Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall, Football and Frugal Finds!

… these are a few of my favorite things.

I die for fall weather, I am obsessed with Texas Tech football and obvi I relish frugal finds.

The weather on Friday was the first hint that Fall had arrived because for once I wasn’t drenched in sweat from walking the 100 steps to my car from work. Summer is Texas is a biz-natch and that is putting it lightly. 113 degree heat is NOT OK. In fact, it’s in-a-prope. So since we’ve cooled off to the 90s, it was time to put up my Fall wreath that I’ve been saving since last year.

This little guy was only $1.40. One of my best finds ever if I do say so myself.

I got it off-season at a Big Lots one day during my lunch break, and it was 90% off. I had to wait a year to use it since I bought it during Christmas, but I wasn’t going to pass up that deal. Last year a week after Christmas I also got tons of wrapping paper at Wal-Mart for only .20 cents a roll. Buying the leftover stuff right after a holiday is a great way to stock up for cheap.

Speaking of cheap, I have wanted bar stools for months and I finally purchased them with some of my birthday money. My bestie and now LAWYER friend Kristina was visiting from Vegas and she helped me decide on the style below. I’m kinda in love with them. What do you think?

and a view from the front ...
I am very type-A, so when I make a big purchase, I spend a lot of time researching. Not sure if you are aware, but bar stools are not cheap. In fact, they’re kind of ridic. I looked on Craig's List, but those hoes were still close to $100. And ummm, I’m not spending that much money on something used. Barf. I'm really not even sure I can co-sign on Craigs List. Used furniture kinda skeezes me out. Does that make me snobby?

Well, I stumbled across the selection of bar stools at Garden Ridge and they have over 100 styles starting at $24.99: Garden Ridge Bar Stools. The bar stools at GR are cheaper than Wal-mart and Target and the ones I got are great quality. If you do some research and don’t buy on impulse, you can find a great deal. Promise.

Lastly, since I mention TTU football and I can't resist showing off my presh little neph, how cute is he in his first Texas Tech shirt?? Clearly he is going to be a Red Raider one day. Just look at the joy on his face.

Get your Guns Up Reesey.
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  1. Riggs!!! Love the stuff! Annnnnnnnnd I'm glad you got that boy in some red gear ... orange didn't look to great on him!