Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baby Bloggers - Part 2

Hello ladies!  Today I want y'all to meet Ashlyn and Sarah!  Sorry this intro is short but we're off to the pool for bagels and coffee.  Can you believe it's only 10 a.m. in Hawaii?  The time change is totally throwing me off.  I can't wait to recap this trip.  

Who is this baby?
Your Name: Ashlyn Williams

Your Blog Name: let it be beautiful {formally: my unrehearsed life}

Meaning behind your blog name: I have always loved the words 'Let it Be' -- so much that I would l o v e to have them tattooed on me somewhere. But since I am going into the medical field getting another tattoo isn't exactly what they consider professional, so out the window that goes. I also adore all things pretty -- from tulips & mason jars to lillies & lace. I am a fan of flowers just because it's Tuesday & kisses before sunrise. So when I kept coming back to these too things it hit me that 'Let it be beautiful' was my new blog name.

Blog Established: May 17, 2011.

Current follower count: I currently have 150 GFC followers, but was one of the unlucky ones that lost all my GFC followers on March 1st :/

Get to know this Baby
1. Why did you start blogging? I started this blog last year as a creative outlet that was about my life. Being in grad school studying to be a Physicians Assistant only let me focus on medicine {even thought I love that} but I really needed a place to be creative!  Over the last several months my goal for this blog has changed. I have always LOVED graphic design, interior design, photography, color, fashion, + type -- so since January I have changed the focus of my blog to be just that. & I have enjoyed blogging MORE than ever. I even recently started my own design part of the blog & I really enjoy helping others make their blog beautiful!

2. What do you hope to gain from blogging? I hope to gain more confidence when it comes to my ideas + inspirations. I use to think that I wasn't creative enough or that I didn't have what it took to teach myself photoshop + illustrator or photography or even how to design my own blog -- but I proved myself wrong. I hope to meet more amazing + inspirational bloggers. That is one thing that I LOVE about blogging -- because without some of these amazing friendships that I have made along the way I probably would have quit blogging a long long time ago -- because they ARE what keep me going!

3. Name 3 established blogs you look up to and why. 

DESIGN LOVE FEST :: I absolutely LOVE Bri Emery's blog. Everytime I go to her blog I could spend hours on it with her sense of style, color, design, + the fact that I can see her personality through her writing, which is superrrr important to me!

LONG DISTANCE LOVING :: {AVs} blog is one of the first blogs that I started reading back in the day. It is still one of my regulars because of her great sense of style & design. When I got the opportunity to meet her at the DC Blogger meet up this past December it just sealed the deal on what an amazing person she really is. She is one blogger that I would to get to know even more!

A LITTLE DASH OF ASH :: Now Ashley is a person I longggg to meet one day! Her blog is so fun + def an inspiration to me. We seem to have quite a bit in common & I think that is what draws me in to reading her posts everyday! I even get bummed when she doesn't post! ha :]

4. What has surprised you most about blogging so far (good or bad): I have realized that some of my bestest friends are ones that I have never met in real like. These people LOVE me for me. & I honestly can't wait to meet them one day >>> *cough* stesha *cough* drew

5. Best advice you've received about blogging: "Blog for you & not for the numbers." -- This can be easier said then done because SO many people blog for the numbers. I have learned to blog for myself & that def shows through my posts + writing!

6. How do you come up with material for your blog? HAHAHA. I come up with the most random posts at the absolute random times! Like last week I was craving sherbert {down below}  so I went to the grocery store to buy some & wrote my post on the colors of sherbet. yeah i am weird. i know. But other times I get my inspiration from magazines, other blogs, & things that inspire me!

7. What do you do when you aren't blogging? Wellllll, I am a full-time graduate student at Eastern Virginia Medical School studying to be a Physicians Assistant. So when I am not blogging I am in class from 9 am to 3 pm & studying with all the other free-time I get. I am a year into school & I start my rotations this May!! YAY! I also spend a lot of my time up in DC with my boyfriend Nick & our puppy Rufus.

8. What is your goal for your blog a year from now? A year from now I hope to have a faithful following where my readers have connected with me on a deeper level then just commenting. & I hope to have a good growing business with { let it be beautiful designs }. Like I said before readers are what keep ME going -- it isn't about the numbers, but that can def be discouraging if you aren't gaining new readers. 

9. Have you ever been on a blate (blogger + date)? If so, how did it go? If not, would you? Yes, I have had many oppurtunities to go on blates & I have had a blast on them! I went on a blate for lunch in DC with { Ashley } & I also met { Lindsey } + { Ashley } for the first time at brunch just a couple weeks ago. I am looking forward to going on more in  the future! & if you havn't had the chance to go on one, you def should! :]

10. Tell us where we can find you on the Web:
facebook ::  twitter @loveeashlyn :: pinterest :: instagram: @missashlyn :: bloglovin

Thank you Lindsey for this opportunity to tell other bloggers who I am -- I hope to get to know some of your amazing readers :]

Who is this baby?
Your Name:
Sarah Elizabeth and this is me...

I like to get dressed up and stand in the Atlantic Ocean.
Ok, fine. Let's be more realistic...

Your Blog Name:
90 Percent Blonde

Meaning behind your blog name:
I am naturally a dirty blonde. Unfortunately, I tend to fit into the dumb blonde category. I do have my smarter moments but there are times when I am ‘blonde’ the entire day. Sometime last year, Beau (as we like to call him) told me that I was 90% blonde and 10% brunette. The rest of the day, whenever I had a blonde moment, he would look over and go “Yup, 90% blonde!”

Blog Established:
September 2011

Current follower count:

Get to know this Baby
1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as a way to document my life and share my stories. When I first started, I had been suffering with chronic lower back pain for 9 months. Blogging was my escape and the support I've gotten from other bloggers is heart-warming.

2. What do you hope to gain from blogging?
I hope that through my experiences I can help other people. If not by my back issues, at least turn around someone's day by making them laugh.

3. Name 3 established blogs you look up to and why.
Lindsey from The Bargain Blonde (obviously). Not only does this lovely lady have some good stories but it's one of a handful of blogs that I can read every single post and stay interested in it. I had been following her blog for a while and partially because of her, was inspired to create my own. And have you seen her nephew?!?

Jess from The Kentucky Priss. Can you say gorgeous! Being fake and hiding behind a blog is something that one could easily do. But by reading her blog, you can tell she is the real deal -- she even types the way she talks. Bonus? She loves monogrammed things!

Chelsea from Life is a Sunset. This girl knows how to write! She has gone through so much in the past year but is such a strong person and her strength shines through her blog. I've had the honor of email back and forth with her before and let me tell you, a girl would be lucky to have her as a friend!

4. What has surprised you most about blogging so far (good or bad):
Good -- The friendships made between bloggers. Who knew that you can be so close to someone you've never met!
Bad -- The mean comments people write then hide behind the name 'anonymous'. If you have something to say, speak up.

5. Best advice you've received about blogging:
Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't write. It's your blog and if people don't like what you have to say, they don't have to read it.

6. How do you come up with material for your blog?
Through my life... things I say or do. After all, who doesn't love stories from a blonde!

7. What do you do when you aren't blogging?
I love to spend time with my two dogs: Bow, a Border Collie mix rescued from Southern Virginia, and Sammy, a German Shepherd mix rescued from Georgia. I am a reality-TV and wine addict, especially Monday and Tuesday nights. Photography is a newer hobby of mine and I love to learn new techniques. Oh, and I'm planning my Beau's and my wedding!

8. What is your goal for your blog a year from now?
Honestly, I don't really have a goal for my blog except to keep blogging. Sometimes life can get busy and blogging goes on the back burner but I try to not let that happen. I've made it an important part of my life and I love it.

9. Have you ever been on a blate (blogger + date)?  If so, how did it go? If not, would you?
Not yet, however, Jess from Pretty Physicist and I have been trying to get together and we hopefully will be soon. Am I excited to meet her? You betcha!

10.  Tell us where we can find you on the Web:

Twitter: 90percentblonde

Pinterest: dreamersgirl

Instagram: 90percentblonde

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  1. Ashlyn--you are the absolute sweetest :) thank you for including me! xoxo {av}

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm crazy excited to hear the recap of the Hawaii trip, crazy girls!