Sunday, April 7, 2013

I can't sleep so I'll blog about the time I got lost hiking

So it's Saturday night, well technically it is now Sunday at 12AM, and I cannot sleep. I can't be 100% sure, but it may have something to do with the 3 naps I took today on accident and a Starbucks energy drink I had at 8PM. Never mind the fact I am supposed to be up at 5:45AM for a 5K. Yah, I don't know who I am either. I don't run. Like at all.

Lately I've been obsessed with this workout class called Skyrobics. It's an hour long cardio and toning class at my local trampoline park and as an ex-gymnast, it is right up my ally and actually a workout I look forward to. Not to mention it is super low impact on my joints and we all know I don't have the best ankles. Last I left you guys, I was going to hike Red Rock Canyon here in Vegas.

By the way, if you want more regular updates on my life out here in the Wild, Wild West, then make sure you follow me on Instagram (@thebargainblonde). I certainly update that much more frequently than my blog these days.

Anyway, I survived hiking Red Rock but not without some hiccups. Our 1.5 mile hike turned into 8 miles. Yes, 8 miles. And no, that was not intentional. Trust. The trails aren't marked so somehow, someway, we ended up off course and 4 miles out from our starting point. That meant we had no choice but to hike the 4 miles back to our cars. I have never been so happy to see my car in my life. The views were gorgeous and I can't complain about the exercise, so I chalk it up as a successful outing getting lost and all.

Do you guys ever go hiking? Before moving here, i never realized how gorgeous the mountains are in Las Vegas. I never, ever get tired of looking at them every morning and every night. It's one of my favorite things about this city. See people, there is more to Vegas than The Strip. So there. I miss you guys (as usual).


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  1. That was a gorgeous hike!! Even if it was too long...

    We do go hiking here, but since there are no mountains in our part of Texas, I'm not sure if it really counts?

  2. Honestly I think that I might die even after one mile, so your eight? Seriously impressive. I'm with Heather ^ we live in the same part of Texas, so no hiking here! When I lived in SC we went to the mountains quite regularly but it was so hard for someone as out of shape as me.

  3. That does look like a gorgeous hike! Thank goodness you didn't get **too** lost and were able to make it back!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. beautiful! I always get to nervous that I'll get lost hiking that I always bring a ridiculous amount of water and snacks ... just in case :)

  5. Oh my GAHHHH!!! Getting lost hiking is pretty much my own personal version of you know where...I'm so so sorry that happened to you! Because if it were me, I'd immediately begin envisioning all those stories you hear on the news about Boy Scouts getting lost. No Boy Scouts here, just a silly girl who has no business being in the wilderness. I miss your face in blog world and this post made me happy, minus the getting lost part ;) And now that I've written a novel...XO

  6. Love Red Rock Canyon! So gorgeous out there. Have you had a chance to make it up to Vally of Fire yet? Its soooo amazing too! That sucks you got lost... yikes! Hopefully the weather was okay and you had water and all that survival stuff :)

  7. Hiking is NOT my thing but those pictures could almost convince me!


  8. I went to the hoover dam when I was in Vegas for emmy's bach. You are totally right, the mountains are quite a sight. So were all the Spanish style roofs. Oh and those thunder from down under guys. They were the best sight of all. hahahahahahah

  9. It's silly how excited I get when I see a post.. but of course I stalk you on Insta too! I would soooo get lost if I tried to go hiking in Denver, I just know it!

  10. I miss your blogging!!!!! Such pretty views though. Must come visit soon :)

  11. yay for a blog post!!! it always makes me smile! i have never been to vegas and these views are incredible!

  12. It's beautiful! Not a bad place to get lost in/at! (Just as long as you get out!) :)

  13. I loathed hiking growing up and cannot believe I go every week now. 8 miles is brutal though!

  14. OMG. What trail did you go on out there? I did that recently, It's one trail, but there are two different points (apparently). The way we came out last time, was where I thought I was hiking to start...wrong. It didn't have quite the pretty picture end, but I found some cool spots. I understand about not blogging...hence why Ash and I kind of have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. Hope Vegas is treating you well! P.S. You, me and Ash need to meet up for drinks or something again soon!

  15. I love the scenery - gorgeous pictures! Sounds like you guys got pretty off the trail, glad you found your way back!!

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