Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Organizing on the Cheap

I've been on a mission to organize my drawers and cabinets, which all started because I was trying to find a nail polish color one night. It finally dawned on me after years and years of having my polishes tossed in one big container that surely there had to be an easier way. I could never find what color I wanted, I forgot what colors I had and polishes were laying on their side and leaking. Did I mention I'm a nail polish hoarder?

I needed a solution to my problem, so I took a trip to Container Store since I had recently received a gift card from there. I settled on a refrigerator organizer tray I could pull out from under the sink where I was storing the polish. The tray was $14.99, which I didn't think was too steep of a price until I discovered the 99 Cent Only store. From there, I went a little nuts. The Container Store purchase was essentially free, so my little organizing overhaul below ended up costing me $7 total. I highly recommend you find a 99 Cent Store by you because they have a huge isle with tons and tons of containers that are so many different sizes, shapes and colors.

{Midway through organizing my polish by color and brand.}

{Polish on the Container Store tray, now I can choose what color I want easily}

{My make-up was also in one big container and I NEVER used any of this stuff because I forgot what I had and it was just too big of hassle to dig through it all.}

{These pink containers were 3 for .99 cents: 1 for eye shadows, one for lipsticks, one for blush and lip glosses}

{.99 cent cutlery holder I converted to a make-up brush/liner holder. Four different compartments hold my eye liners, lip liners/lip brushes, eye shadow brushes and face brushes}

{This would be under my sink in the kitchen before. I didn't even like opening it up because as you can see, it was quite scary.}

{One large .99 cent container made all the difference in the world.}

{The clutter above my washing machine before.}

{Again, these larger containers were only .99 cent each and they help divide my laundry detergent from cleaning supplies.}

And in very unrelated news, check out my yummy dinner of easy eggplant parm and homemade croutons on a homemade Caesar salad. As you can tell, everything I cook is "easy". If it sounds entirely too complicated, I probably will not be cooking it. Eggplant recipe via Life as a Wife. Every recipe she posts looks so dee-lish and her blog is addicting. Go check her out!

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  1. Uh, I think you need some more lip gloss and nail polish. asap.

  2. are you for hire??! i will fly you to the arctic circle to help me organize! this is genius!!!! im almost embarrassed at how poorly my things are organized now :(

    and i loveeee that you save giftbags LOL! my grandma does that and i always thought i should do...then i realized im so thoughtless that i like don't give gifts to people. LOL.

    and...have enough pink fingernail polish? you could totally open your own salon with it.

  3. can u please give me tips on ORGAINZING! i need so help here around my place.....:/

  4. L-O-V-E your new blog design, so cute!! And this is an awesome system, love it! I'm such an organizing dork. You have WAY my polish than me though, ha!