Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Summer Beach Bag Essentials $25 and under

Since the Summer temps are almost upon us, and I just got back from a tropical Hawaii vacation, I thought I'd share some of my must-have beach bag finds all for $25 and under!
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1. Fekkai "Summer Hair" Beach Waves Spray - $25
This tropical smelling spray gives your locks the perfect tousled, "spent all day in the ocean" look. Fekkai has never let me down. 

2. Maybelline Baby Lips w/ SPF 20 - $2.99
I've already touted about my love for this lip balm here and I'm back again to swear it is a "must have".

3. Clinique Lash Power Mascara - $15
Clinique makes one of my favorite mascaras and this version "lasts through rain, sweat, humidity, tears".  My blonde lashes need this in their lives.

4a. Neutrogena Ultra-Dry Sheer Touch Sunblock - $9.99
This dry-touch sheer formula is perfect for your facebecause it's not overly greasy.  I never wear anything else on my face!

4b. Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock - $8.99
It gets HOTTTTTTT in Texas and I mean hot. I love that this sunblock cools as it protects.

5. Xhilaration Pink Wayfarer Sunglasses - $12.99
I got a pair of pink sunglasses identical to these, but from Francesca's a few weeks ago. Every time I put them on, I am automatically in a better mood.  Put on a pair of pink sunnies and tell me you don't instantly feel summery

6. Merona Woven Black Floppy Hat - $14.99
I wore this to float the river last year and after I had a slight tumble down a mini water fall, it had a sad death. I immediately went to Target and got a new one. I can't layout without this floppy hat shielding my face from the harmful sun.

7. Marley Lilly Monogram Wine Koozie - $19.99
I don't own this, but I need to.  How cute is this?  And monogrammed?  I spy a birthday gift.

And that makes seven. What are your summer beach bag essentials?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. MMMmmm I LOVE Baby Lips!

    I have the brighter pink one and i love it.

  2. i totally need to get me a cute hat for Padre!! im sure Tarjay has one!
    i must go shopping!!

    thanks for sharing!! ill be getting me a few!

  3. I've heard a lot of good things about the baby lips...must try!

    Also, loving the hat and sunnies!

  4. LOVE the Neutrogena sunblock! It is my only sunblock for summer!

  5. I totally bought those glasses from Target last night but in purple. I have to return them though bc I look ridic :(

  6. You definitely need a good gossip mag and a yummy beverage :)

  7. I must try that Fekkai Beach Waves spray.. Immediately. John Frieda used to make something similar and it is no longer made. And that Neutrogena sunscreen is the only kind I use too. My skin is so sensitive.

  8. I'm going to Costa Rica in a month and have been going crazy about what to do with my hair...I know...I'm crazy. My hair doesn't have a good natural curl and I am worried that the humidity there will make my hair look like Monica's did on Friends when she went to Jamaica,ha! I will have to for sure try the Fekkai Spray out, I love there stuff.

  9. oh really? you love monogrammed things?

    thats funny.....

  10. must try the fekkai! and the cooling mist sunblock for my upcoming caribbean trips - gracias.

  11. I will definitely have to try the sheer touch! I'm always looking for sunblock that isn't greasy!

  12. obsessed with baby lips!!! I love the grape. Thanks for the tip on the be achy wave spray!! I will purchase like the hair product whore that I am.

  13. do you mind if I ask how you use the fekkai? like...just spray it in your hair, or spray it in and scrunch, or...? to be honest I'm hopeless with stuff like this; my hair is sort of wavy but I can rarely find sprays that will hold the waves for long periods of time :-/

  14. I saw all your sunscreen adventures when you were in Hawaii and I was impressed. I am HORRIBLE about sunscreen. I spent 8 days in Cabo last summer and used sunscreen like twice. I know I'm gonna be old and wrinkly and nasty when I'm 35, but a) I can't stand the way sunscreen feels on my skin and b) I want a tan!!! But now that I'm 30, I know it's time to check myself. Plus, burns are horrific.

    I get most of my sunglasses from H&M. I had a pair of beautiful Chanel tortoiseshell sunnies once and they got washed away one in the ocean at La Jolla Beach in San Diego one drunken 4th of July. Since then, I only buy cheap sunglasses. :)

    I carry around: cheap magazines, a book, my Saints koozie, Nivea lip balm, and hair ties.

    I'm so excited about summer/beaches/etc! Except for trying on bathing suits. That, I'm dreading.

  15. i seriously hate the fact that i can not get that maybelline lip balm stuff here. im loading up this summer i promise!

  16. That neutrogena is the only stuff I will put on my face, seriously I swear by it! It feels just like normal moisturizer. Love baby lips & have like 4 thanks to you! Lol. Peach is def my fave. So glad you found those sunnies :)