Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Geeze, when did you turn 40?"

That was my brother's response when he came over Saturday afternoon to pick up Reese, my nephew, and saw my failed attempt at a DIY project. You see, I attempted to make this festive candy cane candle I saw on Sweet Something Design's Holly Tablescape post:

Turns out I don't need to start a candy cane candle business anytime soon.
I saw this cute idea Friday and then swiftly went to the Dollar Store and Michael's for all the necessary supplies. I was so excited to make my very own candy cane candle, but quickly realized my project wasn't going as planned. I didn't buy tall enough candles, the candy canes wouldn't position how I needed them to and I finally threw in the towel when my attempt at a bow turned into a ragady knot.

Instead, I've settled on a simple and plain alternative that I'm very content with. My DIY centerpiece cost less than $20 and I bought all the supplies from Michaels, the Dollar Store and Garden Ridge. There's always next year - maybe I'll give the candy cane candle another whirl then.

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  1. Oh it looks great!! I like your centerpiece better than the candy cane one anyway :) xo

  2. awww, thank you so much for the sweet comment!!!


  3. Your centerpiece is so much better! If I ever tried to make anything with candy canes, the sugary goodness would be consumed like 20 minutes later. I love candy canes, especially the rainbow ones.

  4. Posted it on my blog!

    Have a merry Christmas!!!

  5. try gettin a glue gun next time.. that my weapon of choice :) love u blogs