Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm RE-resurrecting Fri Faves tomorrow!

I kind of did better blogging this week, right?  Tomorrow I'll be hosting Friday Favorites again! It will publish at midnight CT so link-up if you can. I promise to make it more routine and start posting it every Friday like the "old days" aka before I moved here.

I had fun passing out candy last night, but I learned I should not guess little kid costumes when I answer the door because I am way out of touch with what is "hip" these days.

"CUTE! Are you a troll?!" - me 
"No, I'm Jimmy Neutron." - little girl

Um, should I know who Jimmy Neutron is? I'm officially that old person. All I know I learned from Reese and he's all about superheroes so that's the extent of my hip little kid knowledge.

I went to a co-worker's Halloween party Saturday and of course, I waited until the last minute to pick out a costume.  I ended up going as a pirate wench.


See you guys back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!  Who is going to link-up!?? HTML code for the FF button in case you need it:

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  1. you look super cute! and jimmy neutron?! who dresses like that?!

    I will of course be linking up. VERY EXCITED.

  2. Slightly sad that I'm the small child in a big kid's body. I totally know who Jimmy Neutron is - and pretty much every other current Disney character. My bad.

  3. You are the prettiest pirate! Can't wait to link-up :)

  4. You're makeup looks AMAZING. Glad to see you're making friends at your new job :)

    & don't feel bad, I have no clue who jimmy neutron is either =X

  5. she was jimmy neutron? that show was on when i was a kid, WAS being the key word. i had no clue that kids were into him still. i should've counted how many iron men i saw, probably would be close to 20 something. kids love iron man.

  6. You Look adorable!!! Flipping Jimmy Neutron- does that show even air anymore?? Ridiculous. Tell that little girl that out of the 150+ trick or treaters I saw last night, there were NO Jimmy Neutrons. #justsayin

  7. I wanna see your whole costume! You look pretty. And for the record, I have no idea who Jimmy Neutron is either.

  8. i love jimmy neutron, my dad "liked" that show because it was very 3-d like? LIke he didn't like watching it, but he liked the effects of it.. yeah... i have a little sister so i know who it is =]
    but google that fool.

  9. Hahaha, my mom always used to try guessing the kids' costumes and was always super off :) You looked cute as a pirate! And, I'll most likely be linking up tomorrow!!

  10. I've found it's always easier to say "Ooh you sure look scary!" or "Your costume is super cute!" I am a horrible guesser too (:
    I can't wait for Friday Faves tomorrow, YAY!!

  11. My favorite costume BY FAR was the mom who dressed a binder full of women and her son, who she dressed as a campaign sign. TOO FREAKING FUNNY! It's been nice having you back this week beautiful!

  12. YAY for the return of Friday Faves!! writing up my post right now!

  13. A troll!!! HAHAHAHAHA! And hold up! Jimmy Neutron is a BOY ??? So really that little girl was asking for it :)

    YAY for you blogging more! I know things are so cray with the holidays, but would LOVE to plan dinner or something with you since you're only a measly 2 hours away from me now!! XOXOXO

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog