haveyou been?! or have I just been missing your posts? I love my EC planner and you will love it! I once thought I lost it and went into serious panic mood, like I was FAHREAKING out. Found it and all is right in the world.. :)

  28. HAHAHH I am cracking up at that drawing. I am obsessed with that app too - it is so entertaining/funny. I love watching my friends guess my drawings, mine are so terrible! I have the EC Planner too... it is seriously AMAZEBALLS. I use it every day to record my work meetings, workouts and diet! its great. I love that it has room for weekly goals/etc. You will love it!

  29. I love the drawing game on my iPhone! I had to draw Arnold so I drew Arnold from Hey Arnold! My friend said she got it as soon as I drew a football head and some yellow hair.

  30. haha I downloaded that game, my people at my clinical got me loving it but then WAY too many people wanted to play games with me and I got annoyed so I deleted the damn thing.

    I may try it again in a bit. lol. I suck at drawing btw.

    and would have NEVER guessed squirrel lol.

  31. squirrel? really?
    I gotta check this game out.

  32. I am probably the worst drawer on that game! My husband just laughs at me when he finally figures out what I've drawn. :)