Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can't stop listening: Elenowen

Y'all!  I've been so obsessed with Elenowen since I heard them on NBC's The Voice.  I remember sitting on the couch (no doubt goblet of wine in hand) typing away on the ole bloggity blog when I heard their amazing voices.  I immediately paused, rewound and listened to this husband-and-wife duo sing this song soooo many times that night. 

Now I sit at my desk at work and hit replay on this youtube video all day:

That was until I discovered Honey Come Home, which is their latest song I have on repeat.

Apparently I had not stalked them properly because until last night I had no idea they released their debut album this January titled 'Pulling Back the Veil'.  I mean, no big deal or anything, but @elenowen tweeted me last night sending me the link to their album on itunes and the link to their current single, Honey Come Home.  Holla.

Mark my words: Elenowen will be blowing up the CMA stage sometime in the near future and I'll be on the couch with my goblet of wine saying "told you so".  I'm rooting for this pair because they are one word: AHH-mazing.  Just thought I would share. Toodles.
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  1. i LOVE honey come home. it's been on repeat for a couple of weeks now :)

  2. I remember them on the voice and thought they were great - but honestly the show was the last time I thought about them! I will definitely be listening from now on...honey come home is soooo good.

  3. Don't you love it when you find a new band and they blow up?! I did the same thing with Foster the People. We should be music scouts. Loving Honey Come Home!

  4. Wow! I loved them! I will definitely be listening to them at work now. Thanks for bringing them to my attention :)

  5. Sounds like something that would be on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack...and inevitably make me cry.

    Geez...I'm such a giant sap! :)

  6. i LOOOVE this!

    i love when I find new music...makes me happy :-) then i laugh at myself when i find myself replaying and replaying

    recently found a new song i LOOOOVE by this girl Rachel Platten. Its called 1,000 ships. SO GOOD


  7. wow she is amazing! i'm with erica - so glad when i find new music - thanks for the intro!

    hope the move is going great!

  8. OMG, they are amazing! I never watched the voice, so I had never heard of them to now.

  9. I kept reading their name wrong, I thought it was Ello-Ween. And I thought WOW she's really into Halloween spooks. DUH! I too loved them on The Voice thanks for reminding me.

  10. I loved them. I was pissed when they were cut. Going to listen to these songs on repeat - thanks!

  11. We went to a Thompson Square concert last week and Elenowen actually opened for them! They were really good! Oh and a bonus...the guy that was playing the keyboard in the background was Ryan Gosling's twin from when he was playing the young Noah on The Notebook! :)