Thursday, July 12, 2012

Confession Session returns!

I used to write "Confess Sesh" posts frequently, but for some reason or another, it's been months since I last confessed.  Maybe it's my PMS flaring up or I could still be perturbed about the Curious Case of the Stanky Dress, but I have just not been in the mood this week.  With that said, let me preface this post by asking you to excuse my snarky tone throughout. Air kisses!

I confess that I want to punch any holier-than-thou married or unmarried person who is getting on their soapbox saying Magic Mike is immoral.  However, let me also say that although I don't understand it, I completely respect if Magic Mike is something you can't co-sign. I just ask that you don't JUDGE ME or others who were there opening night with wine smuggled in our purses.  If loving Magic Mike is wrong, then I do NOT want to be right.  My bestie Beth's post also addresses "MagicMikeGate" today. Can I get an Amen?

I obviously think
Channing Tatum is gift to all women, but I confess I had no idea who this Joe Manganiello cat was before Magic Mike and that's a damn shame.  His abs?  I have never in my life seen abs like his.   And when he does the body roll? OMG, I can't.  Do I also need to mention he's 6'5"? Ugh, I want to carry his babies.

Channing Tatum's FLASH MOB on The Today Show!  Dreams really do come true.

I confess that the comments I received as a result of my If Kate Upton is fat, then I am morbidly obese post on Tuesday are my favorite comments on a post to date.  Each e-mail that popped up on my phone notifying me of a new comment made my heart smile. I have not responded to them all yet, but thank you for your support and feedback on my opinion regarding this mess.

Just for kicks, let's take a look at the "lazy, lardy" look once more.  Someone put this woman in touch with Jessica Simpson's people so we can get her a Weight Watchers contract too. #Idon'tlikejokes

I confess that instead of complaining about Magic Mike and Kate Upton haters, I should really live by the motto "Don’t waste time explaining yourself to people committed to misunderstanding you."  But, I also confess that sometimes a girl just needs to vent.  Sue me.

I confess that I hated Emily Maynard's clip in "phonytail" during the rose ceremony on Monday. However, I hated her necklaces even more. The worst part? Those necklaces were THOUSANDS of dollars. 
vom / via
double vom  / via
According to the blog Possessionista, all three of those necklaces will put you back $11,600 bones.

Diamond Bird Necklace: $4409
Diamond Chain Necklace: $2200
Fossilized Ivory Necklace w/ Diamond beads-$5000

Imagine all the Stella and Dot her stylist could have got for that price?  Just sayin'.

I confess for the last few days I've wanted to go to the movies by myself ONLY so I can eat the popcorn. Fat girl diaries.

I confess that I'm too lazy to think of any more confessions, so I'm just going to click "publish".  

Tomorrow I will be posting Friday Faves again at 7 a.m. EST, so be sure to link-up with me. I loved reading all of your posts last week! 

p.s. What do you confess??
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  1. Here are some confessions:
    1. I'm obsessed with movie popcorn (drizzled with butter) and I don't even like going to movies that much.
    2. Except Magic Mike, which is HOT and which I want to see again. The only thing I'd rather do is go to a REAL strip club and watch REAL hot naked men dance. People who think that's immoral are missing out. They're also missing out on wine.
    3. Drinking my last sip of coffee is pretty much the worst part of my day.
    4. I want to transport myself (and you) to a beach right now with hottie cabana boys bringing us frozen drinks.
    5. The only thing stopping me from getting a giant veggie deli sandwich right now is my enormous belly roll.
    6. Sometimes getting too many work emails makes me want to throw my laptop into a pool.

  2. OH MY GOD! Have you never seen True Blood? You can see Joe Manganiello every Sunday night then!

  3. I confess I watched that video 4 times. OMG. Channing pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. yum.

  4. I confess that I secretly think that Kate Upton is a little too skinny, but certainly NOT fat.

    Oh, and Target (or at least my target) has popcorn ... that is pretty close to movie theater ... just saying. I spend a lot of time in Target, but my preferred snack (i confess) is the Pizza Hut breadsticks.

  5. I haven't seen Magic Mike, but I do NOT know see anything wrong with it. I mean, it is a freakin' movie. If people want to think it is more, then it will be to them. My hubby didn't care, and said I could watch it (not like I have to get permission). I have so much I can say about the haters, but I won't :)

    There's nothing wrong with the movie theater popcorn. It is just that delicious. The stuff at home never turns out that good :(

    Btw, I have my post ready for Friday Faves!

  6. Since I am sensing a confession theme, I am so hopping on the bandwagon! I confess..
    1. That your post totally made my whole day, what I would give to see Joe M body roll in person.. or Channing Tatum.. or Matt Bomer. Seriously I'll take any one of them.
    2. I haven't seen Magic Mike yet, and I feel like I am missing out on the best thing ever to come to theaters.
    3. Whoever thinks Magic Mike is immoral is clearly missing out.
    4. I love movie theater popcorn loaded with butter. I'm a fatty ;)
    5. If Kate Upton is fat then I am a beached whale.
    6. You are pretty freaking amazing.

  7. I confess that seeing the rumors of a Magic Mike sequel yesterday was the highlight of my week. The poor, deprived women who "don't agree with" the sexiness that is Magic Mike. Sads for them.

  8. I'm right there with you about the Magic Mike haters...these people just need to get over themselves. Have they seen Channing Tatum??? I was there on the second night it open and the entire row in front of us were grandmas...if the grandmas can get with Magic Mike so should everyone else :)

  9. OMG I LOVE Joe Mangeniello. He's Alcide on True Blood. So sexy, and yet another reason for me to drool over that show...or anything he's in for that matter ;P

  10. I confess that I am laughing hysterically at this post in my office :) thank you!

  11. Haha seriously my favorite posts are when you and Kristen "bitch" (that is not meant in a bad way at all, obvs) about things! They are speaking directly to me. I need to one of my own but I always think people are going to think "Shut-up you whiny betch!" Anyways.. agree on all accounts! I didn't like any of Emily's outfit that rose ceremony! Linking up tomorrow of course :)

  12. I can't believe you just now discovered Joe! I first became aware of him when he played Owen on One Tree Hill. Then he got cast on True Blood. He's so pretty!!!!

    And Kate is looking good, those girls are crazy!

    I don't watch the bach. but I have seen pictures of Em. She's def had better looks.

  13. I confess that I too am feeling a bit snarky today so I'm really loving the tone of this post! I completely 10000% agree with you about Magic Mike haters. Totally cool if it's not for you, but that damn sure doesn't mean it's not for me. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going Sunday and I'm EXCITED!

  14. i just have to say THANK YOU for that clip of Joe doing his roll! Lordy, that has made my day. I really enjoyed Magic Mike simply for the fact that it IS fluff and i didnt have to think for a minute. Just sit back and watch and dance in my seat.

  15. i NEED TO SEE MAGIC insides are calling for me to go see ovaries..maybe then ill go home and make babies

    jk but yeah i need to see it :-)

    that GIF of the body roll is so sexy hahah

    godddd kate upton is such a lardass pigg. seriously. what a fatty! hahaha KIDDING OBV i cant believe people think she is fat. it baffles me

    love this linnnyy!

    idk why i called u linnny but it has a ring to it :)

    PS. your blog has been blocked and then unblocked and then blocked and then unblocked by a "porn" category the past few months. I am happy to announce its back..i hope...haha its figity


  16. Because lists keep my thoughts organized--
    1. I'm so tired of hearing the many many complaints and judgements about 50 Shades and Magic Mike. If you don't like it, don't watch or read. simple as that.
    2. Loved loved your post on the model. Have you seen where teens have gotten Seventeen Magazine to stop using photoshop? Can we please do that with ALL magazines?
    3. Can't eat popcorn. I get so sick when I eat it. But you enjoy the heck out of that shiz.

    Love your blog, girl. Keep on truckin!

  17. thanks for backing me up.

    i confess i hated the horse pony tail. it was awful. i mean...atleast curl it or something. also, what about the gray cotton tank with a glammy skirt. not the best styling if you ask me.

  18. Love this post! I absolutely agree on everything! SO glad I found your blog, newest follower! :)

  19. I'm about to defriend your ass. You didn't know who Joe M was?!? Oh dear lord you need to watch the true blood series back to back and have dreams about him like I do nightly!!!! (sorry Billy) you may hate me for saying but I think he is hotter than channing most of the time! I had other things to say but it looks like hot men took up my brain thoughts for the remainder of this comment.

  20. Emily's fake ponytail makes me want to barf. Girlfriend should just go natural!

  21. All I can say is Channings wife is one lucky bish. And I'll confess that when he ripped his shirt open and had a tank on underneath I shouted "NO!!!" at the computer.

    I also hated her "phonytail" (hilarious play on words)!! How did she look at that and think 'yep. this works'. Also I thought her skirt/dress (?) made her look like a mermaid. Not the best night for precious Emily.

  22. Emily's pony was pretty bad right?! I saw her wear it in a past episode. When I saw it I immediately said, 'BAD CLIP IN!' Totally didn't know that about the necklaces. Crazy! I blogged about the Bachelorette on Tuesday!

    I confess... I'm about to eat a Gigi's Cupcake, so I'm right there with ya with the fat girl diaries ;)

  23. Okay, THANK YOU for mentioning E's ponytail. Sheesh. I'll confess I'll wear extensions on occassion, but hers were unforgivingly fake-looking.

  24. I confess that I did in fact go see Magic Mike and while I didn't thoroughly enjoy it as much as I anticipated, I'm still glad I saw it! Though I went to go see it since Alex Pettyfer is in it, and me likes him. :)

    And I am so glad I am not the only one who saw Emily's ponytail and thought how awful it was!

  25. First of all, thank you for those videos. I know Joe from One Tree Hill way back in the day. He was the bartender at Tric and dated Brooke for a minute. He was later seen on How I Met Your Mother and then got a role on True Blood. He is all kinds of delicious. Second, I couldn't agree with you more on Emily. Her entire rose ceremony outfit was ALL WRONG.

  26. I have loved Joe since OTH!! :) And True Blood. YUMMY!

    Emily is usually so spot on with her clothing choices... but NOT at that rose ceremony!!

  27. A to the Men! I mean if you don't want to see/read something DON'T. But stop hating on the rest of us for our love of these movies/books.
    And I will confess I didn't know who Joe was either, but I fell in love while watching Magic Mike. He is fine!!

  28. I had to remind myself that there was more to the post because that video had me all hot and bothered ha! "If loving Magic Mike is wrong, then I don't want to be right" << classic and so true!

    Thanks for the afternoon pick me up haha!

  29. mmmk. I know others have already said it but Joe M in True Blood. HAWT! And the first 10 minutes of last Sunday's episode were epic. Shirt off, making out, horizontal body rolls! IJS It was beyond steamy!!

    I confess that I LOVED your confessions and laughed out loud. Going to try and link up tomorrow for the first time. Weeeee!


  30.! I agree, what's not to like and besides it's just a movie. Relax! And really, how Kate be fat?! I just don't understand. More than that, why is okay to go around labeling people as fat? Give me a break! Love your posts, keep writing :)

  31. I couldn't remember Joe Manganiello's name after the movie, so I just kept calling him Hottie McHot Pants.

  32. Are you telling me you've never seen True Blood? Because he is just as naked if not more so on that show on the reg. Which I'm morally against because I'm not physically against him.

  33. still havent seen magic mike, but i cant wait! those videas are amazing! i only know that Joe Manganiello guy from How I met your mother & from One tree hill...he was brookes love interest! my boyfriend is obsessed with kate...i am too though haha! xo Kelly

  34. Yeah I am quite annoyed at all the Magic Mike haters. Thats fine if you don't like him, but let me do what I want. I am married, and Magic Mike is my god, get over it!!
    hahah love these!

  35. I haven't seem Magic Mike yet, but immoral? Seriously? LOL. Ick those necklaces are awful. I confess also smuggling wine into my purse with my girls at movies. If you were closer, I'd insist we do it together at some point.

  36. Emily's phonytail was barftastically hideous. And I agree that a girl needs to vent every now and then!

  37. Linds, this is one of THE most hilarious posts ever. EVER!!! Not even kidding. Your snarkiness just makes it. Don't even get me started on that video. I do think the body roll is my favorite part but I hope the men of the world realize how high our expectations have risen for dancing abilities. Channing blows it out of the water.

    You have got to be kidding me about Emily's necklaces!!! THAT much?! They really bugged me. I adored that outfit so much (that skirt!!!!) but the necklaces ruined it for me. And the price tag ruins it even more. We need more confess seshes :)

  38. LOVE Joe Magniello! He's one of the stars of HBO's True Blood.

  39. OMG I LOVE YOU. I wanted to punch Emily in the face for that effing outfit. Loved the skirt but a cotton ribbed tank top? Ummmm no. Then she put on like nine-million necklaces to make it "come together" ummmmm failburgers.

  40. There are so many things I want to comment on...
    First: WHAT!?! Thousands of dollars for those necklaces?? Not impressed!

    Second: Kate Upton of course is super fat.. look at that stomach, disgusting.

    Third: Clotheslining people again would be fun.

    Fourth: The movie theater popcorn is AWESOME!! I sometimes will go to a movie strictly for the treats.

    Hope you have a delightful Friday :)

  41. I confessed that I'm giggling about his little dance. So awesome.

    I confess that I want to see Magic Mike but none of my gal friends will go with me and I just know I'll feel awkward watching it by myself. #hornydog

  42. I couldn't agree more on Emily's necklaces. Yuck.

  43. Vent away! Every girl needs it! If you love Joe, just watch all of his scenes in True Blood where he's about to turn into a werewolf... SOOO HOT. I want to see Magic Mike just for him. :)

  44. I love this!

    I made my own post, and I posted a link to you as well!

  45. BAHAHAHA!! Phony Tail. I'm dying....

    I hated her outfit that night, and that doesn't happen often! I liked the bird necklace...but holy-sell-my-first-born!!! That's a crap ton of moolah!

    I loved this post! Keep em comin' sister!

  46. Ok, that ponytail was BARF. Soooo fake...looked like it came straight from Walgreens...just sayin. P.S. Movie theatre popcorn is one of my faves in the world...yum yum...too bad I'm on the strictest diet of my life

  47. I could go on and on especially since I just caught up on your blog this week (YOU ROCK) but I can sum it up in three little words I.LOVE.YOU. The end.

  48. THIS is why I need to be a stylist on the bachelorette. I would have never let that ponytail happen. SICK. ABC clearly needs to hire me to be on call.

  49. Joe Manganiello is the best part of every sunday! I love him on True Blood, plus he is half naked most the time.

  50. I "heart" Joe Manganiello!! He's on True Blood and yummmmyy!

    That flash mob is amazing. The end.

  51. Looks like people are giving you list responses so I will as well:
    1 - Please, please, please watch True Blood. In my opinion, Joe Mangianello is only mid-level hot in the scale of hotness on True Blood.
    2 - To me, there is nothing hotter than a man who can dance (maybe because I'm a dancer myself?). My love of Channing Tatum started in Step Up. True story.
    3 - I actually kind of liked the long necklace, but thought the other 2 and especially the clip in ponytail were fugly.
    4 - nom nom nom movie popcorn nom nom nom.

    The Blue Hour

  52. I heart Joe.. he's a fine piece of ass on True Blood!!


  53. Hated her pony tail too. And while I have no interest in that movie I would never judge those who do! Just as I would be annoyed if anyone judged me for not wanting to see it (which a lot of ppl have for some reason!)

  54. for people who have no interest in seeing magic mike, here's an idea: dont see it! wow. such a difficult conclusion. who knew.

    and that pony is so gross. it looks like barbie hair.