Monday, November 19, 2012

Happenings as of late [via Instagram]

For starters, I got my Internet installed in my apartment last Wednesday. Cue the angels. This will hopefully make blogging a little more convenient.

I couldn't stop laughing when I got this text from my mother who was traveling for work and just boarded a plane. I seriously laughed by myself for a good 5 minutes just picturing this.
I spent a Saturday evening on the couch watching The Vow, lusting over the sexiest man alive and crying for a good hour. Have y'all seen this movie? Feel free to judge me.
My obsession with the Robertsons has continued to grow and I'm very upset there isn't a single brother left who isn't wifed up. Even Si has a lady friend. FML. Oh and please excuse my ghetto current living room setup. I am on the hunt for a new TV stand, so my coffee table is sufficing as one for now. Yep.
I spent the first part of my Sunday at my now favorite coffee shop oohing and awing over the latte art. This week I got a tulip. Oh, and that is a Lorraine quiche that was melt in your mouth good in case you were wondering.

Last but not least, I had a special blogger visitor this weekend, which I'll post about ASAP. I'm not making any concrete promises on when because clearly since moving to Vegas, I've been completely lackadaisical with my blog.

At this point there is no sense in even wasting my time apologizing about being MIA. I'm just really busy during the week so my blog has unfortunately had to take a back burner and that is all there is to it. Lets hope I can't get it together soon.

And one last thing for my fellow reality TV lovers ... I loved the movie Catfish so naturally i am obsessing over the TV version that premiered on MTV last Monday. However, can we talk about last night's episode? The dude's name was Scorpio. Really, mam? If the name "scorpio" isn't a red flag, I don't know what is. And don't get me started on Sunny from last week. D.U.M.B.

But more about TV talk later. For now, it's bed time for this west coast girl. It's still so bizarre being in this time zone. Bargain Blonde outie.

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  1. Super jealous of your coffee art. I've never experienced coffee art... & I loved the vow. I do also love lifetime movies though, so that's that.

  2. Your mom's text made me LOL hahaha so awesome yet awful at the same time! I NEED to see this Catfish show....I have them all recorded! Also...I've been salivating over your latte art photos on Instagram YUM!

  3. Oh girl, your "tv stand" looks like a million dollar piece compared to my current "tv stand" - which is actually a nightstand. Our places are coming together... sloooowly.

  4. Yay for getting internet!
    That text from your mom is hilarious!!
    I still haven't seen the Catfish show everyone is talking about, but apparently I am missing out!

  5. That Sunny girl from Catfish was a total dumbass! She should have known that it wasn't real from all the things that he said that didn't add up! As soon as the guy started asking about him it was sketchy! It serves her right to find out that it was really a girl instead! Oh I could go on and on about this show! LOVE IT!

  6. I was so happy to see you pop up on my blog roll this AM! Glad you finally got internet! You should have posted the little video of Reese because (judge me) I may or may not have watched it more than 10 times. HE IS THE SWEETEST LITTLE NUGGET THAT EVER EXISTED!

    1. agh! I should. Maybe I'll make his video a Friday Faves!! I totally forgot about it.

  7. I can't get enough of Duck Dynasty! A marathon the other day is just what I needed for a good laugh! & Catfish... I must see this movie! I caught the show right after Teen Mom 2 (?maybe... & Yes, I'm a reality TV junkie as well!) But, it's awesome!!! I've got to start recording it!!!

  8. I'm so glad you are back to blogging. For a real laugh google honey boo boo gifs. And you have made me obsess over lattes with designs.

  9. So, I admit... I get really excited seeing your new place coming together. And, um, let's talk about how ghetto my new place is going to look for the first little bit. I'll be flying home for Christmas two weeks after I get there so my poor apartment will be half-way unpacked and completely unorganized. Hooray.

    I watched Catfish last night. Twice. And even after the second time, I thought the same thing... Scorpio? Really? Then again, her name was Trina "The Natural" so I guess anything goes. And I saw your tweet about Nev. Yes! Total crush! I haven't seen the movie yet!

    xo, Chelsea "The Natural"

  10. I'm so glad your doing great! I am crazy about Duck Dynasty! :))

  11. looks like you are settling in!! love keeping up with all your happenings!

  12. Love Catfish! I can't believe how dumb those people are though, for real! Can't wait to hear about your Vegas visitor! I loved ya'lls Instagrams from the weekend :)

  13. I LOVE how "duck dynasty" is one of your post tags. HA!

    I'm going to finish the first ep of Catfish today, cause you know how I felt about the movie.

    Also: Matt did not approve of our Thursday night shenanigans :(

    Blogging about our Vegas time NOW. Cannot believe we have ONE PICTURE. Well, other than the one you took of me Thurs night . . . LOL.

  14. So nice to see you blogging again girl! Glad you're settling in vegas well :)